Monday, February 6, 2012

Glory of Dawn 10

Dawn walked over to him.  "Maybe Glory would remove that gag before she does anything like this, if she ever does.  As for me, I’m not going to remove it.  I really don’t want anything that’s part of an old man like you in my pussy."

He wanted to say he was middle-aged, not old.  He wanted to show her that he was as virile and as enthusiastic as any younger man could ever be.  He wanted... but he knew that to her he was old, and anyway the gag prevented him speaking.

Any thoughts of whether or not he was old disappeared in a moment when she knelt on the bed, straddled his face with her back toward the door.

"First, old man,” she said determinedly, “Just you spend a few minutes admiring my ass.  It’s quite the sight don't you think?"

She wriggled above him and caressed her own ass with her hands, smiling as his cock grew to rigid hardness in spite of his anger and humiliation, or maybe because of it.  Of course, he could not see her face and had no idea how much she was enjoying this.  For her the real sexual thrill came from her power over a man, no matter what his age as long as he had enough of a sex-drive left to become turned on by her.  Even so, and perhaps because of that, convincing him that it gave her no sexual pleasure at all was an essential part of it, a part that she knew would increase his humiliation and his anger at her.

Finally, she sat down right on his face.  She wriggled to find a comfortable position, rubbing her pussy right on the gag and pushing her sweet young asscheeks to either side of his nose.

"Now, let's put on a good show for the audience," she smirked. "After all, we need more recruits."

He had no time to think about that, because she tightened her luscious but firm cheeks, squeezing his nostrils closed.

Beneath Dawn's ass, which had suddenly become his entire sensory world, Derek was mentally fighting several battles.  Worst, was the conflict between two of his most basic instincts, the first being the instinct for survival, the instinct that tells every living creature it needs to breathe to survive.  The second of his most basic instincts, the desire for sex, now found itself in conflict with that instinct to breathe to survive.  Desperate as he was to press himself into her as any conventional man and indeed almost every male creature wants to mate with the most attractive female, this was quite impossible in his present situation.  A close second to this desire came the urge to touch her, press his face against her and deeply into her.  This desire was, of course, quite achievable and actually unavoidable in his present position with this beautiful young woman sitting on his face, yet then he could not breathe. .

It is always the same.  The survival instinct starts to take precedence.  She rises just enough to let him take a breath.  In a strange way, he regrets her beautiful ass is no longer sitting on him.  His desires take precedence until his very life depends on that next breath.  And still the mental struggle is there.  Does he ever reach a point where the desire for her ass becomes so strong that it wins, even when it goes on so long he cannot survive?

Then there is the struggle to control versus the desire to submit.  He has no control here.  Here he is helpless.  He lives only if she decides he lives, and receives sexual gratification if that is what she decides.  Even if she decides the only path for him is one of torture, still he has no control.

These were all things Dr Glory Benjamin was testing.  Derek did not know of any of this, of course.  Dawn knew, but she did not really care.  For her, it was about power, absolute power over a man's life, and about her own sexual enjoyment in the teasing and humiliation of a male. Behind her,she heard two people walk by.  She waited until they were gone and until Derek was thrashing madly for a breath he could not take until she allowed it.  Then, and only then, she raised herself slightly. 

As he gasped for breath she said, "Did you hear Glory and a new recruit walk by?  There will soon be yet another male under my dominating ass thanks to your help."

She smiled at how that must make him feel.  It was a quick smile, and then she sat down again.

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