Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gynosupremacy 11

The two women had discussed this in private earlier.  For an eighteen year old male, a bundle of hormones, to be teased and denied any sexual relief for four months was a torture beyond imagining.  Granted that it only took about two weeks, probably less at his age, for his body to be filled with all the unreleased semen it could possibly hold.  In that sense, the pain got as bad as it could get within those first two weeks.  His balls were burning with need.  His entire body ached.  His cock sometimes oozed semen he was so full and when he pissed, the semen in the water was obvious.  But what really wore a man down was that, once the level of frustration and need to cum peaked, it just stayed at that intense aching level of need for week after week, month after month.  That intense level of frustration, those sore, aching balls and inability to relax, the aching head and tension, that a man might just sigh at and endure if he knew it was only going to last an hour, drove him stark raving crazy when it went on and on and there was no end to it in sight.  Laura explained to her daughter that she had denied Jimmy for four agonizing months for two reasons.  The first was that she just plain enjoyed his frustration.  It was lovely to take a young man and make him her groveling doggy because he knew he would never get relief if he was anything less than that.  The second reason was so he would know how bad it could really get and would truly be a devoted and obedient puppy even after she finally let him cum.  Four months was extreme at his age and she knew he would do absolutely anything to avoid it being that long again. 

Allison said, “Poor boy, your little balls must ache soooo badly?  You’re need to cum must be mindboggling for you to grovel and debase yourself like this?”

“Yes, yes, hurts bad, Goddess.  Do anything, please, please, please.” 

“Well, Jimmy, if you are a VERY good boy and do EXACTLY what I say, I may let you cum this next Saturday.” 

To Jimmy, another week of this was an eternity but there was nothing he could do about it. 

It was a week of amazing eagerness to please, even by Jimmy’s standards.  He was at Allison’s beck and call every possible moment.  While he was busy washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming the floor, sweeping and mopping, doing the laundry, dusting and basically every scrap of household duty, all naked except for the chastity device, Allison and her Mom relaxed out back in lawn chairs. 

“Of course, you occasionally have to give them rewards,” Laura was saying in response to a question from her daughter.  “If you don’t, they’ll give up.  But dear, a reward does not automatically equate with cumming.” 

She was about to continue when Jimmy ran out the back door and knelt before them.

“Would my goddesses like more iced tea or a snack or anything at all?” he groveled. 

Allison giggled and he turned red but Laura held up her glass and said, “Yes, dear, some more iced tea.”

“Yes, Goddess, right away.”

He gently took the glass and ran back inside.  As soon as he was gone, both women giggled. 

“Oh man, he is desperate,” Allison laughed. 

“Yes, dear,” Laura smiled.  “But watch what happens when he returns.”

They didn’t have to wait very long.  Jimmy returned, moving as quickly as he could without spilling the tea.  He knelt and handed it to his mother. 

“Thank you, dear,” she smiled.  “You’re a very good boy.” 

She rubbed his head as she might that of a puppy and put her palm to his mouth.  He looked humiliated but he kissed it.  She put her foot in front of him.  He moaned, crouched down on all fours and kissed her toes.  Then he backed away and went to stand up.

“You may stay for a while, honey.” 

She patted her thigh.

“Rest your head here.”
He did so gladly, first kissing her thigh either because he wanted to or simply that he felt it was a requirement.  Then he rested his head and she ran her fingers through his hair.  He began to relax as much as he possibly could under the circumstances.  She smiled at him and said, “You may lie at our feet like a good puppy.” 

Desperately horny as he was, Jimmy lay down at their feet.  Laura used his back as a footrest.  She waited a few minutes and then sent him back to his chores.  Once he was gone, she turned to her daughter. 

“There you see?” Laura smiled.  “It doesn’t always have to be cumming.  He is so horny right now that the slightest touch, the merest show of affection, is something he desperately craves.  Some day soon, he will make a good slave for some woman, probably you or one of your friends.  At his age, not getting relief for this long is sheer agony but here’s another little secret: even when you let him cum, he’ll be right back where he started within two weeks, less if you know how to tease properly.  Then you can drive him crazy for the rest of the month or several months depending on what you want.” 

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