Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gynosupremacy 21

Laura and Allison were at least nice enough to give the pills to George and Jimmy that allowed them to relax and sleep at night.  Allison particularly wanted Jimmy fully awake and susceptible to all the teasing she put him through every day.  He was at her beck and call every moment she was home and she almost always made him eat her out in the early evening so he would really be suffering and limping with blue balls before she gave him the pills so he could sleep.  She loved turning his ability to get the pills into various humiliating games too.  Some of them were simple.  She would mix the pills with his food, put them into a dog bowl and make him eat his food while on all fours at her feet.  Sometimes, she would hide them and make him search around the house for them or give them to the next door neighbors and make him go beg the lady of the house or her daughters for them. 

Then, one day, as Jimmy was doing all the household chores, Allison called him over.  As he knelt, she said, “Jimmy, I’ve been thinking.  I know its really hard to go a year or even six months without sexual relief.  Well, okay, I don’t know because I’m a woman.  I don’t have to suffer like you males do.  But, even with good behavior, the most you can hope for is to come three months from now.  What if there was a way you could reduce that time to right now?  What would you do if I gave you that opportunity?”

“Anything,” he begged. 

He crawled to her and kissed her feet over and over, deeply.

“I’ll do absolutely anything, my Goddess, my owner, my Queen.”

“Then I have a game for you, Jimmy.  Its called ‘spanking time.’  The way its played is that I give you a good hard spanking and, if you can last thirty minutes without begging me to stop, you get three months removed from the time before your next ejaculation.  That means you would get to come today.  Sounds easy, doesn’t it?  But you don’t have to take the deal.  You can just go three more months- assuming you are a perfectly good boy every day, of course.”

He knew it could not be as easy as it sounded but what choice did he have? 

“Yes, please, my Mistress, I’ll do anything to come sooner, anything.” 

“Good boy,” She smiled. 

First, Allison had Jimmy fill the tub with warm water and sit in it for a while.  This softened the skin on his posterior and also seeped through the chastity device and cleaned him as it teased and caressed his cock.  Then she had him get out and patted him dry.  She let the dampness fade and then applied some lotion, rubbing it in to get his cheeks even softer and so more vulnerable to pain.  Finally, she led him outside.  It was somewhat cold out.  It was fine for her because she was wearing clothes, but for the naked Jimmy, the chill in the air gave him goosebumps, including on his nicely softened up butt.  Allison carried a box with her and set it down in the yard.  There were two chains hanging from the old swing set they had used as children.  Cuffs were at the end of the chains and his wrists were cuffed into place.  Ropes were tied around each of his ankles and pulled to the sides of the swings.  Now he had to rise on his toes to keep the pressure off of his wrists.  Allison stepped around him and smiled.  She looked at her watch and then said, “Remember, you can beg me to stop at any time.” 

Then she started slapping his butt-cheeks with her palms and she was slapping hard.  It hurt but, for three months off his sentence, he knew he would endure it.  Then she opened the box she had brought out and took out a ping pong paddle. 

“Bottoms up, Jimmy boy,” Allison laughed. 

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