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Hercules Bound (By Xena)

I messed up on the captioned pictures a bit and, on a couple of them, it's hard to read the text.  So I'm posting the full text version here and then the captioned pictures.

Warning: While there is a teasing and denial element here, there is also a strong face-sitting element.

This is the story so far.  I'm not done yet.



Xena was the scourge of ancient Greece.  This was a time in which warlords parceled the land among themselves, each fighting for more territory or sometimes forming alliances.  There were also some city-states striving for civilization but the world of 1277 B.C. (by our calendar) was ravished by wars.  Onto this scene came two forces striving for supremacy.  One was the warrior half-god, half-human Hercules.  He was known far and wide for his acts of heroism.  The other force was Xena, the Warrior Princess.  Her village slain when she was young, she trained and became a ruthless warlord or war-lady as the case may be.  In some realities, she and Hercules finally met in combat, he defeated her in a highly controversial victory that some say she rightfully would have won were it not for interference.  But he was merciful in victory and that changed her.  She became a heroine whose greatness rivaled his. 


But there are many realities and many possibilities.  There is a "mirror universe" in which Hercules was himself an evil warlord known as the Sovereign and Xena was his concubine.  There is a reality where Hercules was never born and Xena, having never changed her ways, became the ruler not only of Greece but of the known world of the time.  There is a reality in which Xena never existed and Hercules himself, or Heracles, was a bad-tempered, womanizing warlord with a borderline reputation for heroism.  There are endless realities.  This story takes place in yet another reality.  


Xena had begun her career as a warlord and already had quite a following of men.  She was known as a great leader but also a sexual sadist.  She loved torturing men so her army served her because they believed she would bring them great wealth and power but most of them did not aspire to be her lovers as gorgeous as she was.  She knew the greatest obstacle to her conquest of Greece was the man-god, Hercules.  She had to bring him down. 


Xena approached Iolaus, the best friend of Hercules, with a story about a warlord named Patraechus.  She wanted Iolaus to help her bring down this evil man who, in truth, was just an old farmer whose village she had conquered.  Iolaus's natural instincts were to bring Hercules in on this if he had to go against an entire army that this warlord supposedly had.  But Xena was amazed at how easily she seduced him.

"You're man enough to lead my men on your own," she purred.

"Well, yes of course.  But with Hercules there..."

"I don't want Hercules to help me.  I want you."

She stepped close, her hot breath caressing his face as she said it.  He had a hard-on and his balls ached.  Common sense went out the window.


Meanwhile, unknown to Iolaus, Xena sent one of her men to try to kill Hercules.  She chose one of her more inept men and she knew he would fail.  Really, any of them would have.  Before she sent him, she gave him a necklace she was wearing.  She knew Hercules had seen the necklace when Iolaus had introduced her to him.  She made sure the chain was long enough that the pendant hung between her bountiful breasts.  He took a good look.  So he would discover her deception and that she was the real enemy.  But in the meantime, she was easily seducing Iolaus.  By the time Hercules got there, she had manipulated the situation to the point where Hercules and Iolaus ended up in a death duel against each other.  She whispered to one of her men.

"When Hercules kills Iolaus, and he will, that's when we attack.  He will be in shock from what he's done.  That's when we hit him with everything we've got."

Secretly, she suspected Hercules would not kill him but, at the moment it was clear Iolaus was beaten, she would signal her men to attack.  He would probably beat all of her men too but he would be exhausted.  Then she would attack.


It happened essentially as she had planned.  Except Hercules refused to kill Iolaus and the two of them fought her men.  But while Iolaus was being badly beaten and Hercules was defeating her men, Xena threw her chakram.  "Damn, he is good," she thought.  He still partially evaded it but it took a good gouge out of his left shoulder. 

"Alright," she said.  "He's mine now."

She gave her war cry and attacked.  Hercules was only able to use his right arm and was distracted by wanting to help Iolaus, which she knew he would be and that was partly why she did not order Iolaus killed.  He was also already exhausted while she was fresh.  She tore into him with everything she had.  A kick to the chest decked him and she raised her sword to strike the final blow.  He blocked it as she thought he might, using his wrist-bands that had been forged by Hephaestus.  But even as he blocked her sword, she had let go of it.  Her hands were free and, before he even realized it, she had struck his pressure points with her fingers.  He felt every muscle in his body locking up.  She grinned triumphantly.  She had won.


Xena taunted him.

"How does it feel to be helpless?  They say you're the greatest hero the world has ever known.  Maybe so."

She pulled his trousers off.  As he lay helpless and humiliated, she taunted, "The greatest maybe.  Certainly not the biggest.  Adequate but not the biggest."

As she peeled his shirt off, he gasped, "You- haven't- won- yet."

She grinned and placed a boot under his mouth. 

"Oh, no, of course I haven't.  You're just groveling at my feet.  Lick my boot, doggy."

"Never," he gasped.

She laughed again and instead put her boot to the back of his head and pushed his face into the mud.  She turned to some of her men.  They were still holding Iolaus up and pounding his ribs. 

"Boys, stop pulping Iolaus and bring him over here."

Hercules glared at her as he was dumped to the ground so they were close to each other.  She put her sword to Iolaus's neck but looked at Hercules.

"Now, Hercules, be a good boy and kiss my boot or Iolaus dies."

With a look of rage on his face, he quickly kissed her boot.

"That was okay," she said, "but kiss it deeply and long and, oh yeah, lick the mud off of it."

"Hercules, don't," Iolaus said.

"Humble yourself, hero."

"I'm doing this only to save Iolaus."

"Yeah, yeah.  This time."

She sighed in the pleasure, the power, as he licked the filth from her boot. 

"Oh don't stop.  I could do this all day.  In fact, Iolaus, crawl over and start kissing and licking the mud from my other boot.  Of course, you don't have to do it.  If either of you wants to see the other die, so be it."

She smiled down as the two of them humbled themselves.

"Such good boys.  Oh, here, I'll sit so you can lick the bottoms of my boots."


The locking of his muscles was wearing off but Hercules had never in his life been so expertly bound.  His wrists were behind him, bound wrists to elbows.  His ankles were tied together.  Every rope seemed to, at some point, get tied around his balls.  He could not move without just about yanking his own balls off.  His strength was useless and worse than useless.  It was a disadvantage.  He was tied kneeling and gagged with a pair of Xena's undergarments.  Iolaus was bound in precisely the same way.  They were in a cell, facing each other.  They tried to shuffle towards each other to untie each other.  But they could not move.  They met each other's eyes and then dropped their gaze to the floor.  They were both thinking the same thing.  Neither of them had ever been so helpless.  


When Xena walked in the next morning, they both tried to avoid looking at her.

"Well, boys.  I've had a refreshing sleep and a wonderful bath.  Remember when you took that bath with me, Iolaus.  Don't you wish you could do it again?"

He writhed angrily but was getting a hard-on that he could not hide, being naked.

"And you, Hercules.  My, what a hair-bear you are.  Well, we'll take care of that soon enough.  But first, I really must get out of these cumbersome clothes."

They both groaned in desire as she disrobed.  She had the most fantastic body either of them had ever seen. 

"Too bad you're in no position to act upon those naughty thoughts, boys.  But I can act on all of my darker thoughts."

She sat down between them and took a cock in each hand.  They began to moan into their gags and try to thrust.

"What shall we talk about, boys?  Are you enjoying the smell of my pussy?  Granted it is yesterday's smell."

They were unable to thrust but she gave them a few strokes then she just played her fingertips over the heads and shafts of their cocks.

"I think I'll give you both today's smell.  Sorry Iolaus but I think I'll start with the big hero here."

She put a finger to his forehead and pushed.  He fell onto his back.  She walked around and smiled down at him.  She sat down, wiggling her muscular but beautiful cheeks down, burying his face.  She left the gag on him while her cheeks gripped his nose.

"Your face makes a nice, comfy seat, Hercules."

She looked straight at Iolaus. 

"Think I look hot Iolaus?  How hot will I be when I'm doing this to you?  How hot will you be?"

She smiled as he broke into a sweat.  She was also aware of Hercules struggling desperately beneath her, striving for a breath.

"The Greatest Hero in the World?  No.  Excuse me.  The Greatest Hero the World Has Ever Known- struggling just to take a breath beneath my dominating ass.  How lovely is that?"

As she wiggled even more, humiliating and humbling him, she purred, "Now he will be remembered as the defeated hero who kissed Xena's ass and I'll be Queen."




Hercules was thrashing and trying to throw Xena off of him.  Even though it was only the strength of his neck muscles versus her entire body weight, he might have succeeded.  But she clamped down with the incredible strength of her thighs, making it clear she could break his neck.

"Be a good boy and behave," she mocked. 

She reached down and cupped his balls to emphasize his helplessness. 

"Wouldn't it be such an honor to be suffocated by the greatest warrior- warrioress- the world has ever known?"

His entire body was thrashing now, trying to breathe.  She smiled at Iolaus.

"Oh this may be the end for our hero.  Defeated at last by me."

Iolaus shook his head, eyes pleading for her to stop.  Just as Hercules stopped moving, she stood up.

"Just for you, Iolaus, because you begged so nicely."

Hercules instinctively drew in a huge breath.  Then Xena turned around so her back was to Iolaus.  She leaped into the air and landed butt-first on the chest of Hercules, driving the air from his lungs.  She quickly slid up and covered his face before he could draw another breath.  She looked over her shoulder at Iolaus. 

"Sorry," she smirked.  "Your pleading eyes only brought him a brief reprieve."


Xena looked down into the eyes of the helpless Hercules.  She saw that his eyes were drawn to staring at the undersides of her huge breasts.  She caressed her breasts and purred, "Helpless and knowing you may die any moment and you still can't resist drooling at the sight of my breasts.  But I think my eyes are even more interesting."

He looked and saw the power there. 

"That's right, poor, helpless Hercules.  I am enjoying every moment of your agony and frustration.  Moreover, with Hera having succeeded in her takeover of Olympus, Zeus won't be able to help you and none of the other gods will go against Hera.  So the other gods won't interfere.  So no quick death and trip to the Fields of Elysium for you.  Oh no.  You're going to spend years and years being suffocated and humiliated beneath my beautiful butt before that happens.  But Iolaus is more expendable so behave and be a good boy, not that it will matter for long."


Xena said, "Now eat me out like a good boy.  If not, I can just turn around and go back to smothering you beneath my cheeks."

With anger and fear in his eyes, Hercules started licking Xena's vagina.

"Hmm, nice and slow and light, Herc.  Your strength is useless here.  I do think we need to rename you though.  I believe your Mom was going to name you Alcides until she realized who the father was.  Then she named you Hercules.  Maybe Heracles would be a better name.  It means "To the Glory of Hera".  Wouldn't that be just delicious.  You'd effectively be humbled not only before me but before Hera."

He glared in anger.

"Oh, I see how much you hate that.  Okay.  Heracles it is.  Now just lightly caress my pussy lips with your tongue, Heracles.  Hmm, that's good.  Now start plunging deeper."

Seeing no choice he did so.

"Oh yes," she moaned.  "Even your tongue is strong.  It's good to know you'll never lose your strength."

She kept riding his face and taunting him for minute after minute, hour after hour. 
"Did I mention that I'm multi-orgasmic?  I could do this all day.  But then again, one can have too much of a good thing."

Of course, she said that only after having been taken to multiple orgasms and also having smothered him all day to the point where he could barely stay conscious even when she allowed him to breathe.  She stood up and said, "I think we'll give you a break tomorrow.  It will be Iolaus's turn."


As Xena left the room, they saw her meet a shadowy figure in the hallway.  Xena and the other figure stood hugging and kissing each other.  This only aroused the already highly aroused Hercules/ Heracles and Iolaus even more.  Then Xena left and the other figure walked in.  It was a woman.  She was very young, almost a girl rather than a woman, barely eighteen.  She was shorter than Xena by quite a bit and smaller.  Her hair was long and blonde.  She smiled impishly, more of a smirk.  She was carrying a tray with utensils on it.

"Hey boys," she mocked, "are we ready to have our little balls and our manly pubes are shaved nice and clean?"

She began lathering their pubes first as they writhed, mumbling into their gags, begging her not to do it.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she mocked.  "How rude of me.  I can understand why you boys didn't introduce yourselves, what with being gagged with Xena's luscious undergarments and all.  But that's no excuse for me.  My name is Gabrielle.  I'm Xena's new concubine.  Nice to meet you."


Heracles closed his eyes as Gabrielle slowly and carefully shaved his pubes clean.  She then took a pair of tweezers and yanked the hair from his balls a clump at a time.

"My, you're a hair monster," she teased.  "Don't worry.  We'll take care of that.  But let me do Iolaus first."

As she started shaving his pubes, Iolaus started at her cleavage.  She grinned as she saw where he was looking. 

"Don't worry.  You'll get to touch."

He was hard as she shaved his pubes.

"Now, if you can be a good boy and hold still, I'll just shave your balls instead of plucking them.  Xena only said to do that to Hercules- I mean Heracles."

He was rock hard as she shaved him.  She smiled and leaned forwards to show her cleavage.

"You'd love to "do me", wouldn't you Iolaus?"

He was involuntarily making thrusting motions in spite of himself.

"Would you like me to mount you and give you my ass and my pussy?"

He broke into even more of a sweat.

"You have to ask if you want it.  Do you?"

He nodded.

"Be a good boy and beg me."

He did not know how else to do it so he nodded vigorously. 

"Great.  We'll start with my ass."

She stood up and then walked around and straddled his head.  He wondered what she was doing but then remembered what Xena had done to Hercules.  His eyes widened as he realized this was not going to involve her engulfing his cock or allowing him to empty his balls.  He was going to stay just as horny and get smothered too.  He shook his head, "No", as she worked her butt-hole onto his nose, engulfing it.  Being already gagged, he had no means to breathe.  She locked her thighs and leaned back.

"Hmm, this is going to be so enjoyable."

With his knees bent and his calves trapped under him, arms bound wrists to elbows behind his back and under him, Iolaus was absolutely helpless as Gabrielle humiliated and subjugated him. 


As she sat on the face of Iolaus, smothering him, Gabrielle looked over at Hercules. 

"Look at the big hero," she taunted.  "On your knees, helpless.  I'll get to you later.  You're not even important enough to smother first anymore."

As Iolaus thrashed or rather tried to, being utterly immobilized, she wiggled down, engulfing his face even more. 

"I hear that, with proper meditation techniques, you can hold your breath for an hour.  Well, I intend to test every second of that."

He must have been using them because she sat for minute after minute.  She almost thought about giving him a breath but he had not even started thrashing yet.  Finally, after more than twenty minutes, he started moaning and making thrusting motions as best he could.  She recognized the desperate sounds of a man with stale air in his lungs who was trying to beg for a breath, for mercy.  It was far from the first time she had heard it but she particularly enjoyed it now.  After all, these two were the World's Mightiest males.  It was one thing for them to be defeated and subjugated by the World's Most Powerful Woman.  But for them to be toyed with like this by an ordinary girl had to be even more humiliating for them and therefore even more erotic for her.  What a power trip.  She almost forgot to let him breathe.  But Xena had trained her well. 


Gabrielle reached down with her left hand and grabbed her own butt-cheek.  She eased over to the right, slightly lifting her butt-hole from Iolaus's nose but not completely.  She heard the sound of the stale air escaping from his lungs.  Then before he could finish getting rid of the bad air and inhaling, she sat back down hard and tightened her butt muscles.  Now he really arched up and made desperate sounds.  He had no air in his lungs at all. 

"Let's see that meditation work now," she laughed.

She held tight for over a full minute as he thrashed.

"Oh yes, wiggle that nose in my ass," she giggled.

Finally she stood up. 

He gasped air in through his nose.  She reached down and removed the gag and pulled out the undergarments.  Then she sat down, this time facing up towards his eyes. 

"Gabrielle, pleammpphh."

"You shouldn't have wasted your breath saying that."

This time, she clamped her vaginal lips around his nose.

"Fresh from the tap sure beats yesterday's panties, doesn't it?"

She wiggled and said, "Get that tongue licking between my butt-cheeks, sidekick."

She leaned close and whispered conspiratorially, "Sidekicks need to stick together.  Well, okay, male sidekicks need to lick the butts of female sidekicks."

He was going crazy with the smell of her juices.  He was looking up her flat stomach to the undersides of her jiggling breasts.  She slid forwards.

"Now lick my pussy, nice and slow.  Hmm yes, that's it."

She bounced and caressed her breasts as he licked and lapped.  Soon, she was orgasming and screaming in pleasure. 


As soon as she finished coming, Gabrielle laughed and said, "I sure hate to get eaten and run, but..."

She ran over to Hercules, her vagina still sopping, juices running down her thighs.  She straddled him, facing towards his eyes.

"Time for din-din, hero," she said.

Then she locked her juicy pussy around his nose and rubbed.

"Must be so humiliating, Hercules, Heracles, Jerkules, whatever your name is.  Having a young girl like me using your face as a seat-cushion, making you eat my womanhood and getting nothing in return."

He did indeed feel exactly what she said as she rode his face to her full satisfaction.  It did not take long after having ridden Iolaus but then she turned around and smothered him beneath her ass.  She locked on and did not let him breathe for over two minutes.

"Wow," she taunted, "I wonder how long a man-god can hold his breath with an ordinary young woman using him as her chair?"

This went on for way over twenty minutes while she teased and taunted him and also jiggled her breasts and smiled at Iolaus.

"If I didn't know better, I'd think you boys were envious of each other.  Hercy here has a hard-on like he likes this and you have a hard-on like you want me to sit on your face, Iolaus."

Finally, Hercules started struggling, trying with everything he had to throw her off or twist enough to get a breath.  But she rode him expertly as if he were a prize stallion and she an expert rider. 

"The big, strong man-god, bested by an ordinary woman," she taunted.

She did the same trick only leaning to the right this time, letting him exhale but clamping down before he could inhale.  Now he was insanely desperate but could do nothing to dislodge her.

"I could sit here and just relax while you suffocate.  That would make me the woman who killed what's-his-name."

She laughed. 

"But then the fun would be over."


Hercules was being driven mad with desire and humiliation beneath her butt-cheeks.  He thought he had overcome his attitude about women but this was beyond all reason.  He was being totally controlled and dominated by women.  In this case, it was not even Xena but this "normal" girl.  He was torn between rage and wanting to beg her to stop and, on some level, wanting to kiss and lick her ass and worship her.  To say he was confused was an understatement and those were precisely the torturous feelings Xena and Gabrielle wanted to generate in him and Iolaus.  Finally, when he had been smothered almost of out his mind, when his world was Gabrielle's beautiful butt, she finally relented. 

To Be Continued...

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