Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tabitha's Revenge: Chapter 3

Tabitha’s Revenge: Chapter 3 by Gloryboy based on the original story by Thorne

Dr. Richard Richards or, rather, the naked, shaved, pierced, immobilized, cathetered, silent, chastity-belted non-entity that had once been Dr. Richard Richards knelt in his plexiglass cage as he had done for several years.  He had lost all track of time but recently realized it must have been four years because of what Virginia Givens did to him. 

The gorgeous college student had been making her weekly visit to watch him while Tabitha and Judy were out.  Some time ago, she had finally revealed to Tabitha that she knew the male trophy in the case was her former professor. 

He had been sure that, eventually, his mind would snap from the frustrated sexual desires and complete inability to move.  But Tabitha did not even allow him that escape.  A combination of hypnotism and drugs revitalized his mind.  He was still as coherent and as angry as on the first day.  He felt every day of the four years in his aching balls and in his muscles, stiff from the immobility (though some of the drugs relaxed his muscles enough to keep the pain from being so great it blocked out the pain of the sexual frustration, which Tabitha wanted him to feel most of all).  “Coherent” was a loosely used word, however, since all he could think about was his need to cum. 

Virginia Givens had her full breasts inches from his face when she said, “Poor horny professor, or may I call you rickypoo?  So, rickypoo, I’m sorry to say that this is goodbye.  You see, I’ve graduated and I’m leaving.”

She leaned to the opening at his nose and kissed it. 

“You know, in the months, years and even decades ahead, it will give me such pleasure to know that, whatever I do in life, every moment of every day, I’ll know exactly where you are, even to the exact inch.  I’ll even know exactly every detail of what positions your body parts are in.  You’ll be right here, naked, shaved, immobilized, silent, humping your own sexist ass, suffering endless frustration like the useless piece of garbage you are.”

She gave his aching nuts, in their tight, tight pouch, one last agonizing squeeze.

“Have a good life, rickypoo,” she grinned. 

Then she walked out, leaving him staring at her ass and humping his own in an endless, useless attempt to cum. 

He thought this was the worst, most humiliated and degraded he could possibly get.  He was so wrong.

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