Monday, February 6, 2012

Glory of Dawn 9

As she rose to leave, he called her.  "Please, tell me what's going on.  This isn't right. They can't do this."

"You had to ruin it," she sighed. "You promised not to speak."

She took hold of the straps.  "Open wide," she ordered.

"No!  Wait!  Please!  No!"

"I won't hurt you unless I have to,” she told him calmly, “But in your current position, you are completely unable to defend yourself.  As full as they are, how badly do you think it would hurt were I to grab your balls and start squeezing?  If you don't want to find out, open wide before I reach three."

She cupped his balls and counted, "One... Two...Th..."

He opened wide.  She stuffed his mouth full and tightened the straps of the gag firmly around the back of his head.

"That's better," she smiled.  "And just to show we are not mean, I'll not tighten it so much that it hurts, even though I should after you broke your promise to me.  It’s a lesson you need to learn, by the way.  Broken promises here have a nasty habit of jumping up and hitting you where it hurts."

Again, she rose to go. "As I said before, I'll see you tomorrow."

"Mmph! Mmph!" he moaned as she walked out.

She looked back and smirked mischievously at the helpless, mumbling male before she left and closed the door behind her.

Derek was going crazy with frustration and boredom, incapable of doing anything except to lie there bound to the bed and submit to whatever these crazy women wanted to do to him.  He had no idea that in fact he was not to be kept on this bed for many days longer.  Even had he known what was to come he might not have been much happier, for although he was to become far more useful to the women in many ways, he would remain just as helpless as he was right now.  But he did not know, and none of that would happen today.  His frustration continued without relief.


Appropriately, it was early morning when Dawn walked in.  This time she was wearing a tight halter-top that accentuated her small but firm breasts and a very short skirt that slightly showed the very bottom of her bottom.  The high heels she wore only enhanced the effect as she walked. With the help of a nurse, she turned the bed around so that Derek was facing away from the door.  He could not see now, but it sounded as though the nurse did not close the door when she left.

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