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Saddled For Life: Chapter 7


Chapter 7

By Moonboy


He could not believe she had done this to him.  Oh he treated her like crap but he could not conceive of her or any woman having him in this position.  He vowed he would kill her.  Even with no arms and not being able to talk or even cum, he vowed to himself that, somehow, he would kill her.  Starting right after he figured out some way to get her off his face.  He panicked as she rubbed her cheeks on it yet again. 

“Mmmmpp-hhh!  Nnnnpphhh!  Uuuuummmppphh!” 

Dammit! He thought.  She had gotten him again.  He was letting Juliette see how much this was getting to him.  She was laughing.  The pain in his balls was unbelievable.  All he could think about was how badly he needed to cum.  He thought, “Oh, please let me cum, Juliette.  I’ll do anything.  Please!  Please!”

“uuuu  mmmmpphh   uuuuuu!”

Dammit, he thought again.  He just begged her.  Oh, she didn’t understand the incoherent gurgling that he made with his destroyed vocal cords and ring-gagged mouth but she was laughing.  She knew she had him begging.  He knew he would never get free.  Besides, he had forgotten.  He could not cum.  He felt right on the edge.  His balls burned with needs.  Everything hurt.  Everything told her she had him.  The way he moaned and the way he lifted his pelvis in useless thrusting motions.  He hated her and felt betrayed and yet could not resist burying his face into her cheeks and into her pussy and lapping away.  He could not understand it. 


He had wanted this but only for a short period of time each day.  He had no idea it was going to be permanent, every minute of every day for life.  He knew he could enjoy it for a short time each day but not like this.  Yet there was something about his step-sister.  She was vicious and he hurt from her whippings when he fell short and his balls ached deeply and soon would hurt even worse once this latest operation was performed.  Yet there was no denying that the very thought of her made his balls ache and his cock hard.  When she was smothering him and his lungs were burning, he wanted nothing but for it to end.  Soon after it ended, his thoughts turned to her posterior and he hardened, intoxicated with the need for her domination and her torturing.  He knew that, left to his own choice, he would crave it again sooner or later.  Even now, when she had just eased up and let him breathe, he almost wanted it again.  A minute ago, his mind had been numb, unable to think, unable to contemplate anything but the desperate ache in his lungs and the flashes before his eyes.  Now, he was focused on the ache in his balls and the sheer beauty of Rachel’s wonderful posterior above him.  He kissed her ass deeply on each cheek as he caught his breath.  She petted his stomach and said, “Good boy.” 

She pulled lightly on his nipple rings.

“Not all saddle-boys are assholes like your husband,” Rachel said to Juliette.  “Some of them know where they belong.”

She smothered him some more as she chatted.

“But their strength of will has limits.  They need a strong woman to put them in their place so they have no choice but to stay where they belong.” 

She turned around, giving him a moment to breathe and facing up towards his eyes.  Stepper looked up and she gave him a smile. 

“He isn’t a perfect saddle-boy but he tries to please me.  Not that he has any choice.  He knows I’ll whip his ass bloody and smother him mercilessly if he doesn’t try his best.  But most of the time, he does try his best.” 


He was beyond coherent thought.  His world was desire and frustration.  Somewhere, in dim memory, there was a world where he was not constantly hearing his own heartbeat in his ears, a world where he was not constantly tense and feeling a headache from the sheer blood pressure of never cumming.  He vaguely remembered a time when his crotch didn’t hurt and his balls didn’t constantly ache.  He knew there had been a past when his existence was something other than worshiping Michelle’s perfect ass and that of her mother and her sister, Tina.  But it was all so long ago, a distant memory.  Now his life consisted of working the fields while desperately horny and wiggling his toes in frustration and lapping Michelle’s ass while his vision swam red with unfulfilled sexual needs.  No capacity to truly think, just feel and suffer. 

The next day, Moonboy and Stepper found themselves carrying their owners to the clinic.  Of course, they knew what was in store for them.  Rachel and Michelle looked at each other and laughed when tears rolled down the faces of the saddle-boys and they made low, incoherent noises, begging that this not happen.  Michelle looked at Moonboy’s swelled balls and purred, “Oh baby, you’re finally going to be able to get that hard piece of steel inside of me.  Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?”

The armless slave-boy fell to his knees and kissed her feet in supplication.  She just laughed.  Stepper wasn’t even trying to supplicate Rachel.  He knew she would do whatever she wanted and would punish him for resisting.  That didn’t stop him from crying about it though.  Both were blubbering as the nurse came out to collect them for the operations. 

“Need some help?” Rachel asked. 

“No, I’ve got them,” the nurse smiled. 

The small, attractive nurse walked up and, without preamble, grabbed each of them by their bulging, overloaded balls.  She squeezed lightly.  They were breathing hard through their noses and making gurgling sounds as she turned and pushed them towards the operating room. 

Michelle smiled and waved. 

“See you soon, boys.” 

Once they were in the operating room, the nurse looked at the two males, sweating and standing on their toes in pain and said, “If you boys promise to behave, I’ll stop squeezing your poor nuts.” 

They quickly and desperately nodded that they would behave.  She let go and they sagged in relief. 

“Just remember, you can be right back in the palm of my hand anytime I want and next time, my fingers will be even less gentle.  So don’t disappoint me by acting up.” 

The Doctor walked in and said, “Are they ready, Jody?”

“Yes, Doctor Philips,” Jody said.  “Be good boys and lay on the table.”

The two males only looked like they were thinking about running for it though there was really nowhere they could go.  Before they could even react, she had grabbed their balls again. 

“Males!” Jody laughed, rolling her eyes as Stepper and Moonboy begged and gurgled, their balls squeezed hard. 

She maneuvered them to the operating tables.  She gave Stepper’s balls a hard squeeze. 

“Lie down,” she ordered.

He struggled to obey and the doctor quickly had his legs strapped wide apart and a strap around his waist.  He had no arms to worry about.  Then she did the same with Moonboy.  Dr. Philips was an attractive middle-aged woman.  She smiled down at them.

“Such good-looking young males, kept perfectly fit by their owners.  It’s good to know that I will be integral in making sure that those balls stay nice and full and those cocks stay nice and hard.  I’m so glad I convinced Rachel not to remove your cock when she first got you, Stepper.  They are such a beautiful indication of a saddle-boy’s level of arousal.  Of course, with all this frustration, you’d think it wouldn’t matter anymore but it does.” 

She nodded and the nurse strapped masks over their mouths and noses.  There was nothing they could do as they faded into unconsciousness.  Dr. Philips traced a finger over where she would make incisions.  She smiled at them as they faded out. 

“Nighty-night boys,” she teased. 

When Stepper woke up, he was back in his stall at the ranch.  Rachel was not there but Amanda soon walked in.  As Stepper whinnied in frustration, she walked up and led him out of the stall by a nosering and took him to a trough to drink some water.  As he bent to drink, she stepped behind him and gave his nuts a good squeeze.  He whinnied in pain. 

“Nice and full,” she teased.  “Isn’t it wonderful to know they’ll always stay that way.  No accidents can happen now.” 

He just moaned.  She grinned and kicked him in the back of a knee.  He dropped to his knees and she bent him backwards until the back of his head rested against a hitching post. 

“I would not presume to be the first to use you,” she said.  “That’s for Rachel to do.  But I’ll use you in the usual way.  It will make you even more primed for Rachel.”

She slung one leg over the post to one side of his head and then the other leg to the other side of his head.  As he moaned in frustration, she wiggled her pussy lips around his nose and then to just below it as he groaned in unsatisfiable lust. 

“Now be a good boy and lick me just the way I taught you.” 

Poor Stepper was lost in a world of desires as he lapped and licked and slurped just the way his Step-Mom had trained him to do. 

Meanwhile, Moonboy awoke back at the farm.  Michelle was not there at the time but her mother and older sister were.  For Beverly, the older woman, it was business as usual.  She seemed to think little more of him being ‘fixed’ than she would of it being done to a real horse.  She looked at his throbbing cock for a moment and nodded.  She looked at Tina, her older daughter and said, “It finally has that ‘slab of iron’ look.” 

“Indeed it does,” Tina grinned wickedly.

“Oh don’t even think about it,” Beverly laughed.  “That’s for Michelle to use first.” 

“Indeed it is,” Tina said.  “After all, she’s more responsible than either of us for it being in the wickedly hard condition it’s in and for those balls being as big and full as they are.  I won’t use it.  I’ll just do something else to help it be even harder when she’s ready for it.”

“I seriously doubt there is anything that could make it any harder,” Beverly smiled.  “But as long as you don’t use it, do what you want.” 

Tina smiled and grabbed the leash connected to Moonboy’s nose-ring.  She led him towards the barn.  His eyes were riveted to the lovely posterior of the beautiful girl as her blond hair fell down her back.  Once inside, she ordered him to kneel and then lie down on his back with the top of his head to a wall.  She sat with her full bubble-like cheeks covering him and she faced down towards his body, wiggling until his nose was deep into her pussy and beginning to suffocate him as she moaned in growing pleasures.  Helpless beneath her, his blood boiled with desires as she used him. 

All of this had just been preparation.  The boys were not used in the manner they expected to be used during the next few days.  But on the weekend, Rachel and Michelle planned another camping trip.  The saddle-chairs were in place and the lovely butts of the girls were planted into their faces as the boys staggered onwards, their heavy balls swinging as their hard cocks pointed the way.  The luscious posterior flesh caressed their faces and teased them with needs they could never fulfill as they ran, simultaneously aroused and smothered.  The women chatted happily as the red-faced and sweating males served as their vehicles and beasts of burden.  When they arrived at the beach, Michelle and Rachel again left them standing there while they took a leisurely swim.  By the time the two of them walked back to the beach, naked and glistening with water, Moonboy and Stepper were prancing in place, cocks high and balls aching, desperately frustrated even beyond their normal state.  Michelle just smiled. 

“Such needy stallions,” she teased. 

“No kidding,” Rachel agreed.  “They have no self-control.” 

“They don’t need any,” Michelle laughed.  “We are all the control they need.”

“So true,” Rachel said.

Each woman tapped her saddle-boy on the backs of his knees and each of the males knelt.  They were then signaled to get down on their backs in the sand.  Michelle stood over Moonboy and Rachel over Stepper.  The two males drooled as the glistening vaginas of their owners and their luscious butts hovered high over their faces and began descending.  Both women stood with their buttocks towards the eyes of the males and were facing towards the bodies of their slave-boys.  They wedged the noses of the boys between their cheeks and sat comfortably.  Then they slid backwards until their ass-cheeks covered the eyes and foreheads of the males and their wet pussies pressed to the mouths of the saddle-boys. 

“Prime us with those nice, enhanced tongues, boys,” Michelle purred. 

“Yes,” Rachel teased.  “Work us up so we’re ready to ride those big throbbing cocks.  Clearly you boys need no priming, you’re so deliciously hard.” 

The helpless males were wiggling their toes in frustration, balls full and round, skin stretched taut and their red cocks throbbed, heads purple with the need to cum.  They lapped at the pussies of their owners as the girls sighed in pleasure above them.  The girls slid so that their butts were now over the tongues of the gasping males.  The boys knew their jobs and their surgically improved tongues swirled lavishly on the beautiful cheeks of their goddesses and rimmed them before darting into the crevices.  The ladies were moaning and gasping in building pleasures as the boys only grew more and more frustrated. 

“It’s time,” Michelle suddenly said.  “At least for me it is.” 

“Me too,” Rachel said. 

Quickly they got up and straddled Moonboy, Michelle directly over his hips and Rachel directly over his face.  The women were facing each other.  Michelle descended first.  Moonboy instinctively lifted his hips and trembled with anticipation and Michelle hovered directly over his rigid cock. 

“Oh, you want it so bad, don’t you horsy?” she taunted

He was wild-eyed and making the low but horse-like noises that were the only sounds he could make with his surgically altered vocal cords. 

“Oh, it’s so big,” she teased.  “I don’t know if I can handle it.  Plus its all red on the shaft and the head is all purple.  “I’m afraid I might hurt you, poor boy.”

He whinnied, eyes rolling into his head in mind-numbing arousal. 

“But then I don’t really care,” she said.

She slowly lowered herself onto his shaft.  He let out a scream of desire and pleasure.  He could feel her tight pussy around his cock and feel her pressing into his aching, needy balls. 

“Common, slave-boy, show me how badly you want me.  Fuck me like you mean it.” 

Whimpering in desire, he began thrusting up into her, desperate to cum and feeling as if he could.  The only problem was that his nuts were so overloaded that every time he slammed home into her and squashed his balls against her, he wanted to scream in pain.  Then Rachel descended too, smothering his face beneath her posterior. 

“Use that slave-tongue,” she demanded. 

He began licking.  Michelle slapped his stomach.

“Don’t stop thrusting,” she ordered. 

He started thrusting and Rachel slapped his chest.

“Don’t stop licking either.  Pleasing us is what you exist for.”

As he licked and pumped away, Michelle looked at Stepper, who was looking at this and sweating. 

“Get behind Rachel and lick her ass,” Michelle ordered.

Stepper struggled to his knees, no easy task without arms.  He shuffled to Rachel, his balls swinging heavily.  Again, bending to do something was not easy having no arms to catch and support himself with.  He had to lie stomach down and start lapping away at her gorgeous posterior.  Rachel purred, having her butt and pussy licked.  Michelle rode her saddle-boy as he suffered the frustrations of smelling and licking Rachel’s hot pussy while pumping into Michelle’s steaming vagina and feeling all the pleasure except the pleasure of cumming as his balls ached with needs.  She did not have to do any of the work although she was on top.  He was thrusting up into her with made passions from several years of denial.  He worked himself until he was gasping for breath and slowing down. 

“Get off of him and let him breathe,” Michelle said to Rachel.  “I want this hard stallion to take me there.”

Rachel giggled as she rolled off and teasingly said, “Gosh, take you where, Michelle?”

“Take me THEEEEEERE!” Michelle screamed as she orgasmed. 

Moonboy was desperately pumping, trying for his own relief as Michelle’s juices ran down his cock and over his balls.  It was useless.  Though he tried until he had to stop from muscle fatigue and lack of breath, he could not cum.  Despite his desires, he was starting to lose his erection.  At least the stimulation would stop for now, he thought.  But Michelle laughed. 

“Oh no you don’t,” Michelle said.  “Not only can you not cum, you can’t fizzle out on me either.” 

“Allow me?” Rachel smirked. 

“Please do- quickly.” 

Rachel reached into Moonboy’s crotch and pushed her fingers into it.  Suddenly, his softening cock started growing again to full erection. 

“You stay hard as long as I want you hard,” Michelle smiled. 

Then she leaned forwards and rolled them over so he was on top.

“Why should I do any of the work?” she smirked.  “Dig those toes into the ground and keep pumping, fuck-toy.” 

He could not help himself.  He pumped away even knowing it was hopeless.  Rachel mounted Stepper and rode him after pressing into his crotch to insure an endless erection.  Then she too flipped them over so the boys were on top and yet completely subjugated. 

As the ladies were taken to several orgasms over the next hour, the boys were crying and whimpering as their balls burned with stabbing pains and the burning need to cum.  As they pumped away, Juliette rode up sitting in her saddle-chair on top of Romeo, controlling his directions by pressing her ass into his face and guiding him.  She sat high and watched appreciatively as these muscular young males sexually satisfied their female owners.  But even Michelle and Rachel finally had enough and pushed their horny slaves off of them.  The women sighed in pleasure as the males knelt, their balls sore and heavy.  With a kick to the chest, Juliette ordered Romeo to kneel and then she regally stepped off of him. 

“If either of you ladies would care to use an older male?” she said. 

“Naw, thanks anyway,” Rachel said.  “You’ve gotten him into fantastic condition but still, older saddle-boys just don’t interest me.” 

“But I get what you really want,” Michelle smiled.  “Help yourself.”

Juliette grinned.  She walked over to Moonboy, still kneeling with cock standing to attention and balls aching.  He looked up, a combination of lust and begging for mercy in his eyes.  She straddled him, her large, full breasts pressed around his face as she eased onto his hard cock.  Then she pushed and pinned him beneath her, smothering him with her breasts as she began riding him. 

“Hmm, I love young cock,” she laughed, “especially when it stays hard for as long as I want and never gets relief for its horny, aching balls.  The pleasure is all mine.”

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