Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gynosupremacy 28

"Hands behind your back and knees wide, Jimmy," Allison said.

He was not sure how he would be able to masturbate that way.  Maybe she was going to make him hump the floor while kissing her feet.  But then she put some oil into her own hand. 

"Oh my Goddess," he thought.

"Exactly," Allison purred. 

Then she started slowly using her oily fingertips to massage his cock and he started making gurgling noises. 

As he hardened, she started playing her fingers along the length of his shaft.  While one would think it would take but a second for him to harden after all this time, he had again become so used to being restrained and trying to not get erect since he could not and it hurt to try in the restrictive space.  But soon, she was slowly stroking his shaft.  He just knelt there, eyes and mouth wide, making desperate gasping noises.

"I really am going to make you cum today, Jimmy, I promise," she grinned.  "Probably more than once.  But let's see how long I can drag out the first one."

"Please," he gasped through gritted teeth.

"Aw, am I driving you crazy?" she purred.  "Does it torment you even more when I just lightly fondle your heavy nuts like this?"

"Agh!  Gug!  Mmmm!  Please!  Mmmm!" he moaned.

"Or when I oh-so-slowly keep running my hand along your shaft?"

His entire body was trembling.

"What are you Jimmy?"

"I- I'm pathetic.  I'm your dog.  Your toy.  Your property.  Your worshiper."

"And what am I to you?"

"You're- You're my Mistress, my Owner, my Goddess, my Queen.  I'll do anything for you, Allison, ANYTHING!  I- I love you!"

"I know," she smirked. 

He was going insane.  His balls were tightening. 

"Please don't stop!  Please don't stop!"

"Ask permission to cum," she teased.

"Please may I cum?  Please allow it.  Please!"

She stroked tight and hard while really fondling his balls in earnest.

"Cum," she said.

He threw his head back and let out a primal scream of pleasure and pain as his balls tightened and started pumping out their thick, gobby load of semen.  He was thrusting into her hand like a madman, whimpering and crying in relief and pleasure. 

"Yes, yes, yes, yes," he gasped.  Allis- All- All- Allisaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" as the feelings overtook him completely and he could not think at all until he finally collapsed, spent, at her feet.

He started kissing her knees over and over crying and gasping, "Thank You!  I love You, Allison.  I'll do anything for You!"

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