Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gynosupremacy 22

She hauled off and smacked his ass as hard as she could and he let out a yelp of pain.  It stung horribly.  After a few seconds, the pain gave way to a cold numbness.  Then she tattooed his cheeks round and round with an almost endless smacking.  He was screaming and whimpering in pain and she just kept spanking him.  Tears ran from his eyes.  After a while, she said, “Want me to stop, Jimmy?”

“I- I-“ he whimpered.

But he shook his head, ‘No’. 

“Okay then,” she smiled.

Then she started tattooing his ass again and again at exactly the same place.  The pain turned from mere pain to agony to red hot throbbing agony to white hot searing mind-numbing torture.  Time lost all meaning.  Even Allison winced.  She wouldn’t be able to keep doing this for much longer.  It might do some serious damage and she wasn’t willing to cross that line, not with him.  But just when she knew she would have to stop within seconds, he screamed, “PLEASE!  NO MORE!  PLEASE STOP!  I BEG YOU!  PLEASE!  PLEASE!” 

“Aw, poor Jimmy,” she laughed.  And you were at twenty-nine minutes and forty seconds.  Twenty more seconds and you would have won.” 

He hung his head crying.  She laughed.

“Oh, Jimmy, I’m not really that mean.  I have to give you something for all that suffering.  Truth to tell, I was subtracting a day for every minute you held out.  So you get twenty-nine days off your sentence.  In fact, I’ll be generous and just call it a month.  So you get to come two months from now.  Of course it would have been right now if you had lasted twenty more seconds.” 

“Please,” he blubbered.  “I can’t take any more.  Please.” 

Laura stepped into the yard and smiled as she had been watching from the house. 

“May I offer something here?” she said.

“Of course, Mom,” Allison said. 

“Well, we could remove that mean chastity device and play another game where he gets a chance to reduce his sentence.”

“Its okay with me,” Allison grinned though she wondered. 

Mom had never before done anything that involved removing the devices except when it was time for the boys to come. 

“Jimmy,” Laura purred.  “Would you like for me to remove that tight, nasty device?”

He was in a quandary.  Of course he wanted her to but he knew it would be very unlikely to lead to the pleasures he hoped for.  But she was caressing his balls and sliding a finger slowly along the device.  He could not feel where the finger touched the device but he could imagine the touch and the caress of his balls was driving him crazy. 

“Yes, please, take it off,” he begged, “please.” 

“Your wish is my command,” she mocked.

But she unlocked it and carefully removed it.  He gasped as the air touched his cock and it started throbbing to attention. 

“Oh it’s so perky,” Laura teased.  “What should we do with it?”

“Play with it would be my suggestion,” Allison laughed.

It throbbed and grew even harder and higher.

“Oh he likes that idea,” Laura said.  “Let’s see how long he keeps liking it.” 

She began tracing her fingertips along the shaft.  Jimmy gasped and moaned, instinctively trying to thrust.  She had never touched his cock before. 

“Please,” he begged. 

“Please what?” she taunted.  “Please let you come?”

“Yes oh please, Goddess, please yes.” 

“That’s funny,” she said, “because that’s the little game we are going to play.”

She blew warm air onto his cock, her lips so close.  He groaned and tried to arch towards her as his cock throbbed but she just eased back, out of his range. 

“The game we are going to play is, ‘Can you resist begging us to make you come?’  It will work like this.  Just as you were spanked for thirty minutes, we will tease you for ninety minutes.  If you beg us to stop or beg to come, you lose and your sentence stays as it is.  If you win, you get to come right now.  So let’s start.” 

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