Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saddled For Life: Chapter 5



Juliette walked into the stable grinning from ear to ear.  Even in her early forties, she had a beauty about her maintained by daily aerobics.  She was cute and shapely, with long, brown hair.  Her husband, the saddle-boy now known as Romeo, was in fantastic physical condition after over two years here.  But he was in pain, arms bound behind him not tightly but in such a way that they were restrained constantly, legs trapped in boots that looked like horse’s hooves and mouth forced constantly open by a ring-gag.  The only time it was ever removed was to perform oral sex on his wife or her friends here or to lap their butts and he knew better than to speak during those times.  His cock and balls were locked into a cruel ringed chastity device that squeezed when he got anywhere near erect and prevented any chance of sexual relief.  He had been kept like this ever since his wife had tricked him into coming here.  She thoroughly enjoyed his humiliation and pain.  But she seemed in a particularly good mood today and that could not be good for him. 

“Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou, Romeo?’ she mocked.

He could only moan and make incoherent sounds.  She looked at the papers she was holding and turned them so he could see them. 

“Poor dear, it seems that you have finally been declared legally dead.  And why- what a lucky break for me- as your wife, I now own your company and all your bank accounts and holdings.  Isn’t that just wonderful, dearest?”

“Mmph!  Gack!  Gurgle!  Ffff!” he moaned at the mockery.

“Aw, aren’t you happy for me, my sweet beloved husband?”

“Grrff!  Mrrff!” he moaned.

“Why of course you are.  Of course, technically, you aren’t my husband anymore.  “Til death do us part, sweet-cheeks.  But we both know you’re still alive but”- she leaned in and whispered conspiratorially- “I want tell if you won’t.” 

“Arrff nnnfff!” he drooled, saliva running from his ring-gagged mouth. 

“Now, see,” she continued teasing.  “That’s one of the many things you’ve desperately needed to have taken care of and now that its all legal and proper, I feel right about having it done.”

He was worried about what she meant as she asked Amanda to step over. 

Juliette spoke to Amanda but her eyes almost never stopped watching him and she mostly kept eye contact as she spoke.  She was clearly telling Amanda what she wanted right in front of him to enjoy his terror and suffering. 

“First, I think we can finally get that operation done on his vocal cords.  I know most of your saddle-boys had that done within a year so its long overdo.”

“Nnpphh!  Pltth!” he begged.

So far, they had not actually mutilated him.

“That’s all right dear,” Juliette purred.  “No need to thank me.”

She kept eye contact and only grinned wider as his eyes blazed with rage and fear. 

“Then I know his arms are cramped from being bound for so long.  We need to get them removed like your other saddle-boys.”

“Npph!  Plth iiifff bbbggpph yyppmm ffff!”

His eyes begged.  The removal of his arms was the final proof there was no coming back from this, the end of all hope.  In some way, he had always hoped that if he behaved she would relent and, once free and out of here, he could beat her senseless and have her and everyone here in prison for life.  But that was never going to happen.

“Oh dearest, you’ll be in so much less physical pain.  Oh there might be some mental anguish, of course.  Too bad, so sad.”

Tears ran from his eyes. 

“Can they be removed without ever taking them out of the sheathe?”

Amanda nodded.

“Excellent.  He’s gotten so used to not having them anyway.  Why remind him just before they’re gone?”

She started to walk away, leaving him in defeat.  Then she turned back with an even more vicious grin.

“Say, I know its not the standard but do you’re surgeons do surgery on the genitals?”

His eyes flew open.

“nnnnnnnnnnppppppphh!” he begged.  “Nnnnnnnffffff!” 

“Well, we seldom do that,” Amanda grinned.  “Most women like seeing the arousal level of their boys even though the boys never get to use their cocks.”

“Well, true,” Juliette said.  “But most have the faces of their boys altered to customize to their own butts.  I prefer not to do that.  I want to look at him and see the asshole I remember to remind myself how deliciously glad I am for what I’ve done to him and how much he deserves it.  So I figure it’s a tradeoff.  His face stays the same.  In time, it will probably start adapting to the shape of my ass anyway.  I mean he’s a dick anyway.  A dick with a usable dick is redundant.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to take your dick,” she said to him.

Just as he sighed in relief, she said, “I’m just going to make it usable only for my pleasure.” 

“We can do it all tomorrow,” Amanda said. 

“Great,” Juliette smiled.  “And now I’d like to spend a little quality time with my Romeo.”

She dropped him to his knees with a kick to the backs of his legs and threw the saddle-chair around his neck.  Then she turned and pulled her pants and panties down. 

“Look, Romeo,” she mocked.  “Tis the east and Juliette is the sun- or is that the moon?’

She laughed as she smothered the terrified and degraded male beneath her dominating posterior.

While this was going on, Rachel and Michelle were preparing for their camping trip and the next morning, they set out bright and early.  Moonboy and Stepper went with them, of course.  Moonboy had all the personal gear for them both in a backpack that was strapped to his back.  Stepper had all the camping equipment strapped to his back.  The saddle-boys groaned and struggled under the weight as Moonboy carried Michelle in her saddle-chair and Stepper carried Rachel.  Although the boys could not see where they were going, the girls guided them with their butts as usual until they arrived at the beach.  Then the boys were left there, supporting the weight of all that equipment and sweating while the girls enjoyed a relaxing swim.  After they were done, they pulled towels from the packs and lounged tanning on the beach right in front of the boys, driving them even crazier with unfulfilled desires.  But finally, Michelle purred, “Do you know what I would like right now more than anything, Rachel?”

“Er, no, I couldn’t possibly imagine,” she grinned.

She knew her best friend far too well.  She knew very well what Michelle wanted. 

“What I want more than anything is a nice, warm extra-long saddle-boy tongue stuffed up my pussy taking me to a nice orgasm or two.”

She was referring to the surgical alterations that had made the tongues of the saddle-boys longer making it nearly impossible for them to talk even were it not for the surgery on the vocal cords but making their tongues highly useful for the needs of the girls.  Both saddle-boys whinnied and shuffled in place, their cocks standing to attention at that.  Rachel grinned.  That was precisely what she knew Michelle wanted more than anything, driving the boys crazy with desires, teasing the helpless males mercilessly. 

“Do tell?” Rachel said.  “Want to know what I want more than anything?”

Michelle smirked.  Seemingly without thought (but it was actually completely calculated), she rolled onto her side, propped herself on an elbow and let her thighs open.  Her slender fingers snaked between her legs and she began to absently (or so it seemed) play with herself.  Renewed sweat broke out on the bound and helpless males. 

“I can’t imagine,” Michelle said in an obviously teasing tone.  “Tell me.”

“We’ll” Rachel purred.  “What I want most, after a good pussy-eating session just like you, is a nice wet male tongue lapping away at my butt-cheeks and even between them.”

She wiggled her butt and the boys were making thrusting motions with their restrained cocks.  Their balls were bluish and swollen. 

“That is a delicious butt,” Michelle giggled.  “Mind if I touch it?”

While the girls really didn’t have the hots for each other, this was a game of torturing the saddle-boys and they both knew it. 

“Why help yourself,” Rachel said. 

Michelle began rubbing Rachel’s shapely ass.  She looked up at the boys and smirked. 

“Isn’t this a delicious ass?” she teased. “Isn’t it nice and tight- just like mine?”

Drool was running from the ring-gagged mouths of the boys.  They were wide-eyed with lust and making pathetic pleading sounds.  If they still had arms, they would have tried to get those chastity devices off and masturbate.  If it were not for those devices making masturbation impossible, they would have thrown themselves to the ground and humped it like wild, sex-crazed animals.  Rachel turned over and stroked her own pussy and caressed Michelle’s thigh. 

“And speaking of tight, there’s also our tight, tight, steaming hot pussies.  I’m sure what you boys want to drive into them again and again is- your tongues.” 

The saddle-boys stood on legs so shaky the girls were sure they were going to collapse.  Michelle laughed and said, “Okay, enough is enough.  I think these boys need to cool off and get their legs out from under them.  Let’s lead them into the lake.” 

“Careful,” Rachel smirked.  “The whole lake might go up in steam as hot as we’ve got them.”

Michelle and Rachel made the saddle-boys kneel so they could mount their respective chairs, Michelle to Moonboy and Rachel to Stepper.  The legs of the boys were so shaky by now that they moaned and groaned in agony getting to their feet.  Using their butts to direct the boys, they made them walk into the lake.  Moonboy and Stepper gasped in shock as the cold water touched their aching balls.  They were desperately lapping at the luscious asses of the beautiful girls.  Once out far enough that the saddle-chairs were just above the water, the girls turned around so they were facing towards the boys.  They leaned away and arched their backs, their glistening pussies in front of the boys.

“Do a good job boys,” Rachel teased, “unless you like having your balls smacked a hundred times with a ruler.” 

The boys didn’t really need any more inspiration that their own horniness and the sight before them but with that added incentive, their licking was even more enthusiastic.  They licked, lapped and slurped under the instructions of the girls.  The biggest difficulty was getting them to slow down when that was what would bring the girls the most pleasure.  Rachel pushed Stepper’s head back and sat down on his face, grinding her pussy into him. 

“Oh yeah, that’s a good boy,” Michelle was purring. 

She turned over onto her stomach.  She used her hands to lift up in the chair and arched her back, sliding her wet pussy up and down on Moonboy’s tongue and nose as her gorgeous cheeks bobbed before his ogling eyes.  The girls got into every possible position that they could get pleasure from and used the boys to their heart’s content until their pussies were fully satisfied. 

Once they were satisfied, Michelle and Rachel sat in the chairs, listening to the desperate breathing of the horny males. 

“You aren’t done yet,” Rachel teased.  “We just put our delicious asses in front of you pathetic animals.  Do what you exist to do.”

Vision literally blurred from the sheer frustration and blood pressure, the boys lapped away at the lovely posteriors of their owners, knowing they would only be more frustrated.  Rachel wiggled back, engulfing Stepper’s nose between her tight cheeks and enjoying his desperation as he suffocated.  Her ass was so perfect he wanted to drown in it but he knew she would not take it that far.  She would make him suffer until he was on the edge of unconsciousness and then give him a breath so he could suffer all over again.  Michelle was more interested in making Moonboy worship her ass than in smothering him.  He licked and kissed it desperately, knowing his enthusiasm better not slow for a moment not that there was much chance of that.  The girls continued using their perfect young butts to dominate, humiliate and tease the helpless saddle-boys in every way they could think of and they could think of plenty as the boys well knew. 

Meanwhile, Romeo was quivering in shock and terror.  His arms were gone when he woke up.  He felt only mild pain.  They had deadened his nerve endings and given him pain-killers at least.  The doctor smiled at Juliette.

“You can take him now,” she said.  “He should be able to get right back to work and you’ll find that innovative new surgery you wanted to be particularly pleasing for you and agonizing for him.” 

The two women shared a laugh in front of him. 

“Wfff yyyffuuuuuu!” he whimpered unable to speak although the rig-gag was gone.

He wanted so badly to know what they had done to his genitals.  They looked okay as best he could tell but…  His wife and the doctor just looked at him and burst out laughing. 

“This is a woman’s dream,” Juliette grinned. 

Leading her ex-husband outside, she snapped, “Kneel.” 

In shock, he obeyed, stumbling as he was not used to the lack of arms, bound though they had been before.  She regally stepped around and sat in the saddle-chair.

“Worship my ass, saddle-boy,” she ordered.  “Kiss my ass like the sorry beast you are.” 

He kissed each of her cheeks quickly.

“Okay,” Juliette said.  “Listen and listen well, male-tard.  Kiss my ass with an attitude of respect and worship that tells me there is nothing else in the world you’d rather be doing or I will crush your aching balls in a vise, whip your worthless ass bloody with the most agonizing whip I can find and then smother you until you’d rather I just kill you and be done with it.  You have two seconds to start humbling yourself and, believe me, I am not exaggerating.”

He knew she was not.  All hope of ever returning to even a warped semblance of his old life was over.  He kissed her ass long and deep on both cheeks. 

“That’s better,” she said.  “You are trainable after all.  Now, stand up, get your worthless tongue between my cheeks and start running.” 

Rachel and Michelle were still just above the water, enjoying the pleasures of two horny saddle-boys licking away at their posteriors when they saw a woman riding along the beach riding the face of another saddle-boy, guiding him with her ass-cheeks. 

“Hey, that’s Juliette,” Michelle said.

“Wow, looks like she finally really put that dumbass husband of hers in his place for good,” Rachel added. 

“Hey girls, how’s the water?” Juliette called. 

“Oh, the boys think its cold,” Rachel called back.  “But I’m sure it’s a good thing.  They needed to cool off.” 

As Moonboy and Stepper were instructed to head back for shore, Juliette jumped down onto the sand and stripped off her top, throwing her head back and letting her full, large breasts jiggle.  Romeo’s cock stood to attention as did the cocks of Stepper and Moonboy once Michelle and Rachel dismounted.  The combination of Michelle’s and Rachel’s exquisite butts and Juliette’s tantalizing breasts had their cocks throbbing.  Juliette grinned.

“Its amazing,” she said.  “My ex-husband here is one thing.  He’s a few years older than me.  But here I am, a woman in my early forties.  Oh, I keep in shape and I know I have nice jugs.”

She laughed. 

“But here are these two young men, saddle-boys, whatever you wish to call them, but two young men in only their early twenties drooling and rock hard at the sight of me.  I love this place.”

She walked over to her husband, who they noticed was no longer wearing a chastity device. 

“Want to see the latest innovation in saddle-boy body modifications?’ she smiled. 

They both agreed that they did.  Right in front of them, Juliette pulled off her bikini bottoms and wrapped her arms around her husband’s neck. 

“Don’t move,” she ordered. 

He whimpered as she mounted him, slowly sliding her tight pussy down onto his hard cock.  Then with a sigh of pleasure, she ordered him down onto his back and started slowly riding up and down, sighing in increasing pleasure as he groaned in growing frustration. 

“You’re going to let him cum?” Rachel was surprised. 

“Whenever he can,” Juliette grinned.  “Whenever he can.” 

Romeo was gasping and sweating, lifting and thrusting with everything he had.  After two years, he was insane with the need to cum.  He was sure he should have exploded by now.  His balls were aching, burning with desires.  Juliette was caressing her own breasts and screaming in orgasm but still wanted more.  Moonboy and Stepper were going crazy watching this and, worse, listening to it.  The sounds of a gorgeous woman gasping in orgasm while a man was pumping into her made their balls ache with years of unfulfilled desires.  But Michelle and Rachel were beginning to catch on.  So was Romeo finally.  But he could not stop.  He had to try.  Yet by the time an hour had gone by and Juliette had been satisfied four times, he still had not cum and was losing his erection.  Juliette just laughed and slid forwards, looking down at him. 

“That’s right, poor baby,” she laughed.  “Now you know.  No cumming for poor Romeo ever again.  But now I can use your cock directly for my own pleasure without you getting off.  Isn’t that just wonderful?”

“Mpph bbbfff iiifff hhhhfff uuuuuff!” he groaned in rage but it was barely audible. 

“Of course its wonderful,” she smiled as if what he had said was agreement.  “The beauty of it is you are just as horny and in pain as would any man be after having sex for an hour without cumming.  Only you’ve gone two years with no relief and now had sex for an hour without cumming.  I know it hurts and it will hurt like that almost constantly.  Remember, I’m in my forties.  That’s when most women are at their horniest.”

Then she slid over his face and turned around, her cheeks hovering over his eyes.

“If you don’t mind, darling, I’m a bit worn out and really relaxed from all those orgasms I’ve had.  If it’s all the same to you, I’m just going to sit on your face for a while and relax.  You don’t mind, do you?”

“Iiffhh hhhffff yyyypppphh ooooppph mmmmmmffff!” he muttered though it was barely audible and then completely inaudible as she smothered his face beneath her shapely posterior. 

Michelle and Rachel wasted no time getting Moonboy and Stepper on their backs on the sand and sat regally on their faces.  The girls all had their legs resting on the stomachs of the males, the full weights of their butts on the faces of the boys. 

“I’m scheduling Stepper for this as soon as we get back home,” Rachel said. 

“Me too for Moonboy,” Michelle agreed.

Moonboy and Stepper made incoherent gurgling noises, begging just as Romeo had but the three ladies all just laughed, enjoying their frustration and suffering.  They sat in a circle so they could relax and talk while the males were hot, sweaty, miserable and yet horny beyond belief, degraded, humiliated, hopelessly aroused and completely subjugated now and forever beneath their divine and dominating asses.

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