Saturday, February 11, 2012


Yet another (hopefully to completion) attempt at a full-length story with captions, an "illustrated" story if you will.

This one is a combination of my "Woman's World" setting where women are all telepathic and the "Gynosupremacy" setting begun in a story posted on the Orgasm Denial forum by a writer who writes as "Longhair".

For millions of years, the Earth had been passing through some sort of cosmic energy storm. People didn't even know about it until it had passed beyond the Earth and out of the solar system. In its aftermath, the most incredible thing began to happen. Women began to discover that they could read men's minds. They couldn't control them, just read them. But they could do it on an incredible scale. They could read not only surface thoughts, what a person was consciously thinking at the moment. They could read deeper thoughts, some so subconscious that the man himself wasn't aware of them. Apparently, this ability to read minds was something that women should always have naturally possessed. But the energy of the stellar storm had suppressed the ability for the entire length of human history. Only in the very late twentieth century, with the storm's passing, did women gain the ability which should have always been theirs. With that ability, they gained the positions which should also have rightfully been theirs. They should have been the brains while men were the brawn. With their newfound ability, they soon were.

Women could not read each other's minds but they could send thoughts willingly to each other, thoughts men could not detect, allowing for secret communications.  But any woman could read the deepest levels of any man's mind. Within a relatively short time, women began taking over every significant position in government, business and industry. For instance, how could a male president negotiate with a foreign leader who was a woman when she could read every state secret in his mind the moment she met him? How could a nation have a male president when any woman who saw him, even from a distance, could read every piece of knowledge he had in an instant? An emergency meeting had to be held to replace the president with a new female president. Congress and the Supreme Court had to quickly become all-female. Governors and local officials faired no better. Everywhere, at every level of government, women quickly had to take over because the men in government and the population realized the necessity or, in instances where they refused to recognize it, women had to find ways to take over. A man couldn't hold office when every woman who saw him could perceive all of his dark secrets and use them against him.

Business followed suit for the same basic reasons. The military soon did so too, partly for the same reasons and partly because there was no way for men to outwit women in war. How could they? Any woman could read all the battle strategies in any man's mind. Any woman within sight of a man could read everything he knew. A female spy could simply see a male general for a moment as he walked by on the street and learn all of his secrets and battle plans. Women had to take over the Pentagon. Men had to be banned from all participation in government at any substantial level. No man could be present when an important government meeting took place. Any enemy who wanted the information need merely have a woman see the man for a moment and she would know what he knew. The only solution was that no male could know anything about what went on in government except for what was public knowledge anyway. In business, no man could know anything that the business needed to keep secret. No man could possess any military secrets. Before long, it was realized that you couldn't even have men on the battlefield. A woman could spot a man at a distance and read every piece of information he knew, every plan and intention, who his commander was, what the plan was, everything! Soon, it was pointless for men to be involved in the military. They couldn't be involved in police work or most professions for very similar reasons. Men quickly found that only purely physical jobs, appropriately named 'manual labor,' that required no brainwork were all they were useful for anymore, regardless of what positions they had once held. It had truly become a woman's world!

Women held all of the government, economic, business, industrial, legal, military and police power! In many respects, men were more subjugated than women had ever been except in the worst times and places on Earth. As time passed, many women finally realized that they were really and forever in control. Some allowed their resentment of former wrongs to effect their choices. Others just enjoyed a world where men were subordinate. Revenge wasn't a factor for them. They just enjoyed having men in their proper place. But there were many men who simply couldn't accept the new reality of their subservience to women. Suddenly, decreed by law and enforced by police and military, husbands found themselves kneeling before their wives, boys before their mothers and sisters. An unowned adult male was not acceptable. If possible, such a man's mother or sister would find a woman for him or a woman who wanted him would take him.

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  1. You have a great site here.

    Always believed the world would be better off with more of a matriarchal society.

    Most women do not realize the power they have...