Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tabitha's Revenge: Chapter 5

Tabitha’s Revenge: Chapter 5 by Throne.  (This part was written by Throne in an ongoing group participation story we had going.  I loved it so much I had to include it in my adaptation of his original story). 

Rachel grinned at her helpless brother's frustration and pain. She added a few more whacks on his bright crimson backside. Tabitha had pointed out that if she swatted him before, during and after the induced outburst of lust, he would come to associate such pain with his attempts at pleasure. In other words, he would soon get turned on by having his ass beaten. And Rachel would be happy to be the one to add that addiction to his growing list.

She set aside her instrument of punishment and leaned close to him once more. "Dear, sweet brother," she said mockingly. "I'm going to be sure to visit you every chance I get. Imagine all the fun we'll have. And look, I brought you a gift."

It was a heavy brass nosering that she opened and then fitted into his nostrils. Rachel snapped it shut with harsh force so that the points dug into his sensitive tissues. Tears welled in Wretch's eyes. His sister giggled. Then she looped a wire through the ring and ran it through one of the small ventilation holes in the top of the box. When she tied it off he was forced to keep his head up at an uncomfortable angle, and even that didn't relieve all the pressure on his nose.

With him in that position it was simple for her to reach in through the access holes and tease his already hard nipples. Wretch groaned with pleasure and his male parts felt more crushed than ever. The tears overflowed his eyes and ran down his smooth beardless cheeks. She laughed out loud…

At last it was over. Wretched was nearly crosseyed from overarousal. He was sobbing and panting with unfulfilled need. His sitter was ablaze. His sexy sister stood close to him, opening another button not just to cool down after all that pleasant work, but to make sure he got an eyeful of even more of her generous cleavage. She intended to get him incestuously hooked on her image, a condition she was sure would shame him even as it added to his discomfort…

With that she tickled him under his forcibly raised chin. It made him flinch, which triggered a jolt of pain where the ring cut into his nostrils. Wretch lost control and wept uncontrollably.

As his sister Rachel strolled happily away she sighed and said to herself, "I'm going to be hearing a LOT of that sound from now on. And I'll NEVER get tired of it…"

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