Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Glory of Dawn 12

Dawn watched him as sweated and gasped, waiting until his heart rate had started to return to something remotely resembling normal.

"Does my beauty take your breath away?" she mocked.

He glared at her in a mixture of lust, anger and something else.  She grinned wickedly and this time straddled his chest and started playing with his cock.  He moaned and tried to make thrusting motions.  She teasingly traced a fingertip into his crotch.  As he groaned, she moaned in pleasure, dropping some of the pretense that she got no joy out of this, and sat back, began grinding, using his nose as though it were a toy, a dildo, an object made purely for her self-pleasure.  His nose was becoming covered with her juices and she stroked his cock hard once, twice.  His already strained and aching balls were burning.  His chest felt as though it was exploding from his beating heart.

"Oh this feels so good," she purred. "Is it good for you?"

His wide eyes begged for mercy, but that other unexplainable feeling was again washing over him, as though it wanted to consume him.  He wanted to feel her ass on his face, to be dominated by her, to worship her.  No, he thought, that cannot be. But his current helpless position did not allow for much in the way of any pretense. 

She let go and watched him thrust at the air.  "Good slave", she mocked.  Then she rode his nose gleefully toward her own pleasure.  She was rubbing back and forth, humming in pleasure.

"I swear this may be the ultimate orgasm I've ever felt knowing that you can't cum.  Is that okay with you, slave?  Would you willingly sacrifice all future prgasms for me to have that one perfect orgasm?"

Somewhere in his brain, on fire as it was and cross-eyed with desires, there was the awareness that she had called him her slave.  He was going crazy.  It was as if there was a symbiosis going on here, a growing together in perfect harmony and each an essential part of the other.  He was meant to suffer for her, forever dominated by this superior being using him as the mere male convenience he was. 

Her eyes widened in surprise.  Far from trying to fight her, he was quite deliberately starting to use his nose as best he could to thrust into her and to stimulate her.  She was amazed.  He was the best of all the candidates so far.  His every instinct must have been telling him that she meant to torture him with unfulfilled desires and still he was doing his best to please her.

If Dawn was surprised at Derek's progress, he was even more surprised.  He knew something was changing in him but he had no idea where it had come from, this new desire to serve and please a woman at any cost.  Something was trying to tell him it was not really new at all.  He suddenly knew it had always been there, and this was just forcing it to the surface. 

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