Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tabitha's Revenge

Written by Thorne, edited by CC, slightly rewritten by Gloryboy 

Dr. Tabitha Katz stood at the front of the classroom in her tight sweater and snug short skirt, only one of the outfits she had been driving Rick crazy in for over three weeks now. The sexy grad student turned her eyes toward the closet where she had him hidden.

"Now class," she said with easy confidence, "I believe Rick, er, Dr. Richards was discussing some extreme cases of sexual obsession before his recent disappearance. I’d like to continue on that topic."

All Rick, better known as Dr. Richard Richards, one-time Child Prodigy, and now, at 25, the youngest Full Professor at State University, had to do was stay quiet until the end of the class and no one would see him. He shuddered at the thought of anyone viewing him in his present unclad condition and cursed the notion that had made him volunteer for Tabitha’s Experimental Research Group into Male Sexuality. Tabitha had made it sound like three weeks of wild sex. Instead, it had been three weeks of confinement in a lab, kept naked and restrained so he could not escape, body shaved smooth, male organs locked away in a tight rubber-and-nylon chastity belt, poked and prodded by giggling coeds, and constantly aroused yet denied climax!

Rick shuddered again at the thought of all the students just beyond the door. What would they think if they saw his hairless, unmasculine nudity? How would they react if they saw his stiff, needy tool, now confined in a humiliatingly tiny Chastity belt, to which Tabitha had the keys. But she was still addressing the class:

"One area of particular interest to Dr. Richards has always been male submissive exhibitionists," she was saying.  "Unlike mere submissives, who obtain gratification from being dominated, these unfortunates wish to be exhibited nude, trapped in a perpetual state of submission. I can see by your faces that most of you think this is disgusting, though a few of you young ladies seem to find it quite amusing. What is shocking is that men with these desires wish to be humiliated, sexually misused, publicly ridiculed and even worse, they seek to punish their own male parts by having them locked in -ahem- rather small chastity devices."

He was burning mad now. How dare she take over his class! And he knew she was living in his apartment with her girlfriend. He was furious but, after three weeks of sexual denial and constant teasing, he was also unbelievably horny. It was not a normal arousal he felt but a knee-quivering, back-arching, toe-curling NEED, one that the tight, tight belt would not let him gratify.  He squirmed as it got worse, feeling the heat between his naked buttocks and engulfing his confined crotch. It was soon so bad he was shaking.

And that was when he realized why Tabitha had giggled so when she attached the tiny bells to his chastity belt- the noise.  When he instinctively started thrusting, it made loud noises in his small closet.  He had to get out of there.

"Let me give you one example of this bizarre behavior pattern," Tabitha lectured.  "This is from Dr. Richards’ own notes. He describes a man who encouraged women to destroy all his clothing, take his car, keys, wallet, even his apartment, leaving him totally naked and at their mercy. He then asked them to deny him sexual gratification by locking him into a restraining belt that emphasized the small size of his organs, and transform him into a restrained slave..."

She went on to give a detailed description of him in his present state.  If she showed him now, they would all conclude that he had been writing about himself and was appearing in the classroom just to get a sick thrill.  His reputation would be destroyed if he were recognized. He would be even more at Tabitha’s mercy and she would be free to carry out the rest of her threats: the nose ring, the tattoos, and even....

Tabitha was delighted with how low she had brought Professor Richards. His naked, hairless body was tightly folded into the plexiglass box, but not so tightly that his small chastity belt and blushing cheeks (Upper AND Lower) were hidden. There was visible shame on his face from the lewd way in which he was displayed, kneeling there with his legs spread and his smooth chest thrust forward by his back-arching bound elbows.

Tabitha went to him. With the transparent box now on the pedestal they were eye level. She leaned forward and kissed the air a scant inch from the hole in the box that framed his lips.

"Poor baby," she cooed.  "Don’t you wish you hadn’t been so eager to appropriate all the funds for your own project? There would have been enough for both of us if you had shared. Now look where you’ve gotten yourself. Don’t you have anything to say? Oh no, that’s right."

She smiled impishly. 

"I took away your voice, too, didn’t I? Along with your body hair, your freedom, and every stitch of clothing you owned."

She laughed softly.

"Wasn't it sweet of me to let you wear that little thing?"

She reached through an opening in the box and stroked the tight, tight pouch of his chastity belt maddeningly.

"And are you still feeling S-o-o horny? From the way your little pouch is quivering, I’ll bet it’s getting worse and worse."

His pleading eyes told her she was right. She asked if he wanted to know how to get some relief and he nodded anxiously.

"All right, Professor."

She emphasized the word with mock respect.

"All you have to do is work your hands around a bit, between your butt-cheeks. I designed your bondage so that you can just manage to get your thumbs up your ass."

His expression turned questioning.  She smiled even wider at his confusion.

"It’s very simple," she went on, "you can give yourself an orgasm by fucking your own ass, if you do it hard enough.  I know you might have considered it disgusting, once, but I also know it’s the only way you’ll ever get off or do you think you have the will-power to keep from doing it?"

He tried to resist the temptation.  His eyes closed as he tried desperately to turn his thoughts elsewhere.  His lips parted slightly as his need asserted more and more.  Slowly his arms pushed themselves back and back as his thumbs sought contact with his anus.  He began rubbing, probing.

Tabitha rewarded him by reaching into the box and gently stroking his tingling nipples.  He closed his eyes in growing pleasure.

"I thought you’d like that," she said, "And I know you’ll find it hard to stop, though you might want to, now that I’m about to open this exhibit to all the girls in your class."

His expression turned to one of terror, but his invading thumbs did not stop. Already his chastity-belt pouch was agonizingly tight and tingling. Tabitha pressed the lock-release and the double doors swung inward. A gaggle of excited coeds hurried in to see the bizarre exhibit that had been hinted at. They were not disappointed.

As Rick Richards continued humping his bottom, they crowded around, made amused comments and pointed at him. At least he hadn’t been recognized- yet.

"This is the unfortunate creature you’ve been hearing about," Tabitha told Professor Richards’ students.  "His elaborate fantasies made it necessary for us to confine his privates and put him in that clear plastic box. He thinks it’s the only safe place for him to be. If we try to take him out, he becomes violent."

One of the students raised her hand. It was that busty Virginia Givens, with her dark bangs, short skirts and curve-hugging sweaters. Only days ago, Rick had been laying plans to bed her. Now she stared at him as if he were a side-show attraction.

"Yes, Virginia?" asked Tabitha.

"What is he doing to himself? And why?"

"His entire life revolves around his sexual appetites."

As Tabitha spoke, Rick moaned inwardly. How often had girls accused him of that? And now it was literally true!

"That’s another reason to keep him in that belt -- he can get rather messy."

She smiled tolerantly and the tone in the room lightened further. If Tabitha Katz, who was second only to Professor Richards himself, saw this sex-crazed naked creature as something of a joke, then it surely would not hurt for the rest of them to have a laugh. Chuckles came from here and there in the crowd.

"In fact," She went on, "I believe we’re going to see what happens when he gets himself over-stimulated."

Richard doubled over in agony as his stiffening cock squeezed his swollen balls. He stopped his thumb-probe for a moment, but could not control himself.  His urgent need had grown even stronger.  He thrust his thumbs upward once more and moaned in pain again.  The girls stared at him, totally fascinated.  Despite his burning shame, he could not make himself do anything else.

"What’s really fascinating," Tabitha explained, "is that he teases himself that way over and over again for hours at a time."

She locked eyes with the man in the box.

"We believe it has an effect on the pleasure centers in his brain: the more he does it, the more he will need to do it, and other things too disgusting to describe. Unless he can gain control of himself, his mind will become so set into these patterns, there will be no way to change it.  And the irony is that there is no way he can gain relief or release from it, still he can’t stop himself from doing it."

Professor Richard Richards, displayed naked, caged, hairless, and chastity-belted, robbed of every possession, his mind caught in an endless loop of ungratifiable desire, knew she was telling him what his fate would be.

If only he could resist.  If only he could stop himself, break free, even communicate and get others to free him.  He moaned in ultimate male frustration and kept pumping.

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