Monday, February 13, 2012

Gynosupremacy 15

That night, Laura had her husband wait on her hand and foot while she bathed and then let him take a quick shower.  In their room, he knelt, massaging her feet as they spoke privately and casually. 

“Dearest,” she said, “I think tomorrow I will go to one of the brothels and enjoy the services of a man-for-rent as you continue to be denied.”

He had exactly the reaction she wanted him to.  His guts tightened at the idea of her once again having sex with another man and his balls ached at the idea of another man getting sexual relief, especially with his wife, while he still ached with needs.  She smiled at his thoughts.

“Then again, perhaps if you do a good job tonight with your tongue, I won’t feel much need to do that.” 

He kissed her feet.

“Dearest, do you ever regret that I ended up owning you?  Perhaps wish someone more lenient had collared and leashed you?”

“No, never, my Goddess,” he moaned as he kissed her feet again. 

She smiled to herself, knowing that the constant and prolonged denials she subjected him to combined with the teasing, part of which was easy to do just by displaying her body, was a large part of why he was so passionately devoted to her.  It was always a strange circle.  He ached with needs but those needs made him even more devoted.  She tossled his hair. 

“Though I do not often say it, you are the perfect husband, at least for me.” 

He looked up at her like a happy puppy, a devoted doggy eager to be praised. 

“You are loyal, loving, obedient and constantly horny.  You are definitely the perfect husband.”

“Thank you, my Goddess.  You are the perfect wife for me and I humbly apologize that I don’t say it even more often, that you had to prompt me.  I know you will accept nothing less than absolute obedience and that you will frustrate me to the exact amount you please with no regards for- I mean, as you please.” 

She grinned. 

“You were going to say, "with no regards for your feelings".  Don’t apologize for speaking the truth.  You were absolutely right.”

She arose and went out into the hall to Jimmy’s room.  He was never allowed to have his bedroom door closed.  There he was, writhing in bed, tossing from side to side, frustrated from his time without cumming and from what Laura and Allison had been doing to him that day.  When he saw Laura in the doorway, he immediately rolled out of bed and to his knees. 

“Goddess, is there something I can do for you?” he gasped. 

He quickly crawled to her on all fours and kissed her feet. 

“Yes,” she said.  “I need my throne.  Crawl on all fours and follow me to my room.”

As he shuffled along, she teased, “Having trouble sleeping, my boy?”

“Yes, My Lady, my Goddess,” he answered. 

As they reached her room and he had offered no other information, she said, “And why is that, my boy?  Why are you having trouble sleeping?”

He sighed because it was obvious she already knew. 

“Allison has been teasing me,” he said. 

“Be specific,” she ordered.  “Exactly what has she done to you?”

By this time, Laura was sitting on the bed and Jimmy was kneeling on the floor with his father.  Jimmy turned red. 

“She made me eat her out,” Jimmy began.

“Did you do a good job?”

“I think so.” 

“Did she say how well you did?”

“Yes, she said I did okay for a beginner,” he blushed.

“Then that’s how well you did,” Laura said.  “How did you feel about it?”

“It felt strangely good but it made me hornier than ever,” he whimpered. 

“Good,” Laura said.  “Tell me everything that made you horny today, Jimmy?”

“There was that and other things Allison did.” 

“What did she do?”

“She made me carry her books and wait on her hand and foot.”

“And that alone made you horny?”

“Yes, Goddess.” 

“Excellent.  Then the very act of being ordered around by a woman and obeying her is arousing to you.”

“Yes, my Goddess,” he admitted, head lowered. 

“What else made you horny today?” she demanded. 

He turned deep red. 

“Tell me,” she ordered. 

“Watching Dad have to serve Allison and…”

“And who?  Me?  Who else could it be?”

“Yes,” he blushed. 

“What did you feel when Georgy was licking my shoes?”

His ears were red.

“Like I wanted to be doing it.”

“What do you feel when you look at me?” she said. 

“Please,” he begged. 

“Of course I can already read it in your mind but I enjoy making you say it.  Now, do you want to go one full  year without cumming like your father?”

“No, Goddess, please no.  I beg you.”

“Then answer me.  Say it out loud while looking me in the eyes”

“I feel- horny,” he moaned.

“Explain to me in detail,” she ordered. 

“I- I mean, you are, well, very beautiful and I have to go so long without cumming.  I mean, you have a beautiful body and I’m so horny.  When you sit on my back, well you know.”   

She grinned.

She said, “It is simply a biological fact that, the more desperately horny and aroused a male gets, the more a beautiful female form will start driving him crazy.  It pleases me to know that, in addition to Allison and young women her age, I too have the ability to drive you crazy.  Look at me.” 

He looked up.  She stretched, emphasizing her currently naked form.  Arching her back, she thrust her breasts forwards and her buttocks backwards.  He breathed more heavily and squirmed, jerking about in pain as the device sadistically restricted his cock as it attempted to harden and that left even less space in the device for his swollen balls. 

“Please, my Goddess, please,” he begged. 

“Please, what, Jimmy?”

“Please, need to cum, please Mistress, please Goddess.” 

“Is the big, strong, muscular man begging and groveling on his hands and knees at the feet of his step-Mom?”

“Yes, begging, yes.” 

“Isn’t that funny?  Aren’t you a fool?”

“Yes, yes, a fool at your feet, please.”

“No”, she snapped.  “Not my fool, my throne.  Position.” 

Shaking with frustration, he fell to all fours and crawled to where Laura was positioning herself to sit down.  She had waited until she had him absolutely giddy and cross-eyed with pent-up desires and then, once again, did the one thing she knew would humiliate and frustrate him even more.  She cut off his begging and ruthlessly ordered him to humble himself before her and get on with his job of serving and pleasing her, this time objectified as her chair.  She slowly adjusted herself, rubbing her naked butt into his back.  He bit his lip and sobbed with the aching desires raging through him.  She just grinned and rubbed her butt on his back even more. 

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