Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saddled For Life: Chapter 2


By Gloryboy

Doug was not happy with his life.  He had grown up in a small town but had moved to a large city straight out of high school.  That had been four years earlier.  His mother had passed away when he was twelve years old.  When he was fourteen, his father had remarried.  His father had been forty years old at that time but had married a woman who was thirty.  It was not that he did not like Amanda, his father’s new wife.  In fact, she was always nice to him.  She also had a daughter, four years his junior.  Of course, for children, four years is like a difference of decades to adults.  They moved in different worlds.  While he treated her nicely, they really did not know each other.  Again, it was not that he had anything against Amanda.  It was just that the whole home atmosphere was different.  Also, his father behaved differently.  It was hard to describe.  He was just secretive, as was his step-mother.  The gut feeling Doug got was that they were always playing sex games of some kind and that his father was experiencing a re-awakening (or first awakening) of long suppressed desires, not just suppressed since he lost Mom but even before that because he could not play these games with Mom.  She was far too traditional.  So it was not that hard to leave.  Then, two years ago, his father had passed away.  He returned home for the funeral but then left feeling that he could never go home again.  Still, he was miserable.  He had not found a decent job that was any better than what he might find at home and, being the quiet type, had not made a lot of friends.  So he called home, though nobody there now was related to him.  His step-mom answered the phone and convinced him to come home for a visit.  But she said that, first, she wanted to come and visit him, just her and Rachel, her daughter. 

Amanda was now thirty-eight years old to Doug’s twenty-two.  Rachel was now eighteen years old.  Doug had not seen her for four years.  When mother and daughter showed up at his apartment, his eyes almost popped out of his head.  My God, was Rachel a knockout.  He had to make himself remember that she was his step-sister.  True they were not actually related but he was sure she regarded him as her big brother, her step-brother but still.  But he did not talk to her very much as Amanda wanted to speak to him in private.  Amanda was herself highly attractive with a shapely form kept that way by daily aerobics and large but not too large breasts.  Blond hair cascaded softly to her shoulders.

As they set alone, Amanda looked uncomfortable. 

“For some time now, I’ve wanted to talk to you about something,” she said. 

“Sure, Amanda,” he said.  “About coming home, you mean?”

She smiled.

“Not exactly.  Here I’ll show you.”

She got a notebook out of her suitcase. 

“First of all, I apologize.  When you moved out, you forgot this.  It fell behind your dresser and you missed it.  I just glanced at some things that caught my eyes.  I started reading, thinking it was just some old homework.  Instead, it contained what looked like stories in your handwriting.”

‘Oh, no!’ he thought.  ‘Oh, please no!’

“Please don’t be embarrassed, Doug.  I’ve read your stories about being submissive, about being enslaved to women and, yes, I even saw that you wrote a couple of stories where you fantasized about being my slave.” 

“I- I-“ he stammered and then just dropped his head and looked at the floor.  What could he say?  There was nothing he could say. 

“I just want you to know that I understand,” she said.  “It’s okay.  I understand the male need to be submissive.  I understand it very well.” 

His head snapped up and he looked at her in shock. 

“What do you think your father and I were always doing in private, baby?  I know we were secretive but we had two children in the house.    But things have changed now.  Rachel is eighteen and we’ve altered our entire lifestyle around what gives us fulfillment in life.  Doug, honey, the reason I’m telling you this is because you can have fulfillment too.  You can change your life in such a way that it isn’t just empty and going through the motions.  It’s not just me and Rachel.  There are a few others involved to.  It’s a lifestyle and, yes, it is a Female Domination lifestyle.”

Doug was shocked.

“I don’t know what to say.  It sounds too good to be true.”

“Come home,” she said.  “See what we are doing.  Test it out.  Decide if it is something you want to be a part of.” 

He wanted to cry but not in sadness.

Amanda and Rachel went home.  Doug had to wait a couple of months.  He had to put in notice at work and then wait for the lease on his apartment to run out.  After that, he did not care.  He would take whatever job he could get back in his home town.  It would not matter.  He would be living at the spacious country home his father had owned and it would be a Femdom household.  He assumed that he would not be directly interacting with Amanda or Rachel in any sort of scening or sexual fashion.  But there would be a few others involved.  He was not sure of the specific details.  But he was anxious to find out. 

He arrived home on a Saturday.  Amanda was out at the time but Rachel and another young woman were there.  She was introduced as Laura, a young woman the same age as Rachel except with long brown hair and blue eyes as opposed to Rachel’s long dark hair and green eyes.  They were both wearing tight jeans and tight shirts with the midriffs showing, accentuating their impressive figures. 

“Pleased to meet you, Doug,” Laura said.  “Amanda speaks highly of you.  But I know you’re anxious to know what the deal is here so I’ll show you around.” 

She led him outside to the yard. 

“That’s the stable over there.  The deal for you is that what we need for right now is what we call a saddleboy.  Are you familiar with the concept of being a saddleboy?”

He said that he was.  He was quite familiar with FemDom terminology though seldom experiencing it in real life.  Upon questioning, he said he was also familiar with the concept of facesitting. 

“Good,” she smiled.  “The idea of saddleboys is to combine the two.  What we basically want is someone who is willing to spend an hour or more a day bound as a saddleboy.  He will be trained and used by those of us who like doing that.  Sometimes, he will eat us to our satisfaction.  After we are satisfied, who knows?  We might be grateful.”

Doug felt himself hardening.  His balls ached. 

“So, an hour or so a day bound as a saddleboy with whoever wants to use me and then…”

He did not finish the suggestive sentence.  Laura just smiled non-commitely, acting shy. 

“Interested?” she asked sheepishly.

“When do we start?” he laughed. 

She smiled brightly.

“Great,” she said.  “You want to start right now?”

He took a deep breath.

“Yes,” he said.

Laura led Doug into the stable.  She held up a leather device. 

“What’s that?” he asked. 

“It’s an arm-binder,” she smiled.  “If you’d be a dear and take your shirt off, I’ll show you.”

He took it off and she first took two small hard balls like baseballs only smaller and asked him to hold them tightly in his palms.  He saw no reason for it but also no reason not to.  She slid some tight leather mittens over his hands and laced them very tight in addition to strapping and buckling them on.  Then she instructed, “Okay, reach your arms back and slide them into the two sleeves.”

He obeyed and she slid the binder up to his shoulders.  She started pulling the laces tight. 

There was another woman in the stable, an attractive middle-aged Asian woman with short black hair and dark complexion.  Laura called her over.

“Grace, could you give me a hand?” she asked. 

Grace walked up and helped her and, between them, they pulled the laces really tight.  He groaned as his shoulders were wrenched back and his elbows and forearms were pulled together behind his back, the entire length of his forearms touching each other with a thin layer of leather between them.  The top of the binder went around and over his shoulders and there was a leather collar that was connected by short, thick links of stainless steel to the top of the binder.  The collar was buckled around his neck.  In addition to the laces, thick leather straps also secured the binder at the wrists, elbows and upper arms.  A thick belt went from the binder around his waist at the hips.  Another went around his elbows and around his waist just below the chest.  His shoulders were pulled so far back that he felt like they were dislocating.  Tears were running from his eyes. 

“Laura, it hurts badly,” he whimpered, assuming she did not know that.  “Please, get it off of me.” 

“Just give me one minute,” she said. 

She picked up a pair of very high and strange looking boots that were connected by a short, thick chain.  He was already barefoot and she put a pair of thick white socks on him.   

“Why are you doing that, Laura?” he said, some fear in his voice, as she asked him to lift his foot.  The boot was peculiar.  It was a work boot but it was high heeled with the front having a horseshoe shape and that part was made of metal.  It was also very high.  She started sliding it over his foot and up his leg.  The long sheathe slid up his leg.  He whimpered as his foot was pushed into the boot.  His foot was now also in a position as if he was wearing a high-heeled shoe, which he was.  He had to keep his weight on his toes.  They repeated the process on his left foot.  They laced the boots tight all the way up to above his knees and buckled tight straps also to secure them.  The short chain between the boots kept him from kicking or taking steps longer than short ones. 

Doug was really starting to get scared now even though he kept telling himself that his step-Mom and step-sister were involved so this could not be as bad as it seemed.  Plus it was only for an hour or so.  Laura picked up what looked like a corset except adapted a bit to fit a man.  They had to release the straps that held the arm-binder to his waist and then they slid the corset up forcing it between his arms and his torso.  Grace and Laura got behind him, each putting a foot into his back and really pulling hard on the laces until the corset was crushingly tight.  He could barely breathe as his ribcage could not expand.  He had to take very rapid and very short, shallow breaths.  His ribs still hurt with every breath and from the squeezing.  Then they reconnected the straps that held the arm-binder to his waist and that made things even tighter. 

“Laura, please,” Doug stammered.  “This is too tight.”

Laura ignored him and smiled as she picked up the next item.  It was half a ring. 

“Open wide,” she smiled.

There was something so cold about it, something that said she would not take no for an answer and would force that mouth open one way or the other, that he opened wide.  She slid the ring in behind his teeth with the two exposed ends facing upwards.  Then she took another half ring and slid it horizontally in his mouth past his teeth.  Once in, she turned it so the circle part was facing upwards and the two exposed ends faced downwards.  She pressed the exposed ends of the top half and the bottom half together.  There was a loud double click and the two halves snapped together, forming one ring.  The full ring would not have been able to be put in past his teeth but the halves could slip in.  Now at its full size, the ring held his mouth stretched wide open.  Laura used small hooks to connect long straps to the ring on either side and then buckled the straps together behind his head so he could not force the ring out of his mouth.  To insure that he could not get it to turn horizontal and shut his mouth, she placed a head harness on him that strapped tight, forcing his teeth to clamp on the ring holding it in position. 

Now Doug was really scared and thinking he should not have let them do this.  But it was too late now.  He was bound more than hand and foot.  His arms were almost numb with the restraint already and he was standing on toes, effectively bound and gagged. 

“Wffffff rrrrffff ythiiinnn” he mumbled, unable to close or open his mouth as it was held wide open and he could not move it at all. 

Grace patted his stomach and smirked, “There’s a good boy.  You’re starting to become just what we need.”

He continued mumbling, trying to ask what was going on.  At least that was what Grace and Laura assumed he was asking although they could not understand a word he said, of course.  His eyes were now wide with fear and disbelief.  Laura grinned wickedly and teasingly put her finger into his mouth, tracing a circle around the ring.

“Mmmm, better hope we don’t let boys who swing the male way in here,” she mocked.  “A ring gag like that is rather suggestive.”

Now he was really panicking, completely unbelieving that Amanda and Rachel would do this to him.  He had to wait until they came out here and saw how totally this had been overdone.  He writhed in his bonds but could only take little mincing steps. 

“Be glad that males are nothing but slave toys here.  But you can still stick out your tongue,” Laura teased.  “That might attract some female interest,” she grinned.

Grace took what looked like an earplug or hearing aid and, as Laura held his head turned to the side, she began working it deep into his ear.  Then they turned him the other way and did the same with his left ear.  The plugs emitted a sound like waves on the shore of an ocean, preventing him from hearing anything.  Laura strapped a posture collar around his neck.  It was wide and stiff.  He could no longer turn his head from side to side or look down.  He could only look straight ahead as the back of the collar prevented him from looking up.  He really panicked when Grace took a hood and slid it over his head.  There was an opening at the bottom of the nose and another opening at his ringed mouth.  There were two flaps on either side of his head at eye level.  They acted as blinders.  He had no peripheral vision at all.  Then Grace grinned and closed the flaps over his eyes and he could not see at all. 

Doug felt the straps connected to the ring gag being tugged and he walked carefully on his toes.  He was only led a few steps and then the flaps were opened.  He saw that he was now in a stall. 

Laura looked him up and down.  She patted his belly and said, “There.  You are learning to obey the reins already.”

She grinned, knowing he could not hear a word she said. 

“Of course, now we get to the real work.  But it is fun work.”

Doug was confused.  He could feel his legs being coated with something and, whatever it was, it burned.  His butt cheeks were also coated.  Then he felt his legs and ass-cheeks being shaved and then washed.  He was hardly in any position to resist.  Something was then coated over his chest, stomach, pubes and balls.  He started to writhe and tried to scream as he felt his pubes being shaved.   

When he started panicking, Laura removed the hood and the ring gag.  She pulled what looked like a walkie-talkie off her belt and spoke into it.  Suddenly, the ocean sounds stopped and he heard her voice in the ear pieces. 

“What’s going on?” he blurted.  “I didn’t agree to have my body shaved.”

She laughed as she coated his lower face and the area between his nose and upper lip with some sort of lotion. 

“Didn’t agree?  You’re our slave.  It doesn’t matter if you agree with something.”

“But it’s only for a couple of hours,” he whimpered.  “The hair will take weeks to grow back.”

“Actually, we coated you with a depilatory cream,” Laura said.  “It will be over a week before the hair even starts growing back.  Since we’ll give you electrolysis before long, it will never grow back.” 

He desperately but uselessly tried to struggle.  She was holding a razor.  He tried but he could not turn his head to either side or push it back or forwards.  It was useless.  Laura shaved his face and then washed it.   

“My God!  What are you doing to me?” he fearfully said.  “Where’s Amanda?  Where’s Rachel?  Let me go.  I never agreed to this.”

“You agreed to be our slave, Doug.  Did you think that your slavery would only be in ways that you approved of?  What kind of slavery would that be?”

“You said it would only be for an hour or two.  You didn’t tell me the truth.”

No,” Laura laughed.  “I said an hour or more.  Well, clearly it is going to be more.” 

She put the ring gag back in and hooded him.  Then she turned and walked out. 

Grace walked up and squatted down in front of him.  He could not look down but felt his genitals being pierced with a needle.  As he yelped in pain he then felt something being fitted over his clean-shaven pubes and over his cock and balls.  He had no idea what.  Laura walked back in and held up the walkie-talkie, “We’ve fitted a chastity device over your cock and balls.  You can piss anytime you need to.  But the inside of the device has sharp edges.  Try to rub against anything to get off and you’ll find it far too painful to continue.  You’re all set.  Now I think it’s time we gave you a test run.”

As he wondered what that meant, Laura and Grace lifted the saddle-chair that was destined to become his almost constant companion, along with the other equipment.  They lifted it over his head and rested it on his shoulders and then strapped and buckled it tightly onto him.  The back of the saddle-chair rose high as did the arms-rests, blocking his vision so he could only see in front of him.  The hood blinders narrowed his vision even more.  The seat part extended in front of him.  He could not see the ground or see down at all except the ground that was many yards in front of him.  They led him out of the stall and walked him to a post in the yard.  Grace tied his reins to the post and wacked his ass with a riding crop. 

“Start running boy,” Laura ordered.

There was a metal band on the post that turned pulling his reins.  As he ran in a circle, Laura and Grace stood to either side of the post.  Anytime they did not think he was running fast enough, they cracked his ass-cheeks with riding crops.  Within minutes, his ass was streaked red with welts.  He could not believe this was really happening. 

“Having fun yet?” Laura taunted. 

Laura could see the desperation in his eyes and it was turning to panic.  He was not one hundred percent sure this was a game anymore.  His eyes were begging. 

“Yes!” she laughed.  “Now this is power over a man and it feels so good!” 

When it looked like he was so exhausted that he was going to collapse, Laura said, “Whoa boy.” 

She patted his head and led him back into his stall. 

“Good.  Now there is just one more thing to do.”

As he watched, she left and then returned with a syringe.  As she leaned close, he tried to lean away but could not escape as she reached under the saddle-chair and injected him at two points in the throat.  Then she left again and returned with a crop. 

“See this?” she said. 

He nodded.   

She smacked his balls with the crop.  He screamed or rather meant to but what came out was a raspy air sound that sounded almost like a whinny. 

“That will happen from now on every time you break the rules,” she said.  “Now I will be nice and explain that I injected you with something that will greatly impede your vocal cords.”

She turned without another word, shut out the light and left. 

With the ear pieces and the hood, Doug could not hear at all.  Tears welled in his eyes.  He was scared and lonely.  After a while, he saw someone walk into the stable and step right in front of him.  She turned the light on and he gasped in relief.

‘Thank goodness,’ he thought.  ‘She’ll help me.’

Rachel looked at him for a few seconds and then started to walk on.  She must have recognized him, even with the hood and saddle-chair.  Or maybe she did not.  He tried to speak but all that came out was a gasping ‘whiniiee.’  Less than that really, more like a ‘woosh.’

He wanted to talk to her, to explain what Laura and Grace had done.  But she was just looking at him and smiling. 

“Hmm,” she purred.  “Are you all nice and comfy in your new home?”

His eyes widened.  Maybe she did recognize him. 

“Whiniiee,” he said again. 

Grace walked up smiling.  She and Rachel had a conversation that he could not hear. 

“You already injected him I see,” Rachel said.

“Laura did,” Grace explained. 

Rachel examined the welts on his back and ass.  Grace grinned.

“Me and Laura,” she said.  “The really deep ones are mine of course.  You know how much I love whipping males.” 

“Have you ridden him yet?” Rachel asked, nodding at the saddle-chair.

“No, just ran him around the post.  I figure your Mom should get the first ride,” Grace said. 

“So true,” Rachel said. 

She gave Doug’s nuts a hard squeeze leaving him doubled over.

“How long I’ve wanted to do that,” she smirked.  “But I’ll hold back for now.  Mom should get him first and I have a tendency to get carried away.”

As Rachel walked out, Grace leaned towards Doug and confidentially said (using the walkie-talkie so he could hear), “Be glad.  Rachel is the cruelest bitch I’ve ever met.  She makes me and Laura look like saints.”

A couple of hours later, when Amanda walked in, she heard soft crying sounds.  She turned on the light and walked to the stall.  Switching on her transmitter, she said, “What’s wrong, Doug?”

“Whinniiee,” was more or less the sound he made.   

She smiled.

“Oh, that sounds lovely.  But I’ll take off that hood and ring for now.  You should still be able to speak a little bit even with that drug.”

His voice was whispy and rough. 

“Thn goodnss,” he groaned.  “Amanda, yu hve no idea wht thyve been doin to meeeeii.  Ths was neverrrr prt offff deal.  I wssss nt tollllld I ws goin to nt be let go.”

She giggled and said, “Well, you know now.  By the way, I see we need a bigger dose of the drug for you.  Without the ring in, that sounds too intelligible.  Of course, once we do the operations, it won’t matter.” 

Seeing his look of terror, she looked at him compassionately and said, “Doug, I chose not to tell you because you would not have come here and let us get you into this position had you known.” 

“Bt I don wnt thisssss,” he whimpered. 

“Oh of course you do,” she scoffed.  “You just don’t want the costs that have to be paid in order to get the parts you want.  You are now everything you ever dreamed of being.”

“Noiiigh, I mean, yesssss, I mean, okayyyyy but not twnty-four hours a dayyyyy.  Wht ar yu doin, Aaaamaaaandaaaa?”

Even while he was speaking, she was preparing the needle and injecting him again. 

“Noeeiigh, plth, I need to talk to youooff.”

“Oh, hush, Doug,” she purred.

She smiled and waited patiently. 

“Uuuuffff!” he moaned as his throat tightened and felt heavy.  Then even the tightness faded and he could only make whooshing sounds, “Whii-iii.”

“Now,” she said, “I talk.  You listen.  Woman talks and male listens, as it should be.  Don’t worry.  It will be brief.  If you want to be happy, accept what you are.  You are a saddleboy who knows his place controlled by woman.  You are our saddleboy.  Embrace it.  And now, I think its time for a nice ride to break you in.”

Considering how completely restrained Doug was it was not difficult for Amanda to lead him.  She simply took hold of a handle on the saddle-chair and started walking.  In his horse-shoe shaped boots, he stumbled along having no choice but to follow her. 

“Plllttthh yyyffff mmmphh wwwfff fff ttttppph,” he moaned, his words completely unintelligible. 

Amanda looked over her soft shoulder and gave him a smile that showed how much she enjoyed his helplessness. 

“I promise you that I can’t understand anything you just said so be seen and not heard.” 

Out in the yard, she tapped the back of his left knee with her boot and said, “Squat, Stepper.”

He gave her a puzzled look. 

“Oh they haven’t told you that yet?” she laughed.  “I must thank them for leaving me the honors.  That’s your new name, Stepper.  You are a saddleboy now.  You get a saddleboy name.” 

He whimpered, realizing the name was an in-joke, a reference to the fact that it was his step-mother that had put him into this position.  Suddenly, she kicked the backs of his knees forcing him to drop. 

“Don’t make me give orders twice,” she snapped. 

She grinned and pealed down her bluejeans, revealing the thong she wore underneath them.  Then she turned and sat down in the saddle-chair.  He groaned as her weight eased onto his shoulders.  He realized there was no pressure on his neck.  The device was cleverly designed.  Her ass was less than an inch from his eyes.  In the heat of the moment, he could not help but notice how lovely it was.  His eyes moved upwards, seeing the narrowing of her waist and broadening higher up.  But he had little time to dwell. 

“Stand up, Stepper,” she snapped. 

He strained to lift.  Seeing he was not quite going to make it, she put her feet on the ground and pushed.  It was enough help that he was able to start lifting and get enough leverage to stand up. 

“In time, you’ll have your leg muscles developed enough to stand up on your own,” she said, “but this is acceptable for now.”

She squirmed in the chair, pushing her ass into his face, getting his nose nicely buried between her cheeks.

“Now stick your tongue out and get it wedged between my cheeks Stepper baby.”

When he hesitated, her hard heel slammed his ribs.  Already squeezed painfully tight, his ribs smarted badly.

“Oooooff,” he moaned.

“I had no problem understanding that,” she smirked.  “I just told you to not make me give orders twice.  Now, ironically, I’ve just had to give orders twice yet again.”

She kicked him in the ribs again.


“Wedge your tongue into my ass.  The next time I have to tell you twice, you will be cropped.”

He quickly worked his tongue into her ass as she wiggled and giggled.

“Oh, nice,” she purred.  “There now, is that so bad?”

He assumed it was rhetorical but, taking no chances of another kick, he moaned, “Nnnnpphh.”

She smiled in satisfaction.

“Mmmm, that almost sounded like a neigh.  That’s another lesson Stepper.  Sometimes we will need to ask you ‘yes or no’ questions.  When the answer is no, just make an ‘nnnn’ sound.  You can do that even without being able to move your lips or tongue.  When the answer is yes, just take a deep breath and let it out.  We take the ‘nnnn’ sound as a neigh and the whooshing sound as a whinny.  In the context of a yes or no question, the only type you can answer, just whinny or neigh.  Got it?”

He had to think for a moment and then he drew breath and made a whooshing sound. 

“Good boy,” she said enthusiastically.  “You’re learning.”

Somehow, he took a strange pride in her praise.

“Start running,” Amanda ordered. 

He did so.  Suddenly, Amanda turned and looked to her right.  This caused her ass to shift towards his left, rotating her hips and catching his chin on her right cheek, forcing his head to the left.  His body instinctively followed his head and he veered left.  Then she straightened in her seat again.  Then she reversed, turning to her left.  This time her left hip drove back and his nose and chin were forced to his right.  He instinctively veered right as the pressure again caused his body to follow the direction he was looking. 

“That’s it,” Amanda purred.  “You are doing beautifully considering this is your first time.  Just follow my directions.  Do what feels natural and let me guide you.  In time, you’ll do it so naturally it will be easy, especially once we build up those muscles and do the operations.”

There was that frightening reference to operations again. 

“Wffff pppphhhhrrrrpppphhhhnnnnssss?” he moaned.

If she understood, she did not explain further.

Stepper could not see where he was going.  His world was Amanda’s beautiful ass.  He tried walking very cautiously and she allowed it while they were on natural ground or grass.  He could tell by the give of the ground that they were on natural earth.  With his thigh-high boots, he could not feel the grass brushing his legs and, with his ears muffled, he could not hear the sounds of it.  He knew when they were on the driveway because he had seen it was gravel when he arrived and he could feel the slight sliding of it and the uneven ground.  Then he knew he was on pavement because it was sold and smooth.  He heard a click.  The ocean sounds again stopped and he heard his surroundings. 

“I’ve activated the saddle-chair’s sound system, Stepper,” she said.  “Listen to the sounds of your own hoof-beats.” 

He did listen and blushed at the sounds of his booted feet.  They were making ‘clop clop’ sounds as he walked, just as a horse would do.  In fact, with Amanda’s weight added to his own, they easily topped three hundred pounds.  This was not much compared to a full-sized horse but it still made for loud stepping sounds. 

“Now run,” she said. 

He started a slow jog.  A hard-heeled kick burned his ribs.


He speeded up to a faster jog.”

A crushing kick slammed his ribs.

“I am the driver.  Follow my ass and RUN.”

He started running all out.  Not being able to see the road, he inevitably would veer a bit left or right but she kept turning her hips slightly, her ass pushing his head and making him follow her lead.  He learned to slow when she pushed back and learned to like that for obvious reasons.  She leaned forwards to make him speed up.

Stepper was breathing desperately hard and sweating profusely, or lathering as Amanda called it, long before the run was over and they returned to the stables.  She enjoyed the feeling on her ass as he panted again and again.  His tongue still adorned her cheeks as she made it clear it was to stay there and she did not allow his nose out of her cheeks.  The body harness squeezed his ribs making it hard to breathe anyway.  He had to take short breaths.  So, only able to breathe through his mouth and even at that, with his tongue planted firmly in her cheeks, while running fast, he was a staggering, exhausted mess, ring-gagged mouth wide and gasping desperately for air.  Finally, she leaned back hard.  He felt the panic as his air was completely cut off but it lasted only a few seconds as she called, “Whoa boy.  Stop.”

Stepper slowed and stopped.  Amanda just sat there.  She leaned back in the chair and relaxed.  His nose was now free and he breathed deeply from mouth and nose. 

“You may pull your tongue from my cheeks,” she said. 

He did so, gratefully taking deep breaths. 

“Now start licking between my cheeks, Stepper.”

Again, he had to catch his breath while keeping his tongue busy.  She just sat there and said nothing for minutes while he lapped and lapped.  He heard the sounds of another saddleboy approaching.  The clopping was distinct.  He heard a woman call greetings.  Above him, Amanda answered, shifting her ass slightly as he licked.  He never saw the other woman or the other saddleboy but he heard the conversation as the two women chatted.  At a certain point, he must have become so entranced by listening to human voices, a normal, everyday conversation, that he forgot what he was and what he was supposed to be doing.  Then he felt a sharp kick in the ribs. 

“Stepper, the conversations of women are above you.  Listen if you want but don’t get so entranced you forget what you are doing.  Keep licking, boy.”

He realized what had happened and started licking in earnest, lapping the cheeks and between them.

“Sorry about that, Beverly,” he heard Amanda say.  “He’s a new saddleboy.”

“Oh, no problem,” the unseen Beverly said and then, “Stepper?  Oh so he’s the one you’ve been wanting to turn into a saddleboy?  Congratulations.”

“Thanks,” Amanda said. 

“So how’s he coming along?”

Amanda worked her cheeks back, pressing them to his face, grinning at her power over him. 

“Oh this is his first day,” she said.  “But he’s coming along nicely.  I knew he was a natural for this.”

Amanda gave a light kick to his ribs. 

“Move forwards boy.”

He did so until she leaned back in the saddle.  She shifted and he could tell she had extended her legs out.  He managed to look up and to the left enough to see a pair of feet resting on the arm of the saddle-chair.  He realized that they had brought him and the other saddleboy, whoever he was, close enough that Amanda was resting her feet on the arm of the other woman’s saddle chair and the other woman, Beverly, was resting her feet on the arm of Amanda’s saddle-chair.  The two women continued to relax and chat as the two saddleboys stood licking their asses and having those same asses rubbed into their faces. 

Stepper did not sleep much that night and the few times he did nod off, he dreamt of women’s asses- asses jiggling, asses engulfing his nose, asses with his tongue in them, asses guiding and leading him but always asses. 

The next morning, Rachel walked into the stable.  Without a word, she took a tube of pasty food and worked it into his mouth, pushing it into his throat and giving him time to slowly swallow it with his ring-gagged mouth while she soaped him up and hosed him down.  He was rather surprised she used warm water considering that he had been told how unbelievably sadistic she was.  Maybe the other woman had just been trying to scare him. 

Rachel led him out to the yard and to a water trough.  He got the message and bent, slurping the water as best he could.  Again she gave him several minutes.  Then she snapped her fingers and pointed at the ground while picking up a riding crop.  He took a moment to get the message that she was telling him to kneel.  A moment was too long.  She kicked the back of his left knee.  This was not a sharp nudge as Amanda had done.  This was an agonizing kick that pushed his knee forwards and caused him to crash on his knees.  He moaned as his knees crashed hard.  Then she hauled off and he felt the burning sensation of the crop smacking across his ass. 

“Whoosh,” he gasped, feeling the sting. 

She sat on the chair and he struggled to get up.  She kicked his ribs again and again when he was slow.  The result was that he crashed back to his knees.  With a look of rage on her face, she stepped around and blitzed his ass with the crop.  He felt something running down his ass cheeks and feared it was blood.  Then she signaled him to stand up.  While he was struggling to his feet, she climbed the fence they were standing next to and then hopped into the saddle.  Even though she weighed barely over a hundred pounds, the impact on his shoulders made him wince and stumble.  She pushed back and engulfed his nose as he automatically stuck his tongue into her ass crack.  She leaned forwards and he started moving.  She did not allow him to be cautious on rough terrain.  She savagely kicked his ribs when he did not run fast.  Several times he fell and she lithely jumped off, landing easily on her feet.  She did not whip him for falling but she kicked him hard whenever he tried to run less than all-out.  If Amanda used her own ass as a finely honed instrument to guide him, Rachel used hers as a weapon, a vicious crank to jerk his neck and torture him with pain. 

In all the time she rode him, Rachel never spoke to him.  Stepper was not able to ask her why she had this anger towards him or wanted to do this to him.  The truth was she had no particular anger towards him.  She found him attractive and simply enjoyed doing this to a man.  For her, there was nothing like power over a man and sitting on his face was the ultimate expression of power, of humbling a man into an inferior position.  That she could do it while also making him useful in other ways, using him as a beast of burden and a chair to sit on, were bonuses.  She buried his nose so deep and so completely engulfed his face that he often thought he would suffocate.  He stumbled and almost passed out several times but she was merciless, driving him on with kicks until he collapsed and no amount of cropping could get him to his feet.  His muscles simply would not respond.  With a grin, she kicked him over onto his back and facing upwards towards his eyes, sat on his face with her vagina engulfing his nose and her ass cheeks covering his mouth.  He writhed in terror, unable to breathe, as she grinned down at him while his eyes rolled into his head.  Every time he was about to lose consciousness, she rose and let him get a breath, then smothered him again.  She kept doing this on and on until he thought she would never stop.  Then, when she knew he would pass out if she robbed him of one more breath, she eased back so her pussy was on his tongue.  He could breathe through his nose as his tongue instinctively went to work.  She moved in such a way as to control how he licked.  She played her swollen pussy lips on his tongue then pushed down using her fingers, signaling him to push his tongue deep or to lick her clitoris and so on.  She was multi-orgasmic so this went on for well over an hour.  By that time, his breathing was rough but not to the breaking point.  She helped him struggle to his feet.  He could not lift her now no matter how much she cropped him.  He just could not.  So she held the chair and walked him back to the stable, cropping his ass every once in a while as punishment. 

At the stable, Rachel proceeded to crop his ass again and again as Stepper screamed and cried in pain.  While the cropping seemed random, there was method to every shot.  Rachel had kept track of every infraction or hesitation and he was receiving one shot across the ass for each one.  In her mind, every one of them was due him.  She was the most vicious bitch here, of that there was no doubt.  She was not the most skilled rider either.  Comparing her to her mother was like comparing a scalpel to a bulldozer.  Rachel was savage and raw.  She loved being cruel but she never allowed it to be random.  She had criteria, ruthless to be sure, but criteria.  She had already proven she could train saddleboys to her standards, raise them to a level of perfection that she rarely cropped them any more.  They adapted and found her quite decent as a rider as long as they obeyed instantly and without thought.  Of course, not every saddleboy was capable of rising to the level she required.  Those she had others train once she was sure they simply could not meet her standards ever.  Those few that she did raise to her level she genuinely hated to ever let go of.  Stepper was going to hopefully be the one she kept.  With him she intended to develop a bond between rider and saddleboy that would make him not only an extension of her ass but of her will.  Of course, she knew her hopes might be dashed immediately if she sensed he was one that just could not take it.  But he showed great promise and of that she was glad. 

Stepper had a different way of looking at it of course.  He collapsed in his stall.  Every muscle hurt.  His ass was a mass of swollen pain.  He gasped and cried himself to sleep. 

The next morning, after he was washed, fed and watered, Stepper was allowed to walk around the yard.  He had to wear some of the gear.  He wore the arm-binder.  That was never removed.  He also wore the boots, the chastity device, the posture collar and the ring-gag.  However, the corset was removed, allowing him to breathe freely although his ribs hurt from the kicks and more from the constant crushing of the corset.  The dildo “tail” had been removed and he did not have to wear the saddle-chair right now.  The hood and blinders were also gone although the plugs were still in his ears, simulating a horse’s inability to comprehend human language.  Amanda approached and walked straight up to him.  He trembled.  She removed the posture collar, giving his stiff neck some freedom to loosen up.  She spoke into her transmitter.

“You may nuzzle on my shoulder,” she said. 

She wrapped her arms around him and he realized that referring to it as nuzzling was an excuse to justify it as acceptable saddleboy behavior and hug him.  He laid his head on her shoulder and cried. 

“There, there, good Stepper,” she purred.  “Things will get better, I promise.”

She walked behind him and traced a finger over his blistered ass.

“Mmmm, Rachel really did a number on your ass, didn’t she?”

She gave his ass an affectionate pat and walked back in front of him. 

“You’re going to have to get used to it too.  You are going to be mainly her saddleboy.” 

“Pltth nnnnn,” he whimpered.

He nuzzled on her shoulder, trying to indicate that he would far prefer to be her saddleboy.  She laughed good-naturedly.

“I’m flattered Stepper but I already have a saddleboy although I will occasionally ride you.  You are for Rachel.  But there are some changes we are going to make on you that will make this life easier for you.” 

She led him to a truck where Rachel waited. 

“Wfffpphhh hhhhhppphh,” he moaned as he was led to Rachel.

She smiled and said, “Time for a makeover, Stepper baby.”

Stepper was concerned that Amanda was not accompanying them but he was to be Rachel’s saddleboy and this was her time to be with him.  The trip lasted only a few minutes and then he was taken out of the truck at a rather ordinary looking brick building.  He was led inside and his boots clopped loudly on the tiled floor, echoing down the hallway.  Rachel led him through a door and into what looked like a reception room.  She walked up to the desk.  The receptionist seemed completely nonplussed at having a saddleboy standing there. 

“Rachel Martin, here for Stepper’s treatments,” she said. 

“Ah yes just let me check the records,” the receptionist said.  “Ah here we are, voice box removal, ar-“

She stopped when Rachel grinned and quickly said, “Shush” while raising a finger to her lips. 

“Oh sorry,” the receptionist laughed.  “Didn’t realize it was supposed to be a surprise.”

As Rachel led him along, those words, “voice box removal” stayed in his mind. 

A reasonably attractive middle-aged woman greeted Rachel.  She was tall and slim with graying brown hair and glasses. 

“Hi Rachel,” she said.  “He gets the full treatment?”

“Yes indeed, Doctor,” she grinned.

Stepper panicked then as they were about to lead him into what obviously was an operating room.  He tried to pull away.  The doctor, Rachel and two others grabbed him and still he yanked them around until Rachel grabbed his nuts and one of the others kicked the backs of his knees, causing him to fall.  Rachel sat on his back and whispered to him. 

“Stepper, listen to me.  This is going to happen.  When it is done, you will have what you need to become a perfect saddleboy for us, for me.  It is going to happen.  Accept it.”

She stroked his hair as she might a horse and then they lifted him and led him on shaking legs to the table and he collapsed on it, whimpering.  The doctor prepared a needle.

“I’d like him unsedated for the first part of the operations,” Rachel said. 

“That’s a rare request,” the Doctor said, “and not something I will do lightly.” 

“Only for the first two yanks,” Rachel said.  “I know that as the presiding doctor you can overrule me.  But nothing else will seem painful to him after that.” 

“Only the first two,” the Doctor insisted.

“Yes,” Rachel said.  “Even I am not sadistic enough to want him unsedated for the rest.”

He was placed into a chair and a clamp restrained his neck.  The Doctor picked up a pair of pincers and walked over.  She reached into his mouth and clamped onto a tooth on the top and towards the left side.  She leaned close and whispered, “I’m sorry.  I don’t approve of doing this without sedation but it’s the owner’s choice.  I’ll make it fast.”

With a hard yank, the tooth was extracted.  He screamed in agony and she quickly clamped a tooth on the right side, parallel with the one on the left, and yanked it out.  Then she ordered him to be sedated immediately. 

When he awoke, Stepper was back in his stall at the stables.  Rachel and Amanda were both there.  His mouth hurt dully, two places on the top and two below.  Clearly he had been sedated before the two teeth below had been extracted. 

“A horse has gaps in its teeth where bits are inserted,” Amanda smiled.  “You don’t so gaps were made.”

He was not ring-gagged right now and tried to speak but whooshing sounds were all that he could make.  Amanda pointed to his throat. 

“Now you don’t have to be ring-gagged all the time,” she said.  “Trust me, its better for your jaws.” 

Then he noticed that his shoulders did not feel wrenched and in agony and his arms did not feel numb.  He had been seriously worried that they were going to be permanently damaged by the arm-binder constantly squeezing them and cutting off the blood supply.  He was wearing what amounted to a leather halter-top.  It was around his neck and shoulders and- then he realized it surrounded his shoulders and that was it because there was nothing beyond his shoulders.  His arms were gone! 

Panic set in, sheer panic.  Rachel grabbed his face in her palms and met his eyes. 

“You were NEVER going to use them again anyway- NOT EVER!  They were useless.  In fact, they were a hindrance.  You were never going to get to use them again.” 

She looked down and smiled.

“The only reason you got to keep that is because it’s a perfect and easy measuring rod of how aroused you are.”

She was glancing at his cock.  Then she led him to a mirror.  In addition to the teeth, his face looked somewhat different.  It was flatter and wider with two large indentations as if designed for a female ass to fit it.  His tongue seemed narrower but longer and his nose also looked different, almost more like a Pinnochio cartoon nose than a real one, extending outwards.  However, the nostrils were bigger.  He also had greater peripheral vision as his face had been rearranged in such a way that his eyes were somewhat more to the sides, not on the level of a real horse but more so than a human’s.  His ears also been pricked up into a more horse-like appearance and his hair on his head had been shaved except for a long, narrow strip running back from the front center.  It was his mane.  He realized his face had been turned into a more pony-like appearance and yet, at the same time, a seat for the women to sit on or wiggle back onto in the saddle.  As he struggled with the shock of this, Rachel said, “Now let’s get you saddled up.”

Amanda walked away and led back another saddleboy, surgically altered just as he had been.  At first, he did not even recognize the older man. 

“Remember I said I couldn’t keep you as my main saddleboy because I already have one?” Amanda grinned.  “Well, this is him.”

The two faced one another and yet still did not recognize each other at first. 

“Stepper meet Rebound and Rebound meet Stepper,” Amanda grinned.  “But then I think you already know each other, but not by those names.” 

Stepper’s eyes widened.  He recognized the man.  It was his father.  When he disappeared two years ago, presumed dead, this was what really happened to him.  They stared wide-eyed at each other, unable to speak. 

“He was just like you,” Amanda smiled.  “He wanted it but didn’t have the guts to do it.  Now he has no choice.” 

She patted his tummy. 

“Isn’t that right Rebound baby?”

Strangely, in spite of the shock at seeing his son, Rebound did not seem all that sad at his situation.  In two years, he had come to accept it.  Stepper also realized he was not in physical pain anymore, except for the need to ejaculate.  But his jaws were not all that sore anymore nor did his shoulders feel wrenched.  But there was no more time to think.  The two were saddled with the chairs and then Amanda was sitting on Rebound and Rachel on Stepper and they were off and running, the ladies sitting happily on their faces as they ran. 

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