Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tabitha's Revenge: Chapter 2

Tabitha’s Revenge: Chapter 2 by Gloryboy based on the original story by Thorne

Tabitha locked eyes with him and he experienced that sinking feeling of being totally outwitted as if she had predicted his every reaction and thought.
"Of course", she smirked, "the ultimate irony is that this sad, depraved excuse for a man is quite and most likely permanently impotent."
His eyes widened at that. What was she saying? She did not mean- could not mean…
Again, their eyes locked and her look said, "I have you right where I want you."
To the class, she said, "This poor unfortunate pervert will spend hours a day attempting to stimulate himself to ejaculation. He will try and he will fail- over and over and over and over again. Yet, as you can see, he can't stop."

Indeed he could not stop. His passion for relief was too great. She had implanted hypnotic restrictions that, along with the drugs and the pouch, would prevent him from achieving ejaculation. Sweat stood out on his face and he felt his face heating with indescribable passions. But it was an ever-building passion that was totally unsatisfiable. He moaned pitifully into his gag but no sound could be heard in the outside world.

"This pathetic wretch will live out his life in this plexiglass cage" she continued.  "Naked, gagged, bound, shaved, chastity-belted, caged, unable to achieve sexual relief."

In spite of the sadness of the situation just described, most of the girls couldn't help giggling. Tabitha joined them.

"As strange as it may seem," she continued, "our presence is actually helping this sad creature in a way."

"How can that be?" asked Virginia Givens.

"Well," Tabitha explained, "you must remember that this mindless sex machine is incapable of entertaining a coherent thought or any thought whatsoever that does not pertain to sex. When he has no visual stimulation to excite him, he becomes unbelievably frustrated with his situation, just like a caged dog. Only when he has visual stimulation is he happy. Also, remember that he is unable to comprehend his inability to cum. He seriously believes that, by shoving his thumbs up his own anus, he can achieve relief. This activity also probably indicates some latent homosexual tendencies."

Rick was shaking with rage and fear.  This could not really be happening to him, it just could not be, not to Dr. Richard Richards, child prodigy, and stud who could have any woman he wanted. He could not be outwitted by his own female grad student and forced to spend his entire life naked, shaved, bound, gagged, chastity-belted, totally immobilized inside a plexiglass booth, unable to cum, with no identity, thought of as a sex-crazed animal with no thoughts whatsoever. There had to be a way to get out of this and get revenge.

Meanwhile, Tabitha was so hot she could barely contain herself. Her thighs trembled with excitement and she leaned on the desk to support herself and squeezed her legs together to stave off an impending orgasm. The fact that Rick was writhing in agony unable to ever achieve an orgasm made her so hot she had to fight to prevent her's from happening right now. She forced her mind back to the room as she realized someone was speaking.

"You- you mean then that, by stimulating him sexually, we would be helping him?" said Virginia.

"Yes indeed," Tabitha said. "Soon I am going to have this poor wretch moved to my home so that he can be kept under constant surveillance. But I don't want to be cruel."

She gave him the most wicked smile imaginable as she said that.

"I want this poor less-than-man to have constant female companionship throughout his every waking hour. I don't want an hour of the day to go by when there is not a lovely woman in view of his immobilized silent face."

"Oh you mean like volunteer watches?" Virginia said.

"Exactly," Tabitha said. "And the more- shall we say- casually dressed, the better."

Again there was giggling and it grew in volume. Rick Richards raged helplessly in the silent immobility of his endless prison, fearing he would never escape or gain revenge for he had been totally outwitted and defeated by Tabitha, his lovely grad student.

Finally, the class session ended for that day. Tabitha slowly walked over, grinning at the immobilized male.

"How long has it been since you've been able to cum, rickypoo?" she mocked. "In fact, how long has it been since you've been able to move a muscle? Going into our fourth week now, aren't we? Oh but I keep forgetting. You can't answer me. I've taken your voice, your mobility, your bodyhair and your dignity as well as your identity. You will spend the rest of your life as a hairless, silent, immobilized non-entity. You will receive no sexual relief but experience constant arousal and frustration. I'll make sure of that. You should never have presumed that you could treat me as one of your conquests or steal my ideas to claim as your own. Now your career, your house and your very life belong to me. Let me ask you a question, rickypoo. I know that the chastitybelt pouch is extra, extra tight, just as I like it. I know its crushing your oh so manly jewels in a viselike grip. I know your erection that you've used on so many women and girls but will never use on anyone again is being agonizingly restricted in that pouch. But I have a few questions. First of all, I see the catheter tube running into the pouch. I just want to know, does it hurt rickypoo? Does that plastic tube running into you hurt real bad?  Gosh, I know it does. And I just want you to know I love it. Oh and how about that intravenous tube running into your mouth and down your throat? Does that feel good? I sure hope so."

Tabitha glanced at the monitor on the outside of the plexiglass. It showed her his vital signs, which were elevated to the extreme.

"I'll bet," she grinned, "that right now, that you are more desperately, unspeakable horny than you have ever been in your entire life. I'll bet you've got the worst case of blueballs that have ever existed in the history of the world. Well, poor baby, they are only going to get worse."

She leaned close to the plexiglass, her face mere inches from his.

"Suffer!" she whispered.

She walked to the door.

"Tomorrow," she said, "we move you. But for now, here's one last lovely thought for you."

She bent forward giving him a good view of her cleavage. She saw his nice, muscular sweaty body tense even more, saw the needles on the monitor leap with activity.

"Pleasant dreams, rickypoo," she said. "Sleep well."

The lights went out and the door shut. She stepped around to a monitor and watched what he did when he thought he was not being observed, although what he could do was almost nothing of course. He let out a scream of frustration which she could hear over the sound system though the naked ear in the room could not have heard it. Of course it was not all that much of a scream with the tube in his throat but it was enough for her to get hot seeing his condition. He continued humping his own ass, trying for that impossible ejaculation.

Dr. Richard Richards, or more precisely, the helpless slave that had once been him, knelt there. His mind was filled with thoughts. But those thoughts were essentially, "Need to piss, need to shit, need to cum so bad."

His rage and terror became even worse as he realized he really was becoming the creature Tabitha described to the classroom. He strained uselessly against his bonds. He felt the sexual heat striking him in nauseating, unfulfillable waves. His stomach was cramping; his entire body was shaking with the need to cum. His tender, sore, aching nuts within their extra, extra tight pouch prison were hurting beyond belief with their month old load of unreleased cum, a load that would only get bigger and bigger and would never be released. The desires overwhelmed him. With his thumbs, the only parts of his anatomy that he could move, he started desperately pressing the dildo device further into his ass by the slight amount that he could. For just a moment, what he was doing overwhelmed him with humiliation.

"No!" he silently cried in his mind. "I'm Dr. Richard Richards. I'm a brilliant man. I'm a man. This can't be happening to me. No woman can turn the tables and do this to me. I can't be doomed to spend the rest of my life like this. I- I- I- I-"

But then, the unsatisfiable passions overwhelmed him and he groaned in frustration, lost in the act of putting all his concentration into the task of shoving that dildo up his ass, even though he knew he could not cum. It had to be possible. Her trap could not be inescapable. But then he was lost in a mad frenzy of thrusting. He felt it happen as he had endless times in the last month. He felt his aching balls tightening with that feeling that relief was inevitable. Nothing could stop it. But they stayed in that state for endless, agonizing moments, then the feeling began to subside, leaving him with a case of blueballs even more agonizingly painful than before. It was useless. The extra, extra tight pouch, the catheter, the drugs and hypnotic conditioning, the extremely limited method of stimulation. He could not cum no matter how badly he needed to. He just could not. Then he screamed a silent cry of ultimate male frustration and started humping his own ass again in a mindless, desperate need to cum, already knowing it was doomed to failure, but unable to resist trying.

The next morning, a Saturday, having had virtually no sleep the night before, he was moved to his own apartment, now Tabitha's. She had started renting it after his disappearance. Tabitha's roommate had helped move him. His eyes were wide with rage and humiliation when he saw where they were going to put him. There was an alcove in his wall where he had kept his various trophies. His plexiglass cage fitted perfectly into that alcove. He realized he had become nothing but a trophy on display, an immobilized, shaved trophy in a display case. Tabitha held up the plaque that would be placed outside the "display". It read: "This shaved, immobilized, silenced, catheterized less than man is an example of what a man becomes when he lets sexual desires rule him. Please do not attempt to feed although you may lightly touch his pouch."
Tabitha's lover, Judy, looked at the plexiglass.
"I see it has two openings," she said, "one for his face with that mask over it and one for his pouch so he can't rub it against anything."
She was a beautiful girl. She stepped up to the cage where he knelt. She placed a long, lingering kiss right on his exposed nose, almost suckling it. Meanwhile her hand squeezed his tight, tight pouch. His eyes were the only visible indication of the agony he was in. Judy stepped back.

"So, you were a big man on campus?" she smirked. "Not anymore. And you know what, Mr. Stud? Even if you weren't the effectively castrated and immobilized statue I see, I would still have no use for you except to watch you suffer."

Judy smiled and walked away from the helpless male. She and Tabitha began kissing and caressing. Inside his prison, Rick Richards screamed in frustration and rage. He could not believe this. Tabitha was almost whimpering in pleasure.
"You'd like to kill me, wouldn't you rickypoo?" she mocked. "Well, you'll never get the chance, poor baby."

Tears of frustration and humiliation ran from his eyes.

"Aw, is the poor boy all upset at his predicament?" she mocked.

"Maybe we should just castrate him?" Judy teased.

"Oh no," Tabitha laughed. "That would only end his suffering. No. He stays as he is: naked, shaved, gagged, bound, immobilized, pouched, silent- a muscular male trophy display."

The next morning, Virginia showed up at the apartment. For a moment, Tabitha was confused. Then she remembered.

"Oh yes. You had first shift watching him," she said. "Feel free to watch television. Just let him look at you. He isn't going anywhere."

After Tabitha and Judy had left, Virginia walked over to the cage. She slowly unbuttoned and removed her shirt, watching the helpless man's desperate, pleading eyes as she did so.

"Enjoying the show, Dr. Richards?" she smirked.

It took a moment before he realized what she had said. Then he stared wide-eyed, that being about all he could do.

"Oh yes," she laughed. "I know who you are. I realized it when I saw you in class that day. You had that same look of lust in your eyes that you did all those times you hit on me. But don't worry. I won't tell anybody. I think what Tabitha has done to you is incredible."

Virginia had lowered her pants and was slowly massaging her womanhood as she spoke.

"You sexist piece of garbage, I love that you're going to spend the rest of your life like this- and that I can tease and torment you to my heart's content."

She looked into his eyes again as she played with herself.

"Oh, would you like to get inside of me, poor baby? Well you're going to spend the rest of your life naked, shaved, chastity-belted, in a tight, tight pouch, silent, immobilized, robbed of all dignity and identity, helplessly caught in an endless quest for sexual relief, constantly in mindless sexual frustration and pain yet never able to cum. Naked, shaved-"
She repeated the words and laughed as he screamed again in ultimate male frustration, a scream that would never end as long as he lived.


  1. I started this story years ago with Throne, and I'm delighted to see how you've continued it!


    1. Hi Crayle and thanks. I remember on the NTC.web a few years ago, Throne, you and I really went to town on the Tabitha story. I just recently found out that, apparently, the NTC.web is gone. That's too bad. It was a place where we could really let out our darkest and hottest FemDom fantasies that would be too taboo for a lot of forums.