Monday, February 6, 2012

Glory of Dawn 6

As she waited for his erection to subside again, Dawn caressed the inside of his now hairless leg and lightly traced circles around his tight heavy balls, driving him to even greater frustration.

"Poor boy," she teased.  "And to think, this is only the first day, the end of the first hour and you're already losing control.  Already you are begging me."

She leaned close, pressing her breasts to his chest.  "Before this is over, you'll be nothing but a dog at my feet.  You'll beg for table scraps in any sense of the term.  You'll be an obedient slaveboy just as you should be."

Without another word, she suddenly jumped up, threw on her coat and walked out, leaving him blubbering into his gag, begging her to get him off before she left.

Derek barely slept at all, shaking with frustration and worry.  He had no idea what was really going on or why they were doing this.  A nurse came in a little while after Dawn left.  She calmly placed the urination device back over his genitals, ignoring his moans as he tried to talk and tightening the gag so that once again he could not make a sound.  She covered him up and left, shutting and locking the door behind her.


Very early the next morning, the door was unlocked and Derek watched anxiously as it opened. . Dr Glory Benjamin walked in, smiling.  Derek struggled and looked at her with a mixture of hope and anger, unable to make a sound.

"How are we doing, Derek my boy?" she purred.  "Has Dawn been getting you all excited?  She is such a brat isn't she?"

Glory laughed at his discomfort, and went on, "By now, you probably realize how completely misled you've been.  Unfortunately for you, this is perfectly legal within the context of my study, especially since you chose not to read the fineprint of the contract.  I know if I ungagged you, you'd demand to know what was going on and you'd probably make threats.  Too bad I'm not going to ungag you, isn't it, poor Derek."

She patted his head as he struggled and shook with anger.  She walked over and locked the door, then returned and stood by the bed.

"Mmmmm, watching you struggle gets me soooo hot," she mocked.  "Unlike Dawn, I do love middle-aged men and I don't think you are flabby at all by middle-aged standards."

She was sliding her panties slowly down over her smooth, tanned legs as she spoke.  Derek wriggled his toes in frustration as he watched her do it, quite convinced that this was no more than just another devious means of making him more and more frustrated, yet hoping desperately that he was wrong.  He was unable to take his eyes off her. 

She kicked her panties right off, and then picked them up and placed them over Derek's nose.

"Something to entertain your sense of smell while you watch, poor baby," she laughed throatily.

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