Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saddled For Life: Chapter 4




Amanda walked towards the stable wearing only cutoff blue-jeans and a tight t-shirt that showed her midriff, giving a display of her toned stomach, her full breasts jiggling in their braless state and part of her ass showing.  Her firm, tanned legs were also nicely displayed.  Long, soft blond hair cascaded down her back.  Even in her early forties, she was dazzling.  As she sauntered into the stable, she looked at the two males through her bright, blue eyes and knew very well the devastating effect she was having on them.   

Her husband was there.  Technically she was a widow as people thought he was dead.  But he was quite alive.  Her step-son was also there.  She tried to remember what his name was beyond what she had named him and laughed when it took her a moment to even remember what his name had originally been.  She had named her husband Rebound as an in-joke that that was exactly what he had been for her and perhaps that was what she had been to him too before he realized what he had gotten himself into.  She had named her step-son Stepper and that too was obviously an in-joke. 

Rebound was in his early fifties while Stepper was in his early twenties.  Both were now in better shape than they had ever been.  Their arms had been surgically and painlessly removed.  Operations altered their vocal cords so they could only make whooshing sounds like sounded vaguely like the sounds horses would make.  Their faces had been altered to be more accommodating to the female posterior.  Specifically, Rebound’s face had been altered to form a perfect seat for Amanda’s buttocks and Stepper’s face had been altered to form a perfect chair for the posterior of her daughter, Rachel.  But Amanda was going to ride Stepper this morning with her daughter’s permission and then Rachel would ride him in the afternoon.  This was a special day.  It was one year ago this day that Stepper had been put into saddleboy slavery.  Of course, at the time that they had sheathed his arms and bound him, he had no idea that he was never going to be freed or that they were going to surgically alter him into a saddleboy.  He had not even known his Step-Mom and step-sister were going to be directly involved.  Amanda also knew there was no way Stepper could know how long he had been here what with living in the stable. 

Stepper still wore a leather haltertop that covered the stumps of his arms for the sake of aesthetics as well as a collar.  He was outfitted in leather boots the shape of hooves and a chastity device adorned him as it had for a year.  As Rachel had said, the only reason he got to keep his cock was because it was an easy gauge of how horny he was.  Of course, after a year he was hard and constantly getting spontaneous erections.  As soon as Amanda walked in, dressed as she was, another one sprang to life and the frustration in his eyes was clear. 

She walked towards him, emphasizing the sensuality of her movements.  He whimpered and his cock stood high and throbbing yet unable to cum in its restrictive device.  She smiled knowingly. 

“My Stepper, you’re certainly up this morning.  You must be feeling very good.” 

“Mffpph!  Gack! Gurgle! Glub!” he moaned

“Yes, articulate as always, I see.”

She ran a finger teasingly along the length of his rigid shaft as he made incoherent noises, cross-eyed with frustration.  She hefted his balls in her hand.

“Hmm, nice and full,” she mocked. 

She gave them a light squeeze.  He groaned and doubled forwards.  As full as they were, that light squeeze was agonizing.  She just grinned to herself and got the saddlechair. 

“Are you all ready to kiss my lovely ass, Stepper baby?” she purred. 

She didn’t have to look at his throbbing cock to know that he did.  His begging eyes told her how much he did and how frustrated that made him.  She loved riding his helpless face but she also enjoyed teasing, frustrating and humiliating him and couldn’t resist doing some more of it.

She began rubbing his full balls, gently fondling them.

“Oh Stepper, they’re so full and heavy.  Rachel must be so mean to you.  Doesn’t she know that a young man’s testicles ache and hurt when they don’t get to empty their load for months and months or ever for that matter?”

He moaned and cried as she fondled him, eyes begging for relief and mercy.  She began slowly playing with his cock, running her fingertips up the shaft again and again.  He instinctively started thrusting. 

“Does it feel good, Stepper?”

He nodded enthusiastically that it did. 

“But it hurts too, doesn’t it, poor baby?  I mean, knowing you won’t get to cum and your balls will ache even worse?”

“Mmph!  Pllltthh!” he moaned.

His vocal cords were no longer working properly but he could still make desperate pleading sounds.  Amanda just smiled and started taking the precum that was dripping from the head of his cock and rubbing it over the purple, bloated head, stroking the shaft.  In mindless frustration, he let out a “whinniiee”. 

“Now that’s what I like to hear from a saddleboy,” she laughed.  “In fact, that’s all I needed to hear to know that you’ll be an even more enthusiastic ass lapper than ever today.”

Then she got the saddle-chair and put it on me. 

The saddle-chair is a combination of a chair and a saddle.  It was shaped like a horse saddle except that the back part was very high, as high as that of a chair.  There was an opening towards the back, a circular opening.  Half of the circle was in the seat part, towards the back of the seat and half of the circle was in the back-rest.  It was placed over his head.  He was facing forwards with the saddle surrounding him.  On the underside of the saddle, there was padding and it was shaped to fit over his shoulders.  There was a complex series of straps that went under his arms, around his torso and so on.  The saddle was secured around his neck.  The straps were designed so that his shoulders and back carried the weight.  If he fell, the weight would not touch his neck.  He could see straight ahead and a little bit to the sides.  He could not see down nor could he turn his head. 

“On your knees, Stepper baby,” Amanda purred. 

Stepper lowered himself on muscular but shaky legs and knelt before her.  She turned and sat in the chair, her shapely posterior an inch from his face. 

“Now you just spend a minute looking and admiring like a good boy.”

He moaned as he looked.  Her ass was so beautiful and seemed more gorgeous and desirable every time he saw it as his desires increased.  It wiggled and jiggled, sending spasms of lust and other emotions through him.  He looked up as best he could.  He saw the smoothness of her back, the lovely shape of her hips.  Her skin was already covered in a light sheen of sweat.  His breathing became heavier than ever.  She wiggled back, burying his nose between her cheeks and pressing her warm buttocks to his face.  He gasped for breath. 

“Comfy?” she mocked. 

He knew the rules.  For him, there were no rhetorical questions.  He nodded ‘yes’ causing his nose to wiggle up and down between her cheeks in the process.  She laughed and purred in pleasure. 

“Good boy,” she said.  “Don’t stop.  In fact…”

She slid back, forcing him to look straight up.  She wedged his nose between her vaginal lips.  His nose had been surgically altered to be longer and thicker, to serve as a dildo for female riders.  She sighed in pleasure as she sat.  Her cheeks snuggled into his face cheeks.  Although the surgical alterations to his face had not been designed specifically for her, they were close enough.  Her cheeks were now a fraction of an inch from his eyes, sometimes pressing into them.  This could be particularly painful if he didn’t manage to shut them before her cheeks pressed them.  Then he would try to flinch back but there was nowhere to go and he would emit a pitiful cry of pain and fear as it felt as if her weight was going to pop his eyeballs.  It never happened.  She knew the difference between a moan of fear and one of sheer terror.  She always eased up when she heard the latter because she knew what it meant.  She did not want him blinded.  She wanted him suffering beneath her, forced to admire and worship her, smothered under her dominating ass.  She wanted his eyes drinking in the fine details of her posterior and aching more for it. 

As he stood, licking her ass and trying to breathe, Amanda kicked him in the ribs. 

“Run, Stepper, baby,” she ordered. 

Well-trained and dominated by this time, he started running all out.  She pushed her left hip towards him.  With his nose buried in her ass crack, this forced his head slightly to his right and his feet followed his head, causing him to veer right.  She controlled the amount of his turn by how much she pushed one ass cheek or the other into his face.  He was a sweating mess, running all out and barely able to breathe thanks to Amanda suffocating him with her cheeks as he carried her weight.  As usual, she ran him until he could not maintain the pace anymore.  She only slowed him to a pace he could deal with.  She did this by pushing back into his face.  This signaled him to slow down and also restricted his air even more, giving him no choice but to slow the pace.  As he grew more exhausted, she gradually slowed him more and more.  It went on until he could barely stand up, let alone run or walk.  Then she just sat there, enjoying the lapping of his tongue in her ass crack and on the cheeks. 

Stepper was trembling so badly he was soon going to collapse under her weight.

“Kneel, Stepper,” Amanda ordered. 

He sank to his knees, almost crashing and only Amanda putting her feet on the ground kept him from falling forwards.  She stood up and he gasped in relief.

“Aw what’s the matter, baby?  Can’t even lift a one hundred and thirty pound woman?  And you look so muscular.”

He was too exhausted to even respond.  She smiled and pushed him over onto his back. If he could have talked, he would have begged for mercy as she straddled him, facing down towards his body, and slowly sat down on him, smothering him beneath her perfect ass.

As out of breath as he already was, Stepper could not stay conscious for more than a few seconds worth of smothering.  But Amanda didn’t want that right now anyway.  She stayed just high enough that his nose was free and his tongue lapped the area between her thighs and her cheeks, slowly moving towards her vagina. 

“Aw, good boy,” she mocked.  “You know exactly where I like that slave tongue.”

As exhausted and soaked in sweat as he was, as frustrated as he was, he could not help but enthusiastically lick away at her sweet, wet pussy.  To worship her ass and give her pleasure by eating her out was what he existed for now.  She didn’t even need to direct him anymore.  He knew every detail of how she liked it and what brought her maximum pleasure.  She smiled, purring in pleasure and riding his face for nearly an hour before she screamed in a tremendous orgasm. 

Amanda lifted his head and cradled him to her chest.  He sighed in momentary relief.

“You are such a fun and satisfying pet.”

Then she started smothering him into her large breasts, again cutting off his air.  He started to struggle but she relented and let him suckle and lick them.  As horny as he was, he was so exhausted he fell asleep in her arms.  She let him nap for a while then got him to his feet and connected a leash to his balls.  She started walking him back to the stables.  His eyes followed her wiggling butt as she walked.  She looked back and smiled, seeing the only thing he could keep his mind on anymore. 

“We have to get you back,” she said.  “Rachel still has to put you through your paces- literally.”

His eyes widened.  After all this, he couldn’t be put through more today, especially not by his owner, his cruel step-sister Rachel.  But the tugging on his balls as Amanda led him on the leash said otherwise. 

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