Monday, February 6, 2012

Glory of Dawn 3

"Just lay back on the table and relax," Glory told him. "A nurse will be in shortly and then I'll be back to do the main examination."

Derek lay back and did indeed relax, visions of that Dawn girl and of Glory herself dancing in his mind.  Within a few minutes he was out cold, without even realizing that sleep was overtaking him.

Derek slowly returned to consciousness.  For a moment he thought he was at home in bed.  It was some time before he remembered where he was, and with the memory of what was happening returning to him, he also realized that he must have been here for some time.  Surely the nurse should be here by now?

He looked around him, and he was surprised to see that his surroundings had changed.  He was not in the same room in which he had fallen asleep.  This looked more as though it was a room in a hospital, and as he tried to sit up he found that he could not move his arms or his legs.  He was covered with a blanket and could not see what the problem was.  He tried to call for help, but his cries were muffled and came out as no more than faint moans.  Something was covering his mouth, something leather gagging him and strapped securely around the back of his head.

Derek could only lie there writhing helplessly.  He could not see a clock but he could tell that it was well over an hour before a nurse walked in and stood by the bed, staring at him.

"Mmph! Mmph! Gurg! Glub!" he moaned through his gag.

The nurse giggled.  "I could tighten that enough so you couldn't make any sound at all, but I kind of like the sounds you're making, Mr. Gurgle Glub."

"Mmph! Mrrph! Aargh! Mrrgghh!" his moans, muffled as they were through the gag, had an angry note to them.

The nurse pulled back the covers, exposing his naked body.  Derek squirmed, startled to find himself completely naked and unable free himself from the strong straps holding his wrists and ankles securely to the corners of the bed.  Some sort of transparent plastic device was firmly attached to his cock with a tube running from it and off the bottom of the bed.  It was not a catheter because it was not inserted into him but it definitely was there for the purpose of urinating.

Seeing him staring at it, the nurse said, "That's right, it’s for you to go peepee.  And there's a special potty for when you need to release your bowels. But for right now..."

She started taking out instruments and laying them on his chest, razor, scissors, soap, gel to dissolve hair.  As she began coating his chest and stomach with the gel, he realized her intentions.  When she started coating his pubes and balls, he started thrashing and moaning, begging through the gag for her to stop.  She giggled.

"Gawd, I love my job," she grinned.

He could only close his eyes and feel the humiliation as she shaved away his bodyhair.  She shaved his chest, stomach, pubes, balls, legs, all of it.  She even loosened the legs enough to shave the underside and his butt.

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