Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gynosupremacy 4

The beginning of the story, written by Longhair, continues.

George’s sigh of relief turned out to be ironic as relief was one thing he seldom had.  Mary was taking nicely to this new control she had.  George was only unlocked once a month and even then did not always get to have sex with his wife.  But he fathered a child nonetheless.  Unfortunately, the marriage did not work out and his first wife sold him and his key to another woman.  His first wife was not interested in raising children and allowed him to have custody of their son, James.  This second woman, Laura, was beyond beautiful and proved to be a crueler key-holder than his first wife had ever been.  If he was lucky he had the privilege to get sexual relief of any kind just once every three months.  On the average, he had to wait at least six months before sex with her.  On the alternate set of three months, he had to lie at her feet and hump the floor like a pet while kissing her ass.  Laura had a daughter named Allison who had turned eighteen about a month earlier.  James had turned eighteen a three months before that and today was a day of celebration for Laura and Allison.  George understood that his family was just like all the families in the world now, with the males living under the total control of the females.

It was a hot, sunny day of July and eighteen year old Allison Hammond was having a pool party at her house with all her female friends. She was really a beautiful, sexy girl, with long blond hair falling over her elegant back, an athletic body developed during her cheerleader trainings, green deep eyes and also a pair of full breasts.  Just like all the females grown after the rising of Women to world power, she had learned at school quite early all the power that nature and politics had given her over the male gender and she had started quite early to use it and to love using it. Being that all males were locked up and unable to masturbate or to have sex, the extreme concentration of hormones had given women an even greater natural and ABSOLUTE power over any male.  Allison loved reading their minds.  They would all do anything just to be in the presence of a girl, especially a gorgeous girl like Allison!

George Hammond found himself looking at his step-daughter and at her so hot friends, almost forgetting that he had been ordered by Allison to cut the grass as they were having the party.  In almost all the houses all adult females had power over all adult males.  He knew it was totally wrong to have dirty fantasies about college girls and especially about his own step-daughter but he had not cum for about four months, a month longer than what Laura normally subjected him to, and those beautiful nymphs running through his garden and playing just in their bikinis were really tantalizing his poor weak mind.  He felt a huge painful pressure inside his balls that no cold shower could make stop, at least not in that situation. He then looked at his son, Jimmy, who had been forced to be the “waiter” of the party.

Jimmy was a nice young man.  He had a fit body because of years of karate and swimming.  In general girls were attracted to him though not as much as he was attracted to girls.  The “Ceremony of Chastisement” made on his eighteenth birthday, just four months before, had left him shocked and totally desperate just as any male who had been a daily masturbator for some years and that suddenly had to stop it would be.  The last months had been horrible for him.  He was still not used to being unable to get fully hard, to stroke his cock and to cum.  He felt his sexual needs growing stronger day by day and yet it was made clear to him by his step-mother that he would not be allowed to cum until at least July when this party took place- at least. 

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