Monday, February 13, 2012

Gynosupremacy 13

Jimmy half walked and half crawled to Laura while the slightly angry Juliette and Maggie tagged along to see what would happen.  As he knelt at her feet, Laura said, “I know from many conversations with your father as well as simply seeing it in your minds that a man cannot be fully satisfied from one orgasm after all this time, can he, Jimmy?”

“No,” Jimmy groaned.  “My balls still ache and need release.” 

Laura stood up, offering Allison her ‘throne’.   

“You have declared your desire to be owned by Allison.  You shall begin serving her now.  Humble yourself as befits a pathetic fool before his goddess.” 

Allison giggled as she sat on George’s back and wiggled to get comfortable.

“Never thought you’d be able to do anything but look, did you, Georgy?” she giggled. 

He could only groan and say, “No, Ma’am.” 

Jimmy dropped to all fours and began kissing Allison’s feet again and again. 

“You may cum, my fool,” she said. 

“Thank you, Goddess, thank you,” he gasped between licks and kisses as he humped away on the ground, feeling his balls tightening even more than before. 

“AAAAAAAHHHH!” he screamed in mindboggling pleasure and relief as he lifted his muscular ass again and again and humped the ground, spurting out rope after rope of semen.  Laura looked down at him.  She always suspected he would end up with Allison.  He was absolutely crazed with needs as he lapped and worshipped at Allison’s feet.  He humped until he couldn’t force anymore out and then lay gasping and continuing to kiss her feet.

“Thank you, Goddess, thank you.” 

“You’re welcome, pet.  Now the teasing begins again,” Allison said.  “I get to decide how long before he comes again?”

“Yes,” Laura said.  “As long as you adhere to the restriction that it has to be at least one month- well, two really as we let him cum twice.” 

Jimmy groaned.

“Maggie and Juliette, would you like to help me tease him?” Allison said.

“I’d love to,” Maggie maliciously said.

“Me too,” Juliette said. 

“Oh I think you’ve made them mad,” Allison giggled. 

She put a new, clean chastity device on him.  He groaned as he felt himself being restrained again.  Then Allison said, “I think Maggie, Juliette, Mom and me all need some fresh lotion on us.” 

He moaned as he realized what a fleeting thing relief was and was always going to be. 

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