Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saddled For Life: Chapter 3



By Gloryboy

[Note: I realize that, in Chapter One, I called the saddle-boy “Moon-face” and now I’m changing it to “Moonboy”.]

Moonboy had no sure idea how much time had gone by.  By the changing of the seasons, he could guess it had been about a year.  In that time, a number of operations had been performed.  The first and simplest one had been the removal of the vocal cords and the insertion of tubes that allowed him to make whinnying sounds.  The second occurred a few months later.  His arms, endlessly trapped behind his back, elbows tightly together, were constantly in pain until they just went numb.  They were atrophying until he was rendered unconscious and awoke without them.  It shocked him but the fear of overall health damage was gone.  There had also been operations to alter his face, make it perfectly contoured to accommodate Beverly’s beautiful posterior.   

Currently, he was out in the field tilling the soil.  Michelle was walking in front of him, holding his reins.  Her young and shapely tight ass was the center of his attention even though she was not currently sitting on his face.  She kept looking back over her shoulder and exaggerating the wiggling of her ass, smiling at the gasping and whinnying sounds that elicited.  She looked at his balls and saw how huge and heavy they had become and at his cock, rigidly hard and standing almost straight up. 

“Mmmm,” she purred.  “I think a steady diet of my ass is doing you good, Moonboy.  You’re putting on weight in all the right places.” 

She fondled his balls, making him just about cross-eyed with desire and frustration before getting on with the work she knew had to be done today.  When she finally returned to the house, he was exhausted but Beverly had further need of him and he found himself having the saddle-chair fitted over his head before carrying her to whatever her destination might be.

Moonboy (he knew he once had another name but could barely remember it sometimes) could not help but admire the voluptuous body of the older woman as he knelt without even being told.  Then Beverly’s perfect posterior became his world as she settled into the saddle-chair and he stood up easily on his steel-hard, muscular legs.  She started him running, guiding him easily by flexing her well-toned butt muscles or turning her hips, letting her ass move his face and guide him as he ran.  He no longer thought about anything as he ran, anything except her exquisite ass that is.  He followed and obeyed it with overwhelming lust and worship as his Goddess. 

Meanwhile, at the main ranch house and training facility, Stepper was in essentially the same condition as Moonboy and slowly learning to accept the situation he was in.  Always horny, his face constantly used as a saddle by his step-mom and step-sister, he was learning his place as a trained beast and seat for their asses.  At this particular time, it was Rachel, his step-sister, who was seated in the saddle chair.  Her gorgeous ass was his world as he was forced to lick as he jogged.  She suddenly leaned back, pressing her shapely cheeks to his face, cutting off his air and forcing him to stop. 

“Michelle, how’s it going?” he heard her say.

“Great, Rachel,” was the reply.  “Just taking Moonboy out for a nice afternoon run.”

Michelle wiggled in the saddle chair, squeezing Moonboy’s nose between her exquisite cheeks.

The two males stood helpless, sweaty and naked, their faces pressed to their owners’ asses, their entire view of the world the cheeks of their mistresses. 

Rachel was speaking as she wiggled herself into Stepper’s face, suffocating the helpless male.

“I think we should have a camping trip this weekend, an outing for the two of us.”

“Us and our pack animals,” Michelle smiled. 

The irony was that Stepper and Moonboy had never seen one another.  Michelle and Rachel were good friends and had often gone riding, guiding the two saddleboys with their butts and hips, but the two males had always had their heads enclosed by the saddles.  They had gotten glimpses of one another but had never seen each others’ faces.  As the two young women spoke, they sat high and each admired the trained and shaven physique of the other woman’s trained slaveboy.  It was going to be an enjoyable weekend- for the women.

But there were always new recruits being brought in. 

Juliette was a tall woman and slim, with a shapely form.  About forty years old, her long, soft brown hair hung down her back.  She had convinced her husband to vacation here as a last chance to keep their marriage together.  While she did a fair amount of daily exercise to stay in shape, he had gotten quite flabby over the course of the years and, as he became more and more to dislike himself, he had become mean and surly.  He had backhanded her a couple of times.  She seriously had wanted to leave him but she wasn’t sure how she would support herself and certainly not at her current level.  But through a friend of a friend, she had heard about this place.  She did not know exactly what went on here but she was told it could solve her problems including keeping her husband’s money and changing him into someone she wanted to be with. 

Her husband had too much to drink that night as usual and fell asleep before she did after having sex and coming without regards for her needs.  Little did he know he would soon have fallen asleep anyway as his food had been laced with a potion.  They came to get him while he slept.  Reaching down, Juliette patted his stomach.

“Such a paunch you’ve developed,” she smirked.  “But don’t worry.  We’re going to take good care of that and a good many other things too.” 

The next morning (or was it afternoon?), he awoke with a throbbing headache and sick to his stomach.  This was a bad hangover even for him.  He was a bit worried when he finally managed to force his eyes open only to discover that everything was still pitch black.  His first instinct was to rub his eyes but his arms were behind him, wrists to elbows, and would not move.  His face was hot and sweaty, seeming to be tightly encased in something.  He moaned and tried to struggle to his feet though they too seemed sealed into something.  He tried to cry out for help but something was inside his mouth and holding it open.  He could only make incoherent sounds.  He was in a restricted area as he could not take more than a couple of steps in any direction before he reached some sort of barrier.  He was terrified and it was hard to judge time, being unable to see and with his hearing muffled as well.  It might have been minutes or hours later that coverings were removed from his eyes. 

He saw a gorgeous blonde woman standing in front of him.  He was easily six inches taller than she but was in no position to feel in control.  The woman was probably in her early forties but in great condition, with sweet curves and large, full breasts.  He was tall with a large build but not particularly muscular.  He was able to see now that he was wearing some sort of hood with blinders and the blinders had now been pushed to the sides.  His once hairy chest, stomach and pubes were clean shaven and he was wearing high boots that were chained into place.   

“Mmph!  Yyppff!” he mumbled, trying to ask what was going on. 

The woman just grinned and cupped his now hairless balls in her soft hand.  She began slowly caressing his balls. 

“Feels good, doesn’t it baby?” she purred. 

He moaned, forgetting his fears for the moment as the pleasure coursed through him.  His cock was growing hard. 

“Feels real good, doesn’t it?” she continued. 

He nodded.  She smiled.

“It can just as easily be this,” she said as her smiled turned vicious.

She began squeezing.  At first it only hurt a little but her grip became tighter and tighter until his eyes were bulging and he was begging her to stop.  He would have lifted his knees to his chest if he could have.  Spit ran from his gag and his eyes showed the screams he would have been emitting if he could have.  Then the woman relented and began caressing his smooth chest. 

“The slightest disobedience will be punished by that method or by methods far, far worse,” she smiled.  “Obedience will be rewarded by not having your balls crushed or worse.”

There were so many questions he wanted to ask but he was gagged.  The woman connected a harness device around his balls and pulled them on a leash.  He let out an “oooofffpphh” of pain even through the gag as he had no choice but to follow her, taking short, mincing steps.  She grinned to herself at his helplessness.  She was thoroughly enjoying this.  Nothing was explained but, through hearing women here talk to each other, he eventually learned that the gorgeous blonde woman’s name was Amanda.  The appeal her beauty had was equaled by her cruelness.  He was trained and trained hard.  He was forced to run and run until his legs grew stronger, being viciously cropped whenever he tried to slow down until he collapsed in a heap from exhaustion.  Even then, he was cropped back to his feet the moment he had enough breath to rise and run again.  His ass and back was a red crisscrossing of scars and cuts.  And then, when he was deemed to be in good enough physical condition, he was introduced to the saddle-chair. 

The saddle-chair was exactly that.  It was strapped and buckled over his head.  It was a saddle with a high back, a combination saddle and chair.  The woman ordered him to kneel and kicked him in the back of the knees when he wasn’t fast enough.  He let out a sharp hiss and groan of pain as his knees smacked the grassy yet hard ground and the woman, with a grin, turned and sat down, rubbing her shapely butt on his face.  She wiggled back, wedging his nose between her cheeks and then ordered, “That’s a ring-gag.  Stick that tongue out and make it useful.” 

As he stuck his tongue out, she snapped, “Kiss my ass, Romeo.”

He realized this must have been his wife’s doing.  Being named Juliette, she had often said she had dreamed of growing up to meet her Romeo and she had instead ended up with him.  Now, it seemed he would become her Romeo whether he wanted to or not.  Normally, kissing this gorgeous woman’s ass would not have been an unappealing demand except now it was saturated with feelings of humiliation and made it even more difficult to breathe.  And then it got even more difficult. 

“Stand up, Romeo,” Amanda ordered.

He struggled to his feet, trying to adjust to her weight. 

“Now run,” she ordered.

Unfortunately, she accompanied her command by wiggling back, completely smothering him.  He couldn’t breathe and was in darkness.  Having no air and not being able to see where you’re going isn’t exactly conductive to even walking let alone an all-out run.  That’s when her heels slammed his ribs and another woman cropped his ass bloody, laughing as he ran in terror. 

There was something so familiar about that laugh and then it hit him- Juliette.  The other woman cropping his ass and laughing was his wife.  He had wondered what happened to her.  Somehow, he hadn’t quite believed she was in on this but now there could be no doubts. 

“Whhff?  Jupph!  Whhff?” he mumbled through his ring-gagged mouth, but that just got a renewed surge of laughter. 

She was completely enjoying this.  He could hear her but was not allowed to see her. 

Days turned to weeks then months.  All of this time, he was cruelly ring-gagged, his arms pulled agonizingly behind his back and trained to respond to the posteriors of his female owners while he ran.  But he had not seen his wife, heard her but not seen.  Then she walked into the stable and looked at him.  He stared wide-eyed, wanting to threaten her or ask her why.  But he could say or do nothing.  She was grinning, thoroughly enjoying his helplessness.  She patted his stomach. 

“My, my,” she said.  “I guess I can’t make fun of that paunch anymore.  You’re tummy is nice and solid these days.”

Her tone was both impressed and yet mocking as she ran a finger around his stomach muscles.  His balls ached for her, having not been allowed sexual relief for months.  His cock stood at attention.  She smiled at that and cupped his balls.  That instinctively made him flinch and whimper.  He was used to having his balls squeezed for the slightest mistakes. 

“Makes you nervous, doesn’t it, Romeo?” she smirked. 

He whimpered more and shuffled in place, eyes pleading with her.  She just grinned and patted his balls.  Even that was painful, they were so full.

“Just remember your place.  Kneel, slaveboy.”

Knowing the consequences of disobedience, he struggled to his knees.  She waited but then said, “The next time, you take that long, you’ll regret it.  Get up.”

It was difficult climbing to his feet with his arms sheathed but he made it.

“Now kneel,” she ordered. 

He tried to get down quicker but it wasn’t fast enough as she kicked him in the backs of the knees.  He winced more from his knees banging the floor than from the kick.

“Get up now,” she ordered. 

He struggled up but, wearing out and knees hurting, it was slower. 

“Kneel,” she snapped.

This time he dropped to his knees crying out in pain as his bruised and bloody knees struck the floor. 

“That’s better,” she grinned.  “Now get up.”

He groaned as he strove to reach his feet.  She walked around behind him and, with a smile, hauled off and kicked him, planting the toe of her boot right between his cheeks.  He moaned and was pushed to his feet. 

“I’ve always wanted to give you a good, swift kick in the ass- and its become and nice, muscular ass,” she said.  “But you’ll be getting to know my ass far better.  Now squat down.”

Knowing what that meant, he squatted on shaky legs, balls hanging heavy beneath his chastity device encased cock.  She walked around in front of him and teasingly nudged his balls with her boot toe.  He was sweating from both exertion and fear.  But with a smirk, she turned her back and pulled her pants down.  Thrusting her ass back into his face, she commanded, “Kiss my ass, asshole.”

Humiliation and anger overwhelmed him.  She was his wife.  How dare she do this to him.  She had no right.  His thoughts were interrupted by her boot heel smashing into his nuts. 

His eyes widened in agony and a muffled cry of pain issued from his mouth as drool ran out.  He fell to his knees.  She turned and smiled, looking down at him.

“Well, you didn’t take long to get to your knees that time, did you?”

Tears of pain and humiliation ran from his eyes.  Here was his wife, a frigging woman for crying out loud, totally dominating him. 

“Kiss my ass NOW!” she ordered. 

She faked another kick to his nuts and he whimpered and kissed her deeply, on one ass cheek then the other.  She laughed at his act of humiliation. 

“Good boy,” she mocked

Then she sat down and pushed her shapely butt into his face, smothering him. 

“You know what to do.  Do it or suffocate.”

In his hot, sweaty yet soft and luscious prison, he lapped and kissed away as he staggered to his feet.  Then he felt her shift her ass to her right, forcing his head in that direction and he began to run, a hot sweaty miserable and hopelessly aroused and smothered saddle-boy worshipping his wife’s posterior. 

Juliette was completely enjoying dominating her husband and smothering him with her ass.  She felt his tongue slavering over her cheeks and into the crack of her ass as he ran and she giggled with pleasure and power.  She wiggled back, smothering him more, cutting off his air, then driving her hard boot heels into his ribs when he started slowing down and getting off-course.  It wasn’t fair, of course, making it impossible for him to run all-out and then punishing him for not doing it.  But that was the whole point and pleasure of it- she could do absolutely anything she wanted. 

With the saddle-chair surrounding him and smothered with his wife’s lovely ass in his face, the man now known as Romeo couldn’t see anything and could barely hear anything except his own desperate attempts to breathe.  He was too scared to be angry right now, too desperate for air to do anything but beg for mercy but he couldn’t even do that through his ring-gagged mouth and his every attempt to do so just resulted in muffled sounds that made his wife laugh and humiliate him even more.  He was a mass of pain.  His arms were wrenched behind his back so badly that he feared they would be or already had been permanently damaged by the positioning and the cutting off of the blood flow.  Right now, his existence was one of pain, humiliation and shock- just as Juliette wanted it to be.

Romeo was a hot, sweaty, miserable mess when he heard Juliette’s command to kneel.  He struggled gasping to his knees and she regally stood up, leaving him to stare at her wiggling ass as she stepped away.  They were in the stable yard. 

“Poor Romeo, would my work beast like some water?”

Dehydrated and desperately thirsty, he nodded “yes.”

“Ask me properly, like a good horsey.”

Red with embarrassment, he made a garbled whinnying noise and nodded again.

“Such a good, obedient beast,” she mocked.

She picked up a hose and sprayed him with cold water.  He gasped and spluttered.  She made sure to get his armpits and shot a good icy spray up his butthole and onto his balls as he howled in shock.  Then she unstrapped the ring-gag and removed it.  This was the first time he had been free of it in her presence and he worked his sore jaws. 

“Why?” he blubbered.  “Why?”

She filled a bowl with cold water and then swished the toe of her boot in the bowl.  Then she stepped back and said, “Drink up, doggy.”

He looked at her with rage and disbelief. 

“You can’t expect me to drink that,” he gasped through dry throat.

She kicked it over and let the water soak into the dirt. 

“I don’t expect anything.  Maybe you’ll be thirstier tomorrow,” she said. 

“No, please,” he begged.  “You can’t make me go another day without water.”

“I didn’t make you do it, beast.  But I do have a use for that nice, swollen tongue.”

Juliette removed the saddle chair from him and then put it back onto him, only this time with the back of the chair in front of him.  Then she sat down with her tummy facing him.  It was a snug fit, her pubes and tummy pressing into his nose. 

Suddenly, Romeo’s world was her crotch.  The smell of her vagina filled his nose and mouth.  His eyes were aimed straight at the flat smoothness of her abdomen, looking up to see the belly button ring she wore or down to see the shaved smoothness of her pussy.  Her tanned, toned thighs to either side of his head clamped and caressed him. 

“Quite a view isn’t it, my helpless hubby.  Now start using your tongue.”

Something in her eyes told him he better obey and he knew well how easy it would be for her to cut off his air or do anything she wanted to him.  Tentatively and yet shaking with pentup desires, he licked her smooth pussy. 

“Hmm, nice, such a good obedient pussy licker,” she purred mockingly.

She pushed forwards and the pain in his neck became unbearable.

“Mpphh!  MMpph!  PPllltthh!” he tried begging her to stop.

“Oh sorry I didn’t quite catch that,” she teased.

He moaned and licked faster but that only had the effect of causing her to push forwards even more, grinding her lips over his nose as he suffered in silent agony. 

He thought his neck would break before she was satisfied, but finally her orgasm subsided and she eased the pressure on his neck.  She leaned back, tossling his hair. 

“Keep licking nice and slow,” she purred.  “Ease my aftershocks and lick me clean, my lapper.”

He lapped away more slowly, now even more intoxicated as the smell and taste of her pussy filled his mouth and nose and he was no longer in extreme pain and that only made him more frustrated.  But she finally sighed in relief and said, “Well, I think that’s enough pleasure for right now.”

He sighed in relief as she stood up.  But then she changed the chair around so the back of it was behind him and sat down again.  She pushed back, stuffing his nose between her exquisite cheeks and suffocating him as her shapely cheeks smothered him as she wiggled to get comfortable. 

“Noo!  Pltth!” he tried begging her not to but, of course, she wasn’t about to stop as she butt-gagged him into silence as he suffocated. 

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