Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gynosupremacy 5

The beginning part of the story by Longhair continues.

George Hammond looked at his young, extra-horny son and felt sorry for him.  He knew what he felt like.  But on the other hand he also envied him a little, because at least he had the chance to serve and be close to those young goddesses, and that was surely a better role than working hard and sweating without even permission to join the party for a moment.  But Allison had her step-father exactly where she wanted: close enough to tease him visually but far enough to make him feel ignored.  She could feel his frustration, read it in his mind.  She smiled.  It was a joyful aphrodisiac for her.  George knew she could read his mind and sense his attraction and horniness.  It humiliated him even more while she delighted in it.  It was her mother that taught her the pleasure of teasing and frustrating men, and at school all the (female) teachers had told her that males were all the same.  There is no race, social role, background, religious faith or family background that changes it.  Just forbid a male to cum for two weeks and he will crawl and kiss your ass offering you the world in exchange for a little orgasm. Now Allison Hammond was empirically demonstrating that all males were really all the same after four months, let alone two weeks, of enforced chastity.   

Out in the yard, there was a beach towel spread on the grass.  James was lying face-up.  A beautiful blond woman named Maggie was sitting on his face.  She had long blond hair and blue eyes.  She was currently naked as she slid her pussy lips back and forth on his nose.  She faced towards his feet.  Her beautiful butt cheeks hovered above his eyes, smothering and caressing his face.  She giggled as he wiggled his toes in extreme frustration, especially when she started slicking his nose and face with her pussy juices as she orgasmed, filling his nose and mouth with her scent.  As she climbed off with a sigh of relief, another girl called to him.  Her name was Juliette and she was a dreamboat with long, red hair.  She sat on his face and he squirmed in discomfort as his cock tried to harden.  He licked and licked as she gyrated above him.  She smiled as she covered his nose with her pussy and bounced to an orgasm as he squirmed and suffocated beneath her.  No sooner was she done than his step-sister called to him. 

“Hey Jimmy-Poo, come here please!” the blond beauty screamed to the male who had already finished being the face-sitting slave of the other two girls. 

 “yes, Allison, I’m coming!” he panted and ran like a fool to the beautiful girl, admiring her athletic body and her black bikini.

“Oh no you’re not,” she giggled.

He blushed as the three girls laughed.

“I need you to lie on your back right here on the grass.  The three of us have made a bet!” she said with a large grin. 

He lay on his back as ordered and Allison squatted on his face.  Jimmy, who had already just gone through this twice and was horny as hell, arched his back in response and started to moan loudly and to squirm as if electricity were running through his body as he instinctively started licking.  He was digging his fingers into the grass in frustration and his entire body wiggled with needs as he made loud lapping and slurping noises. 

“Oh my Goddess, he’s so weak in the knees for you,” Maggie laughed.  “At least when I do this to him, he tries to hide his horniness!”

Maggie made fun of Jimmy, who blushed and felt humiliated and yet was unable to move, his face trapped under his beautiful step-sister who was enjoying this immensely. Suddenly he felt an incredible pain in his groin, as his cock was trying to get violently hard, uselessly fighting against the metal cage it was trapped in.  His screams of pain mixed up with his moans of pleasure and, as Allison’s perfect posterior ground his face faster and harder, he found himself licking faster and then begging her to stop.

“MMM, AAARRGHHH, please Allison stop, this is hurrrrttssss, MMMMM!!!”

All the girls who were now around him burst out laughing, but Maggie cursed and, looking at Juliette, said, “Damn!! We’ve lost!”

Allison just continued grinding into his face, riding his tongue, as she grinned evilly.   

“I won! I knew that, of the three of us, I’m the one that would drive him totally over the edge.”

“Oh, you’ve won, Allison,” Maggie said.”  “But I’m going to make him pay for it.”   

Maggie approached Jimmy with an evil expression on her face but suddenly everybody heard a bell ringing.  Jimmy knew that sound so well. 

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