Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saddled For Life: Chapter 6



By Gloryboy

Michelle, Rachel and Juliette were on the beach with their saddle-boys.  They sat in a circle facing each other.  The males were on their backs in the hot sand.  The saddle-chairs were placed over their faces and used as chairs by the women.  Michelle was sitting on Moon-boy’s face, Rachel on that of Stepper and Juliette on her husband’s face, the saddle-boy she jokingly called Romeo.  Each of the women leaned back in the saddle-chairs and crossed their smooth, tanned legs on the stomachs of their slaves.  Juliette cruelly teased the cock of her husband with her feet, knowing he could not cum.  Desperate gurgling sounds of frustration came from beneath Juliette’s lovely posterior and she only smiled and wiggled on his face even more, torturing him every way she could. 

Juliette looked at the younger women and said, “Do you ever think about what it feels like for them?  Oh, don’t get me wrong.  My hubby was an asshole and deserves to spend the rest of his life licking mine.”

Romeo moaned in frustration and anger beneath her.  She just wiggled her sweet ass on his face some more to torment him.  Then she continued.

“But do you ever wonder who your saddle-boys were before they became this?  Were they assholes too?”

Rachel smiled.

“Oh, you don’t know,” she said.  “I knew Stepper for years before he was my saddle-boy.  He’s my older step-brother.”

Juliette’s eyes widened.

“Wow!  You’re kidding.  I had no idea.  How did this ever come about?” 

“My Mom found some stuff he wrote and realized he had an itch for Female Domination.  He willingly became a saddle-boy.”

Stepper moaned beneath Rachel. 

“Pphhh nnnn uuuu!”

Rachel laughed and pressed down, silencing and smothering him with the expertise of her tight and shapely butt.

Juliette laughed.

“He can’t talk but that didn’t sound like agreement.”

“Oh he just didn’t know how far it was going to go and that it was for life.  Did you, poor Stepper?”

She wiggled on his face some more, giving him one quick, partial breath before she smothered him some more. 

“You’ve seen Rebound, my Mom’s saddle-boy?” Rachel asked.

“Oh, yes, I’ve seen him in the stables,” Juliette said. 

“You two have something in common.  Romeo is your husband.  Rebound is Amanda’s husband.  Like yours, he has long been declared dead.” 

“Amazing,” Juliette said.  “Amanda and I should compare notes.”

“Yes,” Rachel said.  “Um, I take it you also don’t know that Stepper here is the son of Rebound?”

Juliette laughed again.

“It just gets more amazing.” 

Michelle chimed in.

“Compared to all this, my story is pretty dull.  I never knew Moon-boy before he was a saddle-boy.  Mom bought him and here he is.  Isn’t that right, my big helpless horsey-boy?”

She wiggled her perfect posterior over his eyes and slid her wet, tight slit around his nose and back and forth.  She moaned in pleasure as he gasped and gurgled, writhing in frustration. 

There was a momentary lull and then Michelle said, “Hey, want to play a game?”

There was tentative agreement.

“It’s called ‘Musical Chairs’.  In this case, it’s pretty simple.  We each rotate one to the right.  Basically, we switch saddle-boys.  We wait a few minutes and then we switch again.  Want to play?”

“Sounds like fun,” was the response from both. 

So they rotated so that Michelle sat on Romeo’s face, Juliette moved over to Stepper and Rachel went to Moon-boy.  Michelle sat so she could look down into Romeo’s eyes.

“Poor baby, does a change of pace arouse you all over again?” 

“Uuuu  uuuu  uuuu!” he moaned.

He looked even angrier being teased and mocked by a girl who was probably still a teenager or barely past that. 

“My Mom will show you lots of great tricks,” she said.  “Here’s one of them.  Engulf his nose inside your pussy while sealing his mouth with your butt.  He’ll be saturated with the smell of your pussy.  Drives them absolutely insane with lust.” 

“I’ll definitely try that,” Juliette said. 

“Pretty humiliating, uh, Romeo, having a girl my age grinding her sweet ass in your face?”

His moans of humiliation agreed with her.  

Meanwhile, Juliette settled comfortably onto Stepper’s face. 

“Mmmm, that feels good,” she purred.  “Even in the good shape we’ve got him into, my hubby is still in his fifties.  But this young male still has the tighter face of youth.  I know his face was custom made for Rachel’s butt.  Still it makes a nice firm seat.  How about you, Stepper?  How does it feel to have an older woman’s softer butt wiggling on your face?”

Stepper was making noises of frustration and wiggling his toes through his horse-boots.

Rachel grinned.

“The fact he’s still got that throbbing hard-on he had when I was on him says he finds you quite hot.  Plus- and I don’t mean this as an insult- the naturally softer quality of your butt allows you to even more effectively smother him, a quality you share with my Mom.” 

“Thanks,” Juliette said.  “And the fact he hasn’t cum in ages I’m sure encourages even a young male like this to get rock-hard and blue in the balls even from a woman my age sitting on his face.” 

“Once I get him fixed like Romeo so he can’t cum, you can do more than that with him,” Rachel smiled. 

Rachel looked down.

“And how are you doing, Moon-boy?  Start licking or stop breathing.”

He moaned and lapped away, staring straight up Rachel’s firm stomach and small but full breasts, squirming in desire and aching needs.  Rachel had ridden him before and he knew how much she loved to torture saddle-boys and make their lungs burn with needs. 

After a few minutes, they switched again.  Michelle sat on Stepper’s face, Rachel went to Romeo and Juliette to Moon-boy.  Michelle sat with her cheeks towards Stepper’s eyes and wiggled her butt sensually.  She knew Rachel was more a smotherer than a teaser so her teasing techniques were not something he received all the time and so they aroused him even more.  She laughed as she so very easily had him gasping and panting beneath her.   

Rachel worked her tight young cheeks around Romeo’s nose and clamped it shut while sealing his mouth with her crotch.  The older male squirmed and tried to throw her off.  But he had no arms and when he tried to dig his booted feet into the sand to lift and push her off, she just slapped his full, bloated, aching balls- hard.  The second time he tried it, she slapped each ball individually. 

“I add an extra slap for every attempt,” she said. 

He held as still as he could suffocating beneath her until she allowed him a short breath here and there. 

Juliette wiggled joyfully on Moon-boy’s face.  She started out with her cheeks towards his eyes and had his cock standing rigid just by swaying back and forth.  Then she turned so her large breasts jiggled above his eyes and she laughed at the aching need she saw as he looked up at her. 

Finally, they switched back to their own saddle-boys.

“Miss me?” Michelle mocked as she engulfed Moon-boy’s nose into her pussy and made him inhale her vaginal wetness.  He moaned and arched his back, again wiggling his toes in frustration.

Rachel smothered Stepper senseless as he knew she would. 

“Poor Stepper,” she smirked.  “I think you two gave him too much time to breathe.  He’s happier when his mind is numb with need for air and he can’t think.  Isn’t that right, my beloved step-bro?” 

He quivered beneath her.  He couldn’t answer and she would use him as she pleased regardless. 

Juliette settled onto Romeo’s face and engulfed his nose into her pussy while using her beautiful cheeks to seal his mouth shut. 

“Now you just try to inhale through your nose and get your nose and mouth nice and filled with the smell of my pussy,” she teased. 

His renewed erection, the wiggling he was doing because of the deep ache in his balls and his moans of sheer mind-boggling frustrations told her it was working.  With a grin, she turned and engulfed his face with her full butt-cheeks.  She slapped his balls repeatedly, enjoying his muted screams of pain and the swollen look of his balls, his desperate thrusting at the air and the way his attempts to breathe aroused her pussy lips, especially since she could get relief whenever she pleased and he could only suffer in agony.  She smiled and enjoyed the day.  Life was good.

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