Monday, February 13, 2012

Gynosupremacy 18

As Jimmy was about to leave, Laura said, “Wait a minute, my boy.”

She called George over and said, “Give him a ride to the college, dearest.  Then see if Allison has any need of both of you.  I’ll just relax here.” 

When they arrived at the college, Allison, Maggie and Juliette were waiting.  Allison stepped forwards, letting her breasts sway in their tight halter top.  George and Jimmy both moaned as their cocks tried to harden in their transparent cages. 

“Allison, please,” George moaned.

“Kneel,” Allison ordered. 

He hesitated.  While a male was generally supposed to obey a female, she was his step-daughter.  But she was also an adult and his wife had ordered him to obey her.  Allison now had authority second only to his wife’s.  He knelt.  To his disbelief, Allison flipped her skirt up and held out the edge of her panties. 

“Pull them off- with your teeth,” she ordered. 

George crawled forwards.  Taking her panties in his teeth, he slid them down.  His eyes were forced to scan down her tanned and smooth legs until his chin was on the sidewalk at her feet.  She regally stepped out of the panties and looked down at him. 

“You need to learn your place, Georgy,” she smirked.  “It doesn’t matter how long we’ve known each other or how old you are.  I am woman.  You are man.  That means you are a dog at my feet.  You obey and you don’t hesitate.” 

She wiggled her toes.

“I think a good apology would be to get your tongue between my toes,” she said. 

He started to lift his head to crawl forwards. 

“No,” she snapped.  “You don’t get to raise your chin from the sidewalk.  Crawl to me staying as low to the dirt as possible.”

He crawled, sliding his chin and licking between her toes and then suckling on them and finally licking the dirt from the bottoms of her feet.  Other college girls were walking by and giggling at this display.  It was not common to have such public displays though it was not unheard of.

While that was going on, Juliette walked behind George.  She reached down and felt his full, hairless balls, the skin tight they were so overloaded.  He gasped in surprise, pain and desire when she touched them.  Of course, his cock was pulled between his balls and sealed into the device.  He found himself whimpering and humping his ass as she fondled him. 

“Please, please stop, Juliette, please,” he begged. 

“Aw, what’s the matter, Georgy?  Don’t you like this?”

“Yes, I mean no, I mean please.” 

Juliette smiled.  George was protesting but he was lapping away at Allison’s feet with even more enthusiasm. 

“Wow,” Allison laughed.  “You’ve really got him worked up.  But I’ll bet I can get him really worked up too.”

“Oh I’m sure you can,” Juliette said. 

“But why would I?” Allison smirked.

“No kidding,” Juliette giggled.  “Why would any of us want to get some old dude all hot and bothered?”

“Yeah,” Maggie chimed in.  “Even your Mom is way young compared to Mr. Ancient here.  Geez, the only reason he’s even hard is because he’s gone months without relief.”

“Oh, I know, “Allison sighed.  “It’s disgusting but Mom asked me to keep him nice and frustrated.” 

The shame was overwhelming.  Tears brimmed in George’s eyes as he was humbled at their feet. 

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