Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saddled For Life: Chapter 8




Amanda was pretty sure there wasn’t much left of the minds of her husband, Rebound, or her step-son, Stepper.  Still as she stood watching the males in their stalls, eyes wild with lust, balls full and aching, semen oozing from the hard, chastity-belted cocks and drool running from their mouths, she hoped there was at least some thought left, the better to tease and torment them.  Wearing only tight jeans and a halter-top, she walked into view.  Stepper whimpered.  His cock stood higher than ever but he closed his eyes, dreading the torment she would put him through as she always did.

“Aw, aren’t you glad to see me, my dear step-son?” she teased. 

He whinnied in wild-eyed lust and tried to thrust as best he could.

“Wow,” she laughed.  “You thought you were horny before.  Bet it’s even worse now that you literally can’t cum no matter what we do?”

His gurgling sounds were a lot like begging.  His legs were shaking as she drew near, throwing her arms around his neck and blowing warm air into his ear. 

“Guess what I want?” she teased.

He desperately shook his head ‘No” as she looked at his cock, hard and pointing almost straight up. 

“Oh, yes,” she purred sensuously as she mounted him and engulfed his cock slowly into her warm, wet pussy.  Tears ran from his eyes as she slid up and down, adjusting the pace as needed. 

“What’s the matter?” she mocked.  “Doesn’t this feel wonderful?”

It would have were it not for the stabbing ache in his full nuts. 

Amanda rode him as long as she needed to.  Her long blond hair fell sensuously over her shoulders as she moaned and emitted rapacious screams of pleasure that drove him crazy with unquenchable desires.  She bounced hard and fast on his agonized balls as she experienced a fantastic orgasm.  She sighed in pleasure, pressing her full breasts to his muscular chest.  She smiled. 

“That was one orgasm.  After I sit on your face for a while, I’ll show you a trick that I promise you will really, really like.” 

He lowered onto his back and she worked her way up until her crotch was over his face.  Looking to either side, he saw her firm, toned thighs as they locked his head and neck into place.  They pressed his ears painfully.  She wiggled, working her vaginal lips around his long nose.  It had been conveniently altered for the pleasure of women.  Her butt sealed off his mouth and he could not help but writhe as the need to breathe became greater.  No matter how many times this was done to him, his reaction was always the same when his lungs started burning.  She wiggled her hips to get comfortable.  Her large breasts swayed and jiggled above him, causing him to wiggle in frustration.  That only made his nose do interesting things in her pussy and she smiled at him.  Her smile grew wider the more the desperate frustration and need to breathe showed in his eyes. 

Even as Amanda was riding her step-son’s face, Moonboy trotted into the stables, ridden by Michelle.  The gorgeous girl used her perfect posterior to control his direction.  She brought him over next to Amanda and ordered him to kneel.  When he did, she sat back until his head was forced to the floor as she relaxed, sitting on his face. 

“I take it Rachel didn’t want to be here for this?” she smiled. 

“No,” Amanda said.  “You know how she is.  She’d rather not have Stepper associate this with her or expect it of her.”

Amanda turned around so she was sitting with her cheeks up towards Stepper’s eyes, the same way Michelle was sitting on Moonboy.  Stepper and Moonboy were still coherent enough to wonder what the women were talking about here.  They were distracted as Juliette rode up on Romeo and quickly had him on his back as she used his face for a cushion.  All three women sat with cheeks towards the eyes of the males.  They formed a circle with the women facing towards one another.  They purred and wiggled sensuously as the helpless males lapped and licked away at their asses.  With seeming casualness, Amanda took a bottle of lotion and smeared her right hand with it.  She reached down and began slowly stroking Stepper’s cock.  He gasped and moaned, unable to deny how good it felt and yet tears running from his eyes at the knowledge of how frustrated it would leave him.  Michelle was doing the same to Moonboy and Juliette to Romeo.  Amanda began cupping and slowly massaging Stepper’s balls and both of the other women followed her lead with their males.  Stepper’s nose was between Amanda’s cheeks and the armless male writhed helplessly as his balls tightened with the desire to release their load.  But they could not. 

“Poor Stepper,” Amanda purred.  “I’ll bet you’d give anything to feel relief from this endless, aching need.”

He writhed, mumbling and begging beneath her, knowing it was hopeless.  Michelle was squeezing and fondling Moonboy’s bloated balls, leaving him desperate and licking the crevice of her ass madly not really with any hope of relief but in need to express his desires. 

“Poor Moonboy needs to cum so badly,” she mocked. 

Juliette was sliding her pussy roughly over Romeo’s nose. 

“I’ll bet you’d give anything for this to be your cock, my beloved husband.  But your balls will stay nice and full.” 

He writhed angrily beneath her as she enjoyed his helplessness. 

Slowly massaging the head of Stepper’s red cock, Amanda said, “Think its time to show them one of the hidden secrets of their little operation?”

“Let’s do it,” Michelle said.

Amanda reached behind Stepper’s balls, into his crotch and pressed twice.  Stepper heard two clicking sounds.  Michelle did the same to Moonboy.  Nothing felt any different.  Amanda oiled her hand and then started stroking Stepper and massaging his balls in earnest as Michelle did the same to Moonboy and Juliette to Romeo.  All three males were wiggling their toes and lapping their mistress’s butts, lifting their own asses off the ground and trying desperately to thrust.  They all felt their balls tighten in preparation to cum as they had felt many times before.  They knew they could not cum.  Then Stepper’s eyes widened and he screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure as, after years of total sexual denial, he came.  The pain was from the relief of the endless pressure but it quickl;y gave way to the pleasure.  Moonboy was likewise screaming in relief and pleasure.  Both Amanda and Michelle aimed the cocks of the males away from themselves as gobs and gobs of thick, almost rope-like cum spurted out of the cocks of the gasping, thrusting males.  It almost seemed as if it would never stop.  Whenever it seemed like it was over, there would be another spasm as their balls, finally getting relief, tightened and pumped out more semen.  When it was over, the males collapsed, muscles like putty, unbelieving that these women would ever give them relief.  The only one not relieved was Romeo. 

“Poor Romeo, my once-domineering husband, you’ll never get relief,” Juliette laughed. 

He struggled in frustration beneath her.  He tried to throw her off but he had no arms and when he tried to get his legs under him, she just slapped his balls.  Amanda said, “After all these years, the boys can’t have gotten it all out of their systems in just one time.  Let’s switch.” 

The next thing the boys knew, Amanda was sitting on Moonboy’s face, Michelle on Romeo’s and Juliette on Stepper’s. 

Moonboy was licking Amanda’s ass with a desperate enthusiasm.  The knowledge that sexual relief was now a real possibility made him worship her with a greater passion than ever.  The women knew the males were getting lethargic and gave them hope.  He was running his tongue into the crack of her ass in long, slow licks, totally humbling himself. 

“Hmm, such a good boy,” Amanda purred, teasing him as she slowly stroked his cock. 

She stroked just enough to keep him on the edge without going over.  He got the message.  Completely satisfy her if he wanted any chance of that pleasure and relief again. 

Michelle was really having fun.  She was riding the face of the middle-aged Romeo who knew he had no hope of cumming.  Her tight young ass massaged his face with contempt. 

“Hey, Romeo,” she whispered as if conspiring with him.  “Look over at Juliette.  Isn’t she hot?  Won’t Stepper feel so good when she strokes him and makes him empty those big, needy balls?”

He wailed in pain beneath her.  She just laughed and stroked him fast, making his balls burn with needs.  She slid her butt all over his face in mockery. 

“Hmm, I work out to keep my ass nice and firm,” she said.  “Lick it deep unless you like suffocating.”

Then she started rubbing her palm around the purple head of his cock and squeezing her butt-cheeks to cut of his air. 

Juliette was sitting happily on Stepper’s face but she kept glancing at her husband.  Even when she talked to Stepper, there was a feeling she was really saying things for Romeo’s sake. 

“Oh Stepper, does this feel good?”

She stroked him and wiggled her full posterior on his face, engulfing it. 

“Show me how much you love licking my ass, Stepper.”

Having cum once in years, Stepper’s balls were aching with the need to release more.  He lapped enthusiastically at the butt of the older woman, trying everything he could do to please her.  The sounds of his slurping could be heard as he worshiped her posterior.  She sighed in pleasure, letting out whimpers of desire exaggerated to really tease her husband. 

“Watch this,” she said, glancing at him. 

She started milking Stepper’s cock in earnest and massaging his balls.  He was lifting up, licking her butt and worshiping her pussy until he arched his back and screamed, spurting out cum.  Amanda timed things so that Moonboy came at the same time, burying his tongue into her sweet ass.  Romeo could only cry in forlorn agony as Michelle teased his cock and balls and then muffled his moans with her butt. 

“I didn’t tell you to stop licking,” she snapped.  “Get your tongue working.  This is about my pleasure.” 

He had no choice as she rode his face while the other women sat astride the faces of the males.  The boys were continuing to lick their asses in pure gratitude for finally getting such relief and pleasure.  But it wasn’t quite over yet.

The women switched places again.  Amanda went to Romeo, Michelle to Stepper and Juliette to Moonboy.  This time, the women faced upwards so they could look directly down into the eyes of the helpless males. 

“Hmm,” Juliette purred.  “I love sitting on the face of a hot young guy but there’s one other thing I’d like.”

She slid down and reached into his crotch.  Then she slid up and engulfed the head of his cock.

“Now, you’ll last as long as I need you too, my hot young stud,” she grinned. 

Moonboy moaned.  There would be no cumming from being ridden by her. 

“Aw, don’t pout,” she teased as she slid down onto him.  “There will be other days- for you and Stepper that is.” 

This was yet another remark for Romeo’s benefit and he writhed under Amanda. 

Amanda grinned down at him.  She was a bit older than Juliette or her husband.  She wiggled as she sealed his nose into her pussy and jiggled her full breasts above him. 

“Now be a good boy and maybe I won’t ride your cock and make you even more miserable,” she taunted.  “But then again, you have no choice.” 

She locked his head between her toned thighs and began bouncing, driving her shapely butt down on his face, suffocating him beneath her.  She cared less about his frustrations except to enjoy them and bring herself pleasures.

Michelle reached into Stepper’s crotch and pressed something that had been implanted.  He knew he could not cum now.  Michelle then proceeded to do what she did best of all- tease and frustrate.  She looked straight into his eyes and said, “Prep me, Stepper boy.  Get me nice and wet before I ride that nice cock of yours for as long as I want.  That will feel so good, won’t it, boy?”

He could only make useless thrusting motions as he lapped away at her.

“Look at the bright side,” she said.  “At least you’ll occasionally get relief.”

Juliette made sure Moonboy could not cum and then began slowly riding his face.  Her soft cheeks engulfed and suffocated the helpless male as he lapped away.  She was looking down into his eyes. 

“Good boys get rewards once in a while.  Their lives are hard- literally- but they get some relief and pleasure because they aren’t worthless assholes and we actually don’t hate you.” 

She massaged her large breasts, sending Moonboy into a fit of licking to please her as she glanced sidelong at her husband, her words being meant for him, of course.  She laughed at his look of rage and exaggerated her cries of pleasure to torment him more. 

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