Monday, February 13, 2012

Gynosupremacy 19

Maggie connected a leash to George’s collar. 

“Well, she smirked.  “Let’s find out if its true that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” 

Then she started walking.

“Heel,” she snapped.

He tried to crawl behind her but he could not move fast on all fours.

“Stand up, old dog,” she ordered.

She laughed once he was on his feet.  His cock was trying to harden and it was practically dripping pre-cum. 

“Oh look at this,” she laughed.  “The balls may be old but they still build up the product.  Its probably sour with age though.”

As George moaned in humiliation, Allison trailed behind him and her friends, Maggie and Juliette.  She actually felt a little bit bad about this.  After all, George had always been good to her.  Still, the thought of being able to make an older man aching and hard, to know his balls were loaded with agonizing needs and his cock oozing with desires aroused her and she could not help but smile at what she was putting him through.  She would wait until later and then let him know she was proud of him, as a woman should be of her loyal doggy.  She turned her attention to Jimmy who was limping along with blue balls behind her. 

“How are you feeling, Jimmy?” she teased. 

“How do you think I’m feeling?” he snapped.

He knew he should not say that but he hurt so badly. 

“I- I’m sorry,” he whimpered. 

She was caught by surprise for a moment.  Then she snapped, “I don’t care how badly it hurts.  You never talk back to me.  Put your hands behind your back and spread your legs- now.” 

“Oh please don’t,” he begged.  “Please don’t.”

But he was complying, assuming the position.  She put her hand on his aching, full sacs.  He whimpered. 


She started squeezing.  He started slowly doubling over as her grip tightened.

“No, please stop.  Pleaaaaa- oh god!  Please.  Ple-eeeeyyyyyaaaahh- gurg gaaarrg.” 

The pain was unbearable.

“You- will- never- defy- me- again.” 


She let go and he crashed to his knees and fell to his side, knees to his chest and puking.  He was crying and blubbering.  She again felt a twinge of guilt but she had to be strong.  She waited until the pain faded enough that he could at least move.  Then she snapped her fingers and said, “On all fours, you bad dog.” 

He got there, still wanting to double over. 

“Heel, dog,” she snapped. 

She walked slowly and he crawled on all fours, staying on the grass as best he could to protect his knees.  But he had to crawl up the cement steps into the building and along the hallway to the room Juliette and Maggie shared.

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