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Tabitha's Revenge: Chapter 4

Tabitha’s Revenge: Chapter 4 by Gloryboy based on the original story by Thorne

Usually, Dr. Tabitha Katz personally walked every new woman and girl into her apartment to see the shaved, pierced, immobilized, cathetered, silenced, chastitybelted non-entity that had once been Dr. Richard Richards.  This time, she allowed the girl to walk in by herself.  Another of Tabitha’s rules was that any girl or woman who saw him had to be lesbian or at least bisexual.  The third rule was that they never knew who he had really been and must believe this was legitimate medical treatment.  So she was breaking her own rules on three levels, allowing a heterosexual female who knew who he really was to be in the room with him by herself.  But this was an exceptional situation and one long-awaited.

The immobilized male saw a woman walk into the dim lighting of the room.  It was clearly not Tabitha, Judy, Virginia or any of the select few others that had watched him through the years.  She was short and shapely, with short, dark hair, tight jeans and a shirt that revealed her cleavage.  There was something tantalizingly familiar about her as she circled his plexiglass cage like a prowling tigress. 

“Unbelievable,” she laughed. 

He had heard words like that over the years when a woman first saw him.  But there was something so familiar about both her voice and her body language.  Running a hand over the plexiglass, she stepped in front of him and leaned close.  She looked so familiar but, because it had been four years and because she had changed a lot in those years, it took a moment for recognition to set in.  As soon as it did, he was shocked and locked into a psychological quandary.  He was hopelessly aroused, as he was always hopelessly aroused, yet feeling he should not be.

She looked at him through the small opening in the glass. 

“Hello, richie,” she mocked.  “I must admit I never thought I’d have you in this position.”

She reached her small hand into the lower opening and cupped the tight, tight pouch that squeezed and mashed his balls and his cathetered cock. 

“You always thought you were so high and mighty.  I remember how, even as a child, you talked down to me, when you lowered yourself to talk to me at all, that is.”

She gave his balls a good squeeze in their tight, tight pouch.  He writhed in pain. 

“Well, now you can’t talk at all, can you, poor richie?  Even if you want to, you can’t say a word.  How does it feel to be a helpless, immobilized nothing?  Oh that’s right.  Poor richie can’t talk back.  So delightful.”

She watched his pouch quiver in unbelievable pain and frustration.

“Four years ago, when you disappeared, I was only fourteen.  But I was so glad you were gone, you and your smug, superior, sexist attitudes than I recognized and despised even then.  Mom didn’t take it hard at all for reasons I’ll explain.  Dad grieved.  But he adjusted.  Do you know why he adjusted?  Do you know what he said to me?  He said I was so loving.  He said that, if he had to lose one of us, he was glad it wasn’t me.  He said that he knew, deep down, how miserable you had made my growing up and he was glad it was over and could I forgive him.  Well, of course I forgave him.  It wasn’t his fault.  It was yours.  He loved me.  He cared about me.  Of course I love him too.  And I’ve grown up, haven’t I richie?”

She pulled her arms behind her, stretching and emphasizing her breasts.

He was writhing in anger and frustration.  He could not believe that what she said about his father was true but he detected no deceptions or lies in her eyes as she had spoken.  He was furious.  His own sister, with the power to free him, was instead enjoying his situation. 

“Poor richie, how does it feel to know you’re going to be humbled beneath your own sister’s ass?  You pathetic piece of shit, should I let you in on an amazing secret?  Do you know why Tabitha so easily got away with this?  Do you know why the police never investigated more completely or turned the investigation in Tabitha’s direction or wondered about the mysterious non-entity that appeared right after you disappeared?  I only recently found out myself.  It is because someone else was in on this from the start.  When she thought the police might figure it out, Tabitha went to her secret co-conspirator, Dr. Ruth Richards, and asked her to help obscure the trail.  Do you know why Mom did this?  She said, ‘He needs to be taught a lesson.  I don’t know where he went wrong but he’s become so totally sexist he actually deserves the fate you’ve suggested.  All I ask is that you don’t kill him or mutilate him in any true sense.  Heaven help me but he’s useless for anything except what you’re doing to him and it is poetic justice.’  Then she convinced the police that Tabitha had nothing to do with it.”

The former Richard Richards was going crazy with rage and shock.  His sister, Rachel Richards, was telling the truth.  He could tell.  The women of his own family had now twice had the chance to free him and had not.  In fact, one of them had been the cause of it, at least partly.  Rachel raised the top of the glass and put her foot right on his forehead. 

“You are going to pay for every mean thing you ever did to me, big brother.  I am going to treat you like the shaved, hairless, silent, immobilized, pathetic joke you are.”

Rachel leaned close, jiggling her cleavage in front of his eyes.  He moaned at the agony in his tight, tight pouch. 

“Poor, pathetic creature,” she giggled.  “After years of this, even your own sister’s boobs look good, don’t they?  Mmmm, yes, that quivering in your little pouch says they do.  Your little balls and little peepee must be soooo needy.”

Again, he writhed in rage and frustration.  His cock and balls had once been quite big before they had been squeezed and constricted every second for four years.  She picked up a wooden paddle with small barbs in it. 

She pushed a button and the cage slowly turned until his back was to her, with an opening at his ass.

“This is something you’ve had coming for a long time and, with the opening in the back with those pale cheeks sticking out so invitingly, I’m going to give you the good, hard spanking you’ve always deserved.”

The creature that was once Rick Richards was in agony and humiliation as Rachel his sister spanked his ass until it was red, rosy and burning. 

“This is the way we spank our boys, spank our boys, spank our boys, this is the way we spank our brothers, so early in the morning.  Bottoms up, big brother.”

She giggled as she tanned his ass and she was not holding back at all.  He was crying from the pain.  Then she walked around in front of him.

“So how does that make you feel, richie-boy?”

The desire was slamming through him like a sledgehammer.  He strained to get his thumbs up his ass and start humping.  He did not care that his younger sister was watching and laughing.  He did not care that he would not succeed in cumming.  Rather, he cared but he could not help himself. 

Rachel took a marking pen and laughed as she wrote something on his forehead in red.  From his reflection in the glass, he saw the word, ‘Wretch’. 

“So appropriate,” she giggled.  “But now, what would be even more appropriate?”

On his chest, she wrote, “Dr. Wretched Richards, Professor of Perversion.”

“Yes,” she smiled.  “Your dark secret is finally going to be revealed to the world.  The brilliant but arrogant Dr. Richard Richards was secretly a hopeless pervert.  For his own good and the safety of others, Dr. Tabitha Katz and Dr. Judy Campbell with the cooperation of his own mother had him quietly committed to a special form of insane asylum.  Now eighteen years old, his own sister is helping care for the pathetic wretch.  The beauty of this is that any cruelty I think of to do to you will be perceived by the public as giving my sick, perverted brother what he wants.”

“Wretch” was writhing in insane rage and frustration.  But that only kicked in the drugs and hypnotic conditioning even more.  He started humping his own ass even harder. 

“How could they do this to me?” he raged.  “I’m Dr. Richard Richards.  I’m a man.  I’m brilli- I- I- hump my ass, hump my ass.  No!  No!  I- I’m Dr. Rich- richie no Richard Rich- need to cum, need to cum, need to cum, hump ass, hump ass, hump ass, can’t cum, please let me cum, hump…” 

As he began losing himself again in the endless cycle, Rachel cheerfully mocked, “It will be Mother’s Day soon.”

She hummed happily and stroked herself, enjoying his agony. 

“Dear me, what would she like to see for Mother’s Day?”

“No!” he silently screamed.  “Noooo!  I’m a man, I-I- need to cum, please let me cum.  Hump. Hump…”

He knew it would never end. 

“Poor brother,” Rachel taunted.  “Naked, shaved, pierced.  We’ve taken your voice, your mobility, and every iota of your freedom and dignity.  Trapped in an endless cycle of frustration in your tight, tight pouch.  Chastitybelted and cathetered.  Naked, shaved, pierced…”

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