Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gynosupremacy 8

The original story by Longhair continues.

“Mmm, ten days.  And what is your average? How often do you cum usually?”

“At least once every two days,” he answered with a little hesitation.

At that answer both George and Jimmy Hammond felt their entrails twitching with anger, envy and hate.  It couldn’t be possible, a man with such a privilege, when the average for a normal guy to earn cumming was two months! Even the girls were shocked and surprised.  The (female) teacher of Management of the Male had said no male should be allowed to cum more than once a month.  In fact in the world almost no male was allowed to. Laura grinned, knowing that her two males had heard Johnny’s answers so well.

“Tell me, Johnny,” she continued, “what is the longest you have ever gone without cumming?  Don’t be shy."

“Almost two months, Mistress,” he answered proudly. 

“My, you think that is so impressive, don’t you?  Georgy, come here.” 

George ran and knelt at her feet.  She petted his head.

“Georgy, tell him how long is the longest you have ever gone without cumming.”

“One full year,” he said. 

Johnny gasped.

“Yes,” Laura said.  “Now do you comprehend how privileged you are and how difficult it will be for you when your "male for rent" days are over?” 

She grinned at his discomfort.

“Mmm, very good. Now, my young ladies, you must know my surprise is not finished with Johnny.  I have more,” Laura announced, and for the first time after the entrance of Johnny in the garden all the female eyes stopped admiring eagerly the Man-For-Rent and turned to her.

“MALCOLM!! It’s your turn! HERE!” she shouted, and this time a black male literally ran out of the dining-room, reaching Laura in a few seconds and kissed passionately her hand just as Johnny had done before. Malcolm was very tall but he was older than Johnny and was even more sinewy, his so short black hair and his oiled black skin made him ideal for a powerful and lusty Mistress.  He was wearing just a pair of blue boxers, and the tent on them seemed even bigger than Johnny’s.

All the girls grinned or giggled, exploring Malcolm’s body with their greedy eyes just like a group of predators with a single helpless prey.

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