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Tabitha's Revenge: Chapter 7

Tabitha’s Revenge: Chapter 7 by Gloryboy based on the original story by Thorne

The humiliations and frustrations were unbelievable and, no matter what he endured, there was always more.  Rachel walked into the room and smiled.

“Morning, big brother.  How's it hanging?  Oh, it's not.  It's pouched and trying trying to get hard.

He silently begged for a mercy he would never receive.  Hell hath no fury like a sister mistreated so all the silent, immobilized male could do was endure.  Rachel stepped over and smiled.

She leaned naked against her brother’s plexiglass cage.  Her breasts pressed against the cage and she slid down until a nipple slipped into the opening right in front of his mouth, a tantalizing inch from him.  Were it not for the feeding tube and the piss tube in his mouth and the tight collar holding his head up, he could have leaned forward and suckled it. 

“Mmmm, poor richiepoo,” she mocked.  So horny, so frustrated.  Why, I’ll bet, my dear, big brother, that you are hornier than any male has ever been.”

His tight, tight pouch was not just quivering, it was convulsing.  His entire body was jolting as searing agony shot through his aching, agonized testicles. 

“Why, my brainless brother, I’ll bet that you have a dry mouth, a horrible headache, a face that is burning hot, your kidneys and lower back hurt, you need to take a shit and you feel giddy and shaky and sick and on fire.”

She switched so the other nipple was in front of him and started tracing light circles around it with her fingers.  He was moaning and trying to hump in his pouch, tears of agony and frustration running down his face. 

“You feel like your cock will break trying to harden in that pouch, don’t you my poor wretched brother?  Your balls keep tightening again and again and again and again and it feels for sure like you’re going to cum.  But then it just starts slipping away.  You hump like mad trying to finish the task, to cum- yes, just as you are doing right now.  They are tightening right now, aren’t they poor baby?”

She smiled and waited.

“Its slipping away, isn’t it poor wretch?  No matter how hard you try, it just ebbs away.  Your balls are just as full and bloated as ever.  Every time, it really feels like you are going to cum.  But you can’t.  Oh poor, poor baby.  You just can’t.  Your balls just stay swollen and in agony.  The pain lances through your balls, leaving you aching and tender and sore, leaves you absolutely mindless, desperate and despairing with the need to cum.  But you just can’t get there from here.  You can’t stand it.  Yet it happens over and over again.”

The former Dr. Richard Richards was going crazy, writhing as best he could and sweating profusely.  His eyes bulged with rage and overwhelming desires.  Rachel just chuckled. 

“Oh, my sweet, big brother, I will NEVER get bored with this.  I love that I am partly responsible for your condition and that I’m making your pathetic existence twice as bad as it would be anyway.” 

Tears of frustration, pain and betrayal ran down his face, over his doubly tubed, gagged mouth.  He knew he had been arrogant and had pushed her around when they were younger, but what she was doing to him was infinitely beyond just getting even, far more than just equal payback. 

“That’s it, richiepoo, cry for me.  Show me how much its getting to you.”

She turned and wiggled her ass invitingly in front of his face.  He could not help himself.  He blubbered and cried.  It was muffled, of course. 

“Poor richiepoo, so sad.  I really should do something that makes you feel good- besides rubbing my ass in your face, I mean.  And my ass is so nice, isn’t it baby?  So hot?” 

He writhed and moaned as the pouch quivered.

“What can I do for you?  Oh, yes.  Silly me.  I didn’t fully dress you today.”

She opened the lid of the box and picked up the brass ring with which she now usually adorned him. 

“Did you think it was nice of me to take this off of you last night?  Silly sibling, I just wanted you to have some feeling in your nose so it could hurt all over again.”

He tried to avoid it but he was absolutely immobilized.  There was nothing he could do.  Rachel placed the brass ring so it was on either side of the middle of his nostrils.  Then she grinned wickedly and started pressing the sharp ends of the ring together with the middle of his nostrils caught between them.  He writhed and screamed and tried uselessly to flinch away but there was no way to escape.  Rachel giggled in enjoyment as he gave out bloodcurdling screams of pain.  She grinned maliciously as she took a pair of pliers and squeezed.  There were crunching sounds as the ring pierced through him and trickles of blood ran.  His eyes grew wide with pain.  Rachel heard the two ends snap together in unison with a final, agonized moan from him followed by little, regular whimpers as the pain still wracked at him. 

Rachel stuck her little finger into the ring and, with a malicious chuckle, gave a good yank and jiggled it around as he jerked and whimpered in more pain.  Then she puckered her lips and made a kissing motion in mock sympathy while stroking him mockingly under the chin.  Then she got some thin yarn and tied it through the ring.  She tied the other end to a weight and hung the weight over a bar across the top of the cage.  He was raising his nose as high as he could to avoid the pain.  Of course, it did not matter.  The weight exerted just as much pull no matter how high he rose.  He could not do anything to avoid the pain. 

“You always did have your nose in the air, richiepoo,” she taunted.  “At least now you have a good reason.” 

Rachel added another weight, doubling the pull on his nose.  Then she lifted the weights and, smiling wickedly, let them fall so they jerked to a stop.  He screamed in agony.  She just grinned and gave some more tugs on the rope, causing his eyes to brim with tears of pain. 

“No,” she said again, “I will NEVER get bored with this.  Suffer, my brainless brother.  Suffer, you arrogant piece of shit.  You will never be free.”

She spat the words out. 

“You are mine.  And, yes, Mom’s and Tabitha’s and Judy’s.  But never will you be your own again.  You are and will be a helpless, immobilized, emasculated, horny, non-entity for life.”

She picked up the paddle.

“And speaking of doing whatever I please to you, whenever I please, I think I feel its time for another well deserved paddling of your sorry, bare, smooth ass, precious brother.  So, bottoms up, my poor beaten brother.”

She started gleefully spanking his helpless ass and she was paddling with everything she had. 

“I- I’m Do- Do- Rich- Rich- richiepoo- need to piss, need to cum, sexy sister, hate Rachel, hot for Rachel.  Not brainless, not brainless brother, have IQ of- of- need to cum, need to cum, need to…”

Rachel, done paddling him, walked to the front and sat on a high stool where the stool top was even with his face.  She got as close as possible, leaned back and started caressing her pussy. 

“See something you want, richiepoo?  What a pervert.  Your own sister.”

She laughed sadistically.

“Hate Rachel, want to eat Rachel’s pussy.  No, sister.  Hate sis- no eat sis’s pussy.  No hate her.  No.  Rachel equals hurt.  Rachel equals pain.  Rachel equals frustration.  Rachel = pain= desire = frustration = Rachel = pain = desire= frustration= Rachel = …”

Enjoying her own orgasm, Rachel had thoughts of her own. 

“This is heaven.  This is ecstasy.  I won't go so far as to let him touch me but I'll get oh so close.  It will be even more humiliation and frustration for him.”

“Rachel = pain= frustration = Rachel=” his mind continued in the loop.

“At last, you’re a good brother to have,” she mocked.

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