Monday, February 13, 2012

Gynosupremacy 16

Laura snapped her fingers and said, “Here, my fool.” 

George crawled to her, red-faced and balls blue as he stayed on all fours before her.

“Move closer,” she ordered.  “I want your nose and eyes one inch or less from my pussy but not touching it.  Understood, my fool.” 

“Yes, my Owner,” George groaned. 

“Does it smell good, Georgy?” she teased.  “Does it remind you of what you are missing?”

“Yes, my Goddess,” he groaned. 

He sounded like he was in great pain.  His cock was trying to harden and that was squeezing his swollen balls.  She fingered herself and held those fingers under his nose.  He let out a forlorn whimper of frustration. 

“Please, please, please, pleeeeaaaasssseeee, my Goddess.  I can’t stand any more,” he cried. 

“Drink it in with your eyes,” she ordered.  “Admire it.”

He was literally crying. 


She threw her legs over his back.

“Worship me, my fool,” she smiled. 

He moaned and started lightly licking around her lips.  This was the only time he didn’t feel the pain, when he had his face buried in his Goddess’s pussy, when he was using his tongue in a way his cock seldom experienced, when his taste buds were feeling a pleasure his balls went months not having. 

Jimmy was suffering almost as much beneath her and Laura knew it.  Her vaginal juices were touching his back and he could feel them.  His balls tightened and that made his cock hard.  He moaned and choked in pain.  Laura smiled and took her fingers, still slicked with her juices, and rubbed them into Jimmy’s nostrils.  When the smell hit him, the odor of hot female arousal struck him and his eyes looked crazy with desire and frustration.  Laura laughed as she was moved up and down as he instinctively made thrusting motions. 

“Do not move, my throne,” she demanded. 

She rather enjoyed the rocking motions.  But it made it more difficult for George to please her with his tongue and she also knew it was far more frustrating for Jimmy to have to hold still. 

She thoroughly enjoyed hearing the moans of frustration and seeing the thrusting motions of the two needy males as they continued to please her.  This went on for a good hour as George used his well-trained tongue to slowly build her to maximum pleasure.  Finally, she cried out as she had a fantastic orgasm.  She was pulling George’s face into her crotch and bouncing her shapely buttocks on Jimmy’s back, slamming it down again and again as she was taken to full pleasure, sighing in relief as her needs were once again satisfied. 

Afterwards, Laura just set and relaxed on Jimmy’s back and patted George’s head.  After a few minutes, she stood up. 

“Just to show I am not completely without mercy, Jimmy, follow me.  Both of you follow on all fours.”

They crawled behind her as she walked to the bathroom.  George was blatantly staring at her perfect posterior while Jimmy was desperately trying not to.  In the restroom, she got a bottle of medicine from the cabinet.  She filled a glass with water and put two pills into the palm of her hand.  She held them out to George.  He crawled to her and gratefully put his mouth to her hand, taking them. 

“That’s a good boy,” she said. 

She held the glass while he drank and swallowed them. 

“I haven’t introduced you to these yet, Jimmy.  They are a discovery made under Female rule that will make things a little easier.  Here, eat up like a good boy.”

He felt so humiliated, naked on his hands and knees eating from her hand.  Well, better that than being punished by going the maximum year without cumming as punishment for disobedience. 

“There’s a good boy,” she teased. 

She held the glass as he knelt, hands held behind him as he was supposed to do whenever a female deigned to feed him or give him water. 

“Now kiss my feet like a good boy and scamper off to bed.  Sit in your cute little chastity device and go potty if need be.  You’ll find in an hour or so, you’ll rest easier than you have in months.”

She was speaking to him as if he were still a child.  It humiliated him.  She knew that and delighted in it.  Likewise, it made him even hornier.  They both knew it.  He kissed her feet and crawled to his bed. 

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